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The dragonbite viper is an extremely deadly species of venomous snake that dwells in the Kingdom of Sand and the Poison Jungle. It is the only serpent that is able to kill a dragon with a single bite.


Dragonbite vipers are long, with varying colors and patterns and deadly fangs described to look like shards of ice.[1]


Dragonbite vipers are one of the most feared animals in Pyrrhia because they are the only known snake that could kill a dragon with one extremely venomous bite.[2]

When injected, a dragonbite viper's venom results in a black starburst pattern, and can be seen spreading through the victim's body. When it comes in contact with dragon flesh, the dragon is seized with spasms, convulsions, and terrible agony. The dragon is left in terrible pain until the venom reaches their heart, which ultimately ends in their death.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Brightest Night

Dragonbite vipers were first mentioned in the Scorpion Den, where one was said to have been spotted near an orphanage, though that was a false story Addax used to distract Thorn. Qibli explained to Sunny what dragonbite vipers were shortly before she agreed to be taken to Burn and whisked off to Burn's stronghold.

A dragonbite viper was first seen when Burn opened the box Blister sent to her when the three SandWing sisters met outside of Burn's stronghold. She recognized the hissing and grabbed the snake immediately, not letting it bite her, and planned to use it to kill Blister. However, Blister had sent a second snake as well, which sprang out and bit Burn's ankle, killing her. Burn managed to crush the second viper as she died. The first dragonbite viper tried to attack Sunny, Starflight, and the others, but Clay pushed Sunny and the rest of the dragonets out of the way and was bitten instead; however, he was saved by Peril, who burned out the venom before it could spread to his heart. Peril killed the serpent by stepping on and burning it.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Darkness of Dragons

Anemone said she would wear a necklace of dragonbite vipers to be free of Darkstalker's spells.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

On the way to the Den of Vipers on a journey with Sundew, Willow, Mandrake, Nettle, and Bumblebee to get to the Eye of the jungle, Cricket wondered if the snakes at Den of Vipers were dragonbite vipers, and mentioned that they didn't get many snakes in the Hives, even in the greenhouses. They then came across a massive swarm of the snakes in the Den of Vipers, all being owned by Hawthorn through the othermind. After a moment, the vipers became active and surrounded them near Hawthorn's place, and when one attacked Nettle, Hawthorn stopped them.

A dragonbite viper appeared when Hawthorn threatened to kill Willow with one if Sundew ran away from him. However, Sundew managed to convince some sundew plants to seize the viper off of Willow's neck and eat it, as well as hold Hawthorn in place.



Dragonbite vipers were mentioned when Six-Claws reflected on how he signed up for every patrol, including helping to firebomb suspected dragonbite viper lairs.


  • Dragonbite vipers are rare, according to Starflight, likely due to the fact that they are hunted down by dragons across the continent.[2]
  • Dragonbite viper venom can be burned out of a dragon's body, and — provided the wound is far from the heart — the victim can survive the ordeal, aside from possible incineration. An example of this was when Clay was bitten on the leg and Peril used her firescales to save him.


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