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The dragonmancers were a powerful group of humans, living in and running the village of Talisman. The current known dragonmancers are Trout, Crow, and Gorge. There was also an unnamed fourth dragonmancer, who was killed because there wasn't enough share of treasure to satisfy every dragonmancer.


The dragonmancers ran Talisman and often acquired treasure. They claimed to have visions telling them what the dragons want, which often resulted in a villager's sacrifice as a gift to the dragons. These visions are made-up stories that enforce the villagers' belief that the dragonmancers are their saviors and can protect them from harm by dragons.[1] These gifts are usually younger people known to misbehave, disobey the orders of the dragonmancers, and know too much about them,[2] who are tied up and left out in the open where any dragon flying ahead can easily see them.[3] The procedure is known as the Gift for the Dragons ceremony, which is carried out through chants.[4]

They once stole treasure from the SkyWings alongside a fourth member of the group, but that member was sacrificed so the others could increase their share of stolen treasure.[1] Dragonmancers eventually decided to recruit apprentices in order to increase their wealth. Apprentices milk the goats, chip candle wax off the floors, sprint into hills around every three days to ring warning bells, and sleep on thin straw pallets in cramped rooms with other apprentices.[5] All apprentices are eventually sent to steal treasure from the SkyWing palace after doing chores and serving the dragonmancers. If they succeed, they are sacrificed, allowing the dragonmancers to increase their shares of treasure without dividing it with another person.[6] If they fail this mission in death, another young villager they deem trustworthy will be selected by the dragonmancers to be an apprentice.

Dragonmancers are known to give lectures, one of them being known as the Edifying Lecture About Dragon Behavior.[7] Villagers are not to speak to the dragonmancers without permission,[8] and insulting the dragonmancers is strictly against the rules.[9]





The dragonmancers were treasure smugglers who set up Talisman to be a hideout. There used to be four of them, but after they got enough treasure, they sacrificed the unnamed fourth dragonmancer, resulting in more treasure for the remaining three (Gorge, Crow, and Master Trout) and loyalty from the residents of Talisman.

The dragonmancers attempted to sacrifice Wren to dragons during the Gift for the Dragons ceremony. However, Wren escaped by wriggling out of the ropes and became a misanthrope, distrusting humans and believing them to be worse than dragons, despite her growing up being taught that dragons were "giant flying sharks." According to Rowan, Wren's oldest sister, others were sacrificed before her, including several unnamed dragonmancer apprentices.

Wren exposed the dragonmancers, using a treasure-share logbook as evidence. They no longer rule over Talisman, but it is unknown who is now in charge of Talisman and what the villagers did to the dragonmancers.


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