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(This is the page for the book titled Dragonslayer. You may be looking for the scavenger known as The Dragonslayer instead.)

Dragonslayer is the second book in the Wings of Fire: Legends arc and the first Wings of Fire book to be told from the point of view of scavengers. Amazon's release date for Dragonslayer was originally December 26, 2019, then February 4th, but was released on March 3rd, 2020. The cover was released on October 23rd, 2019 at 5pm EST on HomeBase, an online playground created by Scholastic. Dragonslayer takes place during the first arc, which was confirmed in a Scholastic Home Base post.

Dragonslayer switches between views of Ivy, Wren, and Leaf, in the main part of the book. The prologue is Stone, and the epilogue is Undauntable. Ivy, Wren, and Leaf (from left to right) are the scavengers on the cover. Ivy is seen holding a miniature dreamvisitor. The SandWing on the cover has been confirmed to be General Sandstorm in an interview with Tui on November 2nd, 2019.[1] 

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Dedication Edit

For Kari, who would totally ride a dragon (and who saved this book!)

Summary Edit

This special edition of the #1 New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series soars back in time to give readers a glimpse of Pyrrhia through new eyes.

In the shadow of wings . . . humans fight for survival. 

Ivy doesn't trust the Dragonslayer. He may be her father and the beloved ruler of Valor, but she knows he's hiding more than the treasure from the sand dragon he killed two decades ago. 

Leaf doesn't trust dragons. They're the reason his favorite sister, Wren, is dead, and now he'll do whatever it takes to slay even one. 

Wren doesn't trust anyone. She swore off humans after her village tried to sacrifice her to the dragons. She only has one friend, a small, wonderful mountain dragon named Sky, and they don't need anyone else.

In a world of dragons, the humans who scramble around underfoot are easy to overlook. But Ivy, Leaf, and Wren will each cross paths with dragons in ways that could shape the destiny of both species. Is a new future possible for all of them . . . one in which humans can look to the skies with hope instead of fear?

Quote on the back Edit

This was a pretty terrible plan, saving a baby dragon who would probably eat her just as soon as it was big enough. But Wren had a feeling someone had decided to toss aside this baby dragon, exactly the way her parents and her whole stupid village had thrown her away. 

People are awful and untrustworthy and mean, so I'm going to make friends with a dragon instead.

"We don't need anybody else, right, little dragon?" Wren said, stroking one of its tiny ears. "If they don't want us, we don't care. We can look after each other, can't we?"

Plot Edit

Prologue Edit

Twenty years ago, Stone and Rose come along with Heath in secret to help him complete his ‘nearly impossible’ and ‘decidedly stupid’ quest to become wealthy and powerful by stealing Queen Oasis's treasure. Stone and Heath wait outside for Rose, who went in a second time to get more treasure. Stone talks to Heath about how treasure won't make him powerful, which Heath disagrees with. Rose climbs back out of the palace, along with the treasure, and the trio begins to sneak off. However, before they get very far, Queen Oasis catches up with them. They fight her, and Heath gets hit with a burst of fire from Oasis. Stone eventually kills Oasis and wins the fight by stabbing her in the eye with his spear. Heath then cuts off Oasis's tail barb as proof of her death. Stone notices that Rose has gone missing but Heath tells him that they have to run away because more SandWings are coming their way. They take the treasure and the barb back to their village, but Stone continues to worry about Rose.

Part One Edit

The first part starts off from Wren's point of view. Wren, after having recently turned seven, is unknowingly prepared for sacrifice by the Dragonmancers by her parents. She then finds out what they planned to do with her once she is taken through the forest to a river near Talisman. Wren then attacks the dragonmancers, but they still managed to tie her up. Then they leave her at a giant stone slab over looking the river. But she was able to yank off the rope they tie her up with. Then she goes further down the course of the river. She thinks back to what happened during the time before her attempted sacrifice, and back to all of the times, the people in Talisman did her wrong. Eventually, she comes across Sky for the first time, who is tangled in a bush and dying. Wren eventually helps him out of pity and then talks to Sky both to reassure him that he is safe, and to help herself calm down. As they are talking, a rust-colored dragon with yellow eyes and a recent burn on its cheek flies by, and Wren presumes it is hunting. Wren hides herself and Sky from the unknown dragon (presumably Kestrel), which Sky particularly seems to be afraid of. Once the dragon goes away, Wren comes out of hiding with Sky. Wren talks to Sky again and eventually gives him his nickname. They bond, and Wren thinks back to her encounters with humanity, and how she isn't scared since Sky, who is a dragon, is on her side, while everyone else isn't safe from them if they work together.

