Dragon Kings are the husbands of the queens, excluding King Darkstalker. They don't have a lot of power, compared to Queens, and mostly just have their title. Known kings include King Gill, King Char, King Humpback, and King Darkstalker . They tend to have only as much power as their Queens allow them to, with Darkstalker being the exception, as he briefly ruled the NightWings alone in the old NightWing Kingdom, as well as King Gill who briefly was in charge of war while Queen Coral was keeping Anemone's egg safe. It was mentioned in Deserter that King Char only had as much power as Queen Oasis gave him and that apparently he was banished from the SandWing palace for months on end at times. It is also said that Ex-Queen Scarlet once had a husband who was king, but he died, likely due to him being her husband. The name of Scarlet's husband is unknown. 

There are no known Kings on Pantala.

List of Historical Kings Edit

  • King Gill of the SeaWings, husband of Queen Coral (died in 5011 A.S.)
  • King Darkstalker of the NightWings (ruled the majority of the NightWings who previously had been subjects of Queen Glory, turned into Peacemaker in 5012 A.S.)

Trivia Edit

  • King Darkstalker is the only king to have ever ruled a tribe with the same role as a queen. All of the other kings (e.g. King Humpback, King Gill, and King Char) are only titled kings and do not have nearly as much power as the queen does.
  • King Darkstalker is also the only king without a queen, and the only king not married into the royal family of his tribe. He could be an IceWing prince, but not a NightWing one, although the IceWings may not have accepted him as royal because he was a hybrid and lived with the NightWings.
  • In Assassin, King Gill is shown to have the power to represent Queen Coral and make important decisions. In The Lost Heir, it is also mentioned that he took her place while she watched over Anemone's egg.
  • Since empires strictly ruled by queens are called queendoms, the fact that the kingdoms are called kingdoms could possibly be because they were once ruled by kings.


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