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Nine of the ten dragon tribes are ruled by queens, in a hereditary monarchy, with SilkWings being the only exception. Only a female member of the royal family may be queen, and therefore the sole rulers of their kingdom. Other royals include kings, princes, and princesses. After becoming ruler, it is each new Pyrrhian queen's responsibility to make a diplomatic visit to each of her fellow queens' kingdoms.[1]

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Royal Challenges


On Pyrrhia, most of the tribes have royal challenges consisting of a challenge battle to the death. Only daughters, sisters, nieces, and granddaughters of the queen may issue a challenge for her throne (cousins become ex-queens). The queen selects the location for the challenge and must die in it for the challenger to become queen. A queen may die without one of these challenges taking place. This can result in her eldest daughter becoming the new queen, the queen selecting an heir to rule after her,[2] or, more rarely, the daughters or heirs may fight for the throne. In one known case, this conflict led to war.

The SandWings also have the Eye of Onyx, an animus-touched necklace enchanted to select the most worthy candidate for queen (regardless of royal bloodline).[3] This does not seem to be the method of choice for selecting a new queen. It is in SandWing tradition to place the Eye of Onyx in its place on the wall in the SandWing Stronghold's courtyard, where the place of the challenge is.

RainWing Royal Challenge

The RainWings have a unique royal challenge among the Pyrrhian tribes, as their royal challenge does not involve violence or death. They partake in an activity or a series of activities, chosen by the current queen(s). These are typically RainWing-unique activities, such as flower hunts, fruit gathering, tree gliding, scale camouflage, and venom targeting. The dragon to win the majority of the activities will become queen.[4]


The customs of Pantalan royal challenges are unknown, but Lady Scarab hints that the current queen chooses her successor, at least for HiveWings.

Royal Positions


Queens are the monarchs of their tribes. They have full control over the economic, military, and social aspects of their kingdoms. Because queens are generally limited by bloodlines, they are not always the fittest dragons for the position. Many queens control how many eggs they lay to ensure that they have heirs, but not too many.[5] Some have been known to kill their dragonets, nieces, sisters, and other female family members close to them to keep the number of potential challengers down.[6] Queens typically rule until an elderly age, as they often die in their sleep from a heart attack.[7] Tradition says that no one should challenge a new queen during the first month of her reign.[8]

In ex-Queen Wasp's and Queen Glory's case, a queen may temporarily or permanently rule more than one tribe.[9][10]

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Kings are the husbands of the queens. They have less power compared to the queens and are often placed as generals or advisors. They have as much power as their queen grants them, and may be looked upon to lead in times when the queen is incapacitated for any reason.[11] A queen may kill, banish, or temporarily banish her king, as they are not vital to the functioning of a kingdom.[12][5] The queen's husband does not have to be called king.[13]

Darkstalker is the only known exception, as he briefly ruled the NightWings without a queen.

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Princesses are female dragons who are daughters, granddaughters, sisters, or nieces of the queen. They are capable of becoming the next queen of their tribe. They may spend their time being prepared for this job through lessons and training.[14] Many are ambitious or pressured to ambition by their families.

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Princes are male dragonets or dragons who are sons, brothers, grandsons, or nephews of the queen. They are regarded as royalty and will often be given jobs within the palace, such as being advisors, treasurers, or lead a wing of the queen's army.[14] They are regarded as less important than female dragonets and may be ignored,[15] and they also live ordinary lives.[14] Princes may be forbidden from having dragonets, to prevent unplanned or too many heirs.[16]

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  • MudWing queens are not at risk of being challenged by their sisters due to their strong sibling bond.[17]
  • Royal bloodlines will often contain powerful dragons, such as animus dragons because they have been selectively bred into the royal family.[18]
  • The SeaWing royal family is known to have a specific pattern of spirals under their wings.[19]
  • Although likely a simplification, in dialogue exclusive to the graphic novel version of The Lost Heir, Starflight says that only sisters and daughters can issue a challenge for the throne.[20] In addition, in The Dragonet Prophecy, Clay mentions that only a queen's daughters or sisters could challenge the queen for the throne.[21]
  • Cousins[22] to the queen can also become queen, if there are no other heirs after a queen's death.
  • Queens can step down from their throne without a challenge.[23]
  • The SilkWings are the only tribe that is not currently ruled by any queen. They are instead ruled by the SilkWing Assembly.[24]