The perspective changes to Leaf's in the next chapter, taking place after the same time around Wren's disappearance/banishment. Leaf argues with his parents about whether or not the dragonmancers really are good as they couldn't save Wren. His older sister Rowan, is also in the room, and mentions what she heard about The Dragonslayer from her friend Grove. Leaf's parents start to argue with Rowan that the Dragonslayer is just a story that 'brainless' families talk about. She tells Leaf about what the Dragonslayer did, and Leaf then wants to become a dragonslayer himself, but his parents disapprove the idea.

The next chapter is in the perspective of Ivy. When Ivy was small, she asked her mother, why her dad, Heath seemed famous. Her mother responds and says that her dad is famous. Then she asks if her dad was famous because he 'Dragonstared'. Then she asked him why Uncle Stone is yelling at the Dragonslayer for running away from the dragons and her mother told her she will tell her when she is older. Whenever Ivy asked other girls to have a sleepover with her, they reject saying that the tail could grow back into another dragon, though everyone invites her to their sleepovers. She then asks her mum whether or not she has seen the treasure. Ivy then becomes suspicious of whether or not her fathers' story is true or not when she was six years old. Her friends asked her to join their secret club, The Truth Seekers.

The perspective changes back to Wren's in the next chapter. Wren and Sky start to learn each others' language and talk to each other briefly in both languages. Wren's first word in dragon is 'snail'. For some reason Sky could not breathe fire. In this chapter they see the Dragonets of Destiny (Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight and Sunny) playing with each other in their mountain hideout. Sky seems sad so Wren asks him if he wants to go with other dragons. To this he says that he would rather be with Wren. Later, When looking back, Wren realized that he was sad because he couldn't breath fire.

Chapter Five starts by Leaf not guessing that his second favorite sister would be Rowan. Rowan helps Leaf try to become a Dragonslayer by helping him train. Both of them start to speculate how many types of dragons there are. Rowan said there are around six types of dragons known.

Chapter Six starts off by Ivy’s mother trying to make an excuse to Violet and Daffodil that Ivy still had homework but Ivy told her mother that she was free now. She was surprised that the Truth Seekers had survived this long. Ivy starts getting better at drawing different dragons. Ivy also states that she wanted to become a wingwatcher. Daffodil and Violet talk about the dragon's palace nearby. Ivy and her friends do a 'Truth Seekers mission' with Ivy going outside for the first time in her life. Ivy made an excuse to the wingwatcher, Foxglove that she was delivering a super important present to her father, which was a potato. When she went outside she described the sky to smell like apples and grass and it was noisy. She also described saying that there was light everywhere. Suddenly a dragon which was black (perceived to be a NightWing) came down roaring. Some time had passed and Foxglove and Ivy went back home.

The next chapter's perspective changes back to Wren, who finds a sheltered valley and thinks they would be safe there for a while. Wren wants to go to the Indestructible City to find new clothes, a map and possibly some books, and recommended Sky to practice flying for a bit. When Wren finally convinced Sky that it wasn't safe for him to go to the Indestructible City, she tried to see if it was too hard to get in. After a while of spying Wren went to the base of the cliff, and was then told that there was no space for refugees and the Invincible Lord will only admit one family consisting of no more than six people if they bring the Dragonslayer to him, and was then told that the Invincible Lord wants to make an alliance with him, to save the humans from the dragons. A tall woman wanted to trade for some medicine for his baby, and was told she had a one day pass and had to leave the baby behind so they would know she would come back. She then met Undauntable with his pet cat named Dragon, and wanted to trade silver for one of Sky's scales that he had shed. Wren then traded the silver for food, clothes and Undauntable's silver earring. When Wren was asked where she found it, she said she found it in a swamp which was a lie so that Undauntable cannot find Sky. She said she might get him another scale if she can find any, and went to the river until the Indestructible City was out of sight and went to Sky.

In chapter 8, Leaf thinks about his parents hoping he would become a Dragonmancer. He also thought about why no one noticed that he was getting stronger. Leaf gets assigned to Master Trout. Master Trout doesn't like that he got a new appprentice. Cranberry, Mushroom, and Thyme are introduced.

Chapter 9 starts off with Ivy being excited about finally being able to be a wingwatcher. They go to the Wingwatcher welcome ceremony and sees Squirrel and commander Brook. They chatted for a while, talking about conspiracies, and then the Dragonslayer came. A while later Foxglove advised Ivy not to listen to Chipmunk, who made sure all his outdoor mission were at night and hardly saw one dragon. At the end of the chapter, Ivy thought about the wingwatcher conspiracy and wondering if someone was actually planning a revolution.

