The Diamond Spray River originates in the part of the Sky Kingdom near Queen Ruby's palace, and flows down the east coast of Pyrrhia, forming the Diamond Spray Delta, which is near the Bay of a Thousand Scales. The river is presumably well-known seeing as its location is published on the A NightWing Guide to the Dragons of Pyrrhia. It was used as an escape route for the dragonets of destiny to get away from the Sky Kingdom, and is the second-longest river in Pyrrhia, being shorter than the Great Five-Tail River. It is presumably the river than the dragonets used to escape the underground cave.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Diamond Spray River may have been the river that runs through the dragonets' underground cave, which Clay and Tsunami used to escape, although this has never been proven.

Later, the dragonets of destiny use the river to escape from the SkyWing palace, following it until they can get to the Mud Kingdom, where they stopped and broke off from the river.


  • The Diamond Spray River is the only named river on any of Pyrrhia's maps.
  • A passageway leads from Queen Ruby's palace to the Diamond Spray Delta.
  • Despite being the only named river, it is not the longest - the Great Five-Tailed River (unnamed on the map) is longer.
  • Peril's brother was allegedly 'killed' and then found by Wren in a river in the Sky Kingdom. It is most likely to be the Diamond Spray River (or one of its tributaries), for it is closest to the Sky Kingdom.


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