The Diamond Trial, or the Gift of Vengeance, is the second gift Queen Diamond gives to the IceWings, is a contest in the Ice Kingdom for IceWings to move up in rank. They must duel Foeslayer to the death, and then one will kill the other contestant. The Trial is commonly a competition between the first ranking IceWing and the last ranking IceWing of the juvenile ranks.

History Edit

Queen Diamond invented the trial when she exacted her revenge on Foeslayer for the perceived crime of "stealing" Prince Arctic. After the first forty times of killing Foeslayer herself, two dragonets fought her. This is most likely after Diamond got the idea of sending dragons down there to duel Foeslayer.

Politics Edit

When a family needs to arrange a political shift, they set up the Diamond Trial. One of the dragonets is informed about the nature of the trial and must kill the other. The outcome is never in doubt. It is not known if any dragonets successfully beat the odds; it probably happened at least once, but as the fact that it's staged is itself a secret, the question cannot be answered.

Recent Uses Edit

When Prince Hailstorm returned home to the IceWing kingdom, he was placed at the bottom of the circles because he was captured by the SkyWings and presumed dead, missing for two whole years. In order to restore his full glory, he asked to be permitted to try the Diamond Trial to get first place.

Due to the tribe's rules, he had to compete with the highest-ranked dragon of the First Circle. This happened to be Prince Winter, his brother. Hailstorm was told what would happen, but Winter was not. Before they entered The Diamond Caves they were each given a narwhal horn carved into the shape of a spear with a pointed tip of diamond.

Then they were instructed to enter the cave and touch the ice sculpture of a dragon with the pointed tip of the spear. They wandered the caves together looking for the dragon sculpture for hours. Eventually, they stepped into a room that held many frozen IceWings. As they walked around they noticed a large frozen NightWing. Hailstorm instantly lunged towards her and tapped her with the spear.

As the huge NightWing unfroze, she explained her job was to try to kill them. As they fought it turned out that the dragon they were fighting was none other than Foeslayer herself, enchanted by an animus IceWing to live to try to kill them, as discussed above in History.

Once Hailstorm killed her she instantly froze back into ice. Then Winter realized one of them was supposed to kill the other and the living one would survive to tell the tale and gain glory. However, Hailstorm refused to kill Winter. Winter promised to leave the kingdom forever and unfroze Foeslayer. He then freed her, presumably preventing the unfair trial from happening again.

Trivia Edit

  • The Diamond Trial may have been named after Queen Diamond because she started the trials.
  • It is never explained what became of the lowest ranking dragonets before the creation of the Diamond Trial.


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