Part TwoEdit

Wren never went into buildings, and never stayed in a settlements for more than a night. Once they reached the top of the continent, Wren and Sky went south and down to the coast. There Wren saw a few sea dragons, and Sky suddenly exclaimed that Wren could ride on him. This ended badly, however, as Sky got distracted. A year later, Sky was able to not get distracted and fly long distances with Wren on his back. Once Undauntable invited Wren to the Indestructible City. Wren didn't want to. Wren bought a few books, and told Undauntable was reasonbly interesting and was the second most interesting friend she has (not to mention she only has two friends, therefore making Undauntable last). But it then backfired, because two years later, he asked her to marry him.

Chapter 11's perspective changes back to Leaf's, and Leaf spread the blueprint on the table for his friends to see. Grove told Leaf to go back to the dragonmancers after a while and told him that they'll decide what to do. Two days later, Leaf found Rowan in the garden and told him that the map was gone, and so was Mushroom. Little did they know, two dragonmancers, Crow and Gorge, were eavesdropping on them, and told them to tell the truth. The dragonmancers told Tadpole to get Grove for them, just in case. Rowan told Leaf that they needed to get to Mushroom. When they got back to the schoolhouse, Cranberry and Thyme said that they saw Grove being taken away. Rowan told them that Mushroom was trying to steal the dragon's treasure and they needed to get to him and get back treasure for them or they were going to sacrifice Grove. They traveled north towards the dragon palace and tried to see if there was anything that might be Mushroom. They found many campfires and a discarded fishing net, but none of them were new enough to be Mushroom's. On the fourth day, they finally found the dragon palace. It was enormous. And swarming with dragons. Dragons were everywhere. Rowan asked if there was any way in, and Leaf tried to remember where the entrances were. Suddenly, Leaf saw something and immediately grabbed Rowan's arms, and pointed at a tiny moving figure. It was Mushroom. Thyme 'oh no'ed and Leaf knew he had to do something. He would take at least one dragon's life for Wren, even if it meant certain death.

More flying in soon...

Part ThreeEdit

More flying in soon...


The epilogue for this book is in the point of view of Undauntable. He was looking outside his window hoping that Wren would come back to The Indestructible City. It was around fifty-nine days since he proposed to Wren, who didn't accept it and stormed away from him. He was worried that maybe she was killed by a dragon. He even wondered what would happen if he ran away with her, only to dismiss that idea, because it was much safer inside the walls of The Indestructible City. His father then found him and beckoned for him to follow. Once he did, his father said that the spy, Boar, who was sent into Valor to become a close guard to him, said that Heath wasn't the actual Dragonslayer and that Stone was, but Stone was a lost cause. He then said he had very 'interesting news'. The news was about a girl who could speak Dragon and had a dragon who she controls (Sky). Undauntable realized that this is Wren. He was terrified for her, admitting that he does love her because she was everything The Indestructible City wasn't. He attempted to lie, for his father listened to Boar say the dragons scales were a pale orange, which were the same color of the scales Wren had given him during her visits. His father could tell he was lying and ends the epilogue with saying that he will control Wren and take over the world. The book also ends with Undauntable swearing he will protect Wren for as long as he can.

Trivia Edit

  • The dragon on the front cover has been confirmed to be General Sandstorm.
  • The scene on the front cover does not actually occur in the book, and Sandstorm dies before Wren knew Ivy and before Leaf and Wren are reunited.
  • On the back cover, various heads can be seen on the Stronghold's wall spikes. There seems to be at least one head from each tribe, excluding SeaWings, including two RainWing heads that look similar in color to Queen Glory's. The tower in the background is also likely Burn's Weirdling Tower.
  • Many events in the book mirror events that took place in the first arc, such as Wren watching the young Dragonets of Destiny through the cave's sky hole, Clay saving Leaf from Queen Scarlet's dinner party, the battle between the Outclaws and Burn's forces, and most particularly, Sunny's encounter with Leaf and Ivy during her search for the stolen treasure.
  • Even though the 'fixed' release date was March 3rd, copies of Dragonslayer were in print as early as January, which could be found at school book fairs sometimes.
  • At 496 pages and 38 chapters long, it is the longest Wings of Fire book, with Darkness of Dragons being the second longest book with 385 pages and 31 chapters.
  • The song Leaf sings to Butterfly is the same tune to the "Dragonets Are Coming".
  • Murderbasket is actually Deathbringer.
  • In the chapter where Wren meets Undauntable, she receives five books among her other items. This may be a reference to the mainstream series, as each Wings of Fire arc has five books. This is further evidenced in another chapter where Wren comes back to the Indestructible City and buys ten books.
  • Rose is the scavenger Flower in the main series.

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