Dragonets of Destiny GN (edited)

The dragonets of destiny from The Lost Heir (graphic novel), by Mike Holmes

The dragonets of destiny are a group of five young dragons: Clay, Glory, Starflight, Sunny, and Tsunami. Each of them, with the exception of Glory, was selected by the Dragonet Prophecy to end the War of SandWing Succession.

As a RainWing, Glory was not originally included in the prophecy. She was brought in by Webs as a last-minute replacement for their original SkyWing egg, which had been killed earlier alongside its carrier, Hvitur, by Burn. The NightWings did not include an IceWing egg in the prophecy, either, most likely due to an ancient war between their tribes that had taken place over 2,000 years ago.

As foretold by the prophecy, all of them hatched together on the brightest night. Even after learning that the prophecy was a lie constructed by Morrowseer as a ploy to overtake the Rainforest Kingdom, the dragonets completed their destiny by calling Blaze, Blister, and Burn to a meeting located near Burn's stronghold to end their feud once and for all. Sunny, however, eventually decreed Thorn as queen by giving her the Eye of Onyx.


Clay is the MudWing dragonet of destiny. He is shown to be loyal and kind and treats his friends like he would to his group of siblings. Clay loves food; this is shown in The Dark Secretwhen Starflight reaches his dreams with a dreamvisitor, only to find him dreaming about food. On the brightest night, while they were hatching, Clay had natural MudWing bigwings instincts to help other eggs in the clutch hatch. This was misinterpreted as an attack on the other eggs and was later a story Kestrel used to try to motivate him in battle training, saying that he was a monster as a hatchling, in hopes that she could bring out this "inner monster" to improve Clay's capability in battle. The prophecy called for a MudWing egg "the color of dragon blood." Blood eggs are known to produce dragons that have fire-resistant scales, and Clay is one of them, though under his scales he is not fireproof, proved in the Brightest Night. A SkyWing with firescales named Peril is in love with him, and in Darkness of Dragons, it is shown that Clay might return these feelings. Clay is also the only known dragon who can touch her. Sunny and Clay are good friends within their group. He helps voice her ideas since the other dragonets don't listen to her much of the time. Clay is the protagonist of The Dragonet Prophecy.


Tsunami is the SeaWing dragonet of destiny. She is the 'egg of deepest blue' in the prophecy. She sometimes appears to be the leader of the dragonets, being fierce, bold, loyal, and often cocky and bossy. These skills led her to be the "headmaster" of Jade Mountain Academy. She has exceptional battle skills and tends to bicker with her friends. She is the daughter of Coral and is, therefore, a princess. Tsunami is the oldest living daughter of Queen Coral, with two little sisters, Anemone and Auklet, and thirty-two brothers, including Turtle. She is the first SeaWing princess not to be hatched in the royal hatchery. She seems to have a crush on Riptide, who is the current leader of the Talons of Peace. It seems Riptide returns these feelings. Tsunami is the protagonist of The Lost Heir.


When Princess Burn tossed the prophesized SkyWing dragonet's egg off a cliff, Webs stole Glory's egg from the Rainforest Kingdom, insisting that the prophecy must have five dragonets. She is bullied and abused by two of the three guardians, due to the popular belief that RainWings were much lazier than any other dragon tribe. Glory later became the queen of the NightWings and RainWings. She discovers that Jambu is her blood relative after deciding that he is "the most useless dragon I've ever met," and becomes queen when she challenges the current queens (at the time), and discovers that Grandeur is her relative. She is smart, beautiful (according to Deathbringer and others), brave, hardworking, and most unlike the rest of her tribe. She is confirmed to be in a relationship with Deathbringer. Glory is the protagonist of The Hidden Kingdom.


Starflight is the NightWing dragonet of destiny, he is shown to have a lot of book-smarts but very little combat skills. If he had hatched under the moons during the brightest night then he would have had mind-reading and would be able to see the future. However, he hatched beneath the mountain with the other dragonets, away from the moons, depriving him of those powers. Though at first, he had a crush on Sunny, Starflight now appears to be approaching a relationship with the false NightWing dragonet of destiny named Fatespeaker. He often had dreams about the NightWing queen, Battlewinner calling him "useless" and "not a real NightWing," as Morrowseer stated before dying or going missing in the Night Kingdom's volcanic explosion. Also, in the same explosion, Starflight was blinded and is now having trouble with not being able to see. He is the "librarian" at Jade Mountain Academy. Starflight is the protagonist of The Dark Secret.


Sunny is the SandWing dragonet of destiny. Unlike other SandWings, Sunny is golden, with green-grey eyes, and no poisonous tail barb. The reason for these abnormalities is that Sunny's father Stonemover is a NightWing. She is shown to be optimistic and kind, and most of the other dragonets think of her as a little sister since she hatched last. She is the daughter of Thorn and Stonemover, making her a princess, a hybrid, and having a possibility of passing on animus genetics to any dragonets she may have due to Stonemover being an animus. Sunny was the dragon that thought of the plan to make Burn, Blister, and Blaze come together. Blister gave Burn two dragonbite vipers. Burn was bitten by the second one and died. Blister was killed by the Eye of Onyx when it turned her into a pile of dust. Blaze accepted Thorn as the new queen. Sunny is the protagonist of The Brightest Night.

The SkyWing Dragonet

Although the SkyWing dragonet never made it to fulfill the Dragonet Prophecy, it is frequently mentioned throughout the first arc. As shown in The Dragonet Prophecy, Hvitur almost made it back to the dragonets' cave, but Burn and some SkyWings caught him and killed Hvitur, with Burn smashing the SkyWing egg.


  • The dragonets of destiny are the founders of Jade Mountain Academy, save for Glory, who was busy with her tribes.
  • If Starflight, and potentially Sunny, had been hatched above the ground, they would've had strong mind-reading and precognition.
  • Both Tsunami and Sunny carry the animus gene.
  • Sky, originally named Ember, was planned to be the SkyWing dragonet of destiny along with his twin sister Peril. However, this was changed.[1]
  • There was also originally going to be an IceWing included in the Dragonet Prophecy.[2]



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