"I call these dreamvisitors. You can use it to walk in the dreams of any sleeping dragon you know or have ever seen. This way we can be together even when we're asleep. I can visit either of you in your dreams, or you can visit me. You can even step into the dreams of someone all the way across the continent, if you want to. Although I highly doubt anyone is having dreams as interesting as ours. Happy hatching day."
—Darkstalker to Clearsight and Fathom, Darkstalker


A dreamvisitor on the cover of Dragonslayer


A Dreamvisitor in the Graphic Novel.

Dreamvisitors are three star-shaped sapphires that glow with an eerie blue light and can grant the user the ability to enter the dreams of a dragon. For some time, all three were thought to be either lost or destroyed. However, this proved not to be the case.


The dreamvisitors were created by an animus named Darkstalker two thousand years before the events of The Dragonet Prophecy. He created one for himself, his friend Fathom and his beloved Clearsight for her hatching day as a gift. Although they were all thought to be lost, Scarlet was able to use one while in Burn's stronghold. Starflight found one on the NightWing island, but it was stolen by Flame with Ochre's help shortly after he contacted one of his friends. The last was stolen from the SandWing treasury by scavengers, though it was later recovered by Sunny when two scavengers nicknamed Holler and Fluffy gave her the dreamvisitor.

Darkstalker (Legends)

The dreamvisitors were created as a gift for Fathom and Clearsight by Darkstalker, for Clearsight's birthday. Darkstalker presented them to his friends at a small party they were having for Clearsight, even though Fathom was reluctant to take his. It is unknown if they ever actually used them, except for when Darkstalker tried to contact his mother, Foeslayer.


Ivy found a dreamvisitor in her father, Heath's, old treasury and took it. Heath left the Dreamvistor because it kept bringing him bad dreams about Rose, likely because he would think about her at night. Not knowing what it was, she had gone to sleep with it in her hand. She then found herself in a dream with Sunny and Rose, who was twenty years older than when she disappeared. Ivy took this as a sign that Rose was alive and set out to find her. Later, when Ivy and Leaf met Sunny in the ruins of the destroyed town, Leaf gave it to Sunny.

The Hidden Kingdom

Scarlet used one to enter Glory's dreams while she was in the rainforest and told her to come to free her from Burn's stronghold. It is possible she found it on the stuffed NightWing she tore up, which may have been Farsight.

The Dark Secret

Starflight found one of the dreamvisitors  on a corpse in the old NightWing treasure room, and used it to probe the dreams of Kinkajou, Sunny, Clay, Tsunami and Glory in order to warn them about the imminent NightWing attack on the Rainforest Kingdom. However, it was later taken from Starflight's hiding spot by Flame, which is confirmed in Talons of Power. In The Dark Secret, it was said that an animus SandWing had made it, however, it is later confirmed they were made by Darkstalker.

The Brightest Night

The third dreamvisitor was used by Ivy to enter Sunny's dream. She later tracked down Ivy and forced her and Leaf to hand over the dreamvisitor. With it, Sunny convinced Moorhen and Blaze to attend the meeting in Burn's stronghold. It is currently still in Sunny's possession.

Moon Rising

Moonwatcher researched information about Darkstalker in a scroll about animus-touched objects. Moon discovered that Darkstalker made three of them communicate with his former friend Fathom and his partner, Clearsight. Starflight also told her that the one Sunny found was used by all the dragonets of destiny.

Winter Turning

Scarlet was noted to be repeatedly contacting Icicle with a dreamvisitor, harassing her about the assassinations. This caused Icicle to deprive herself of sleep in order to evade these visits.

Talons of Power

Darkstalker revealed that Flame was the one that had stolen the second dreamvisitor from Starflight, and took it from him.

The Poison Jungle

Tsunami said she was "communicating with the Distant Kingdoms" using "Distant Kingdom magic". The 'Magic' was likely a dreamvisitor because Tsunami was described as "lying down with her eyes closed and front talons clasped". It also stated that "she slipped something into a pouch on her hind right leg", and looked like she was uncomfortable with telling them something. 

Powers and Usage

As their name suggests, dreamvisitors allow dragons to enter other dragons' dreams. However, the other dragon must be asleep, and if the other dragon wakes up, the user will be ejected from their dream.

The deeper the sleep the dragon is in, the better the enchantment works. If a dragon is in shallow sleep, the user will only see the dream. If the dragon is in a deep, calm sleep, the user can talk to the dreamer.

Dragons using dreamvisitors are incorporeal while in the dream and will not be able to touch, hold, or harm any other objects. For example, while using a dreamvisitor Scarlet breathed fire on Glory, who didn't feel anything.

The dreamvisitors are used by placing the dreamvisitor to your head and thinking of the dragon (or scavenger) you want to visit. The user must have seen the dragon before for it to work. The dreamer must also be asleep.

When in a dream, the user can put the dreamvisitor to another dragon's forehead to feel their experience in a dream. Starflight tried this with Kinkajou and felt her pain and feelings while doing this.

If the dreamer is having a nightmare, they may not be able to be reached, as was proved when Starflight tried to reach Tsunami in The Dark Secret.


  • The first dreamvisitor shown in the series was owned by Ex-Queen Scarlet, and before her death, she still had it, as shown in The Hidden Kingdom and the epilogue of Moon Rising. Ever since her death in Escaping Peril, it is uncertain what had happened to it, leaving only two of three dreamvisitors accounted for.
  • The second dreamvisitor shown in the series was found in the talons of a dead NightWing in the NightWing treasury by Starflight in The Dark Secret. The dreamvisitor was stolen and in Talons of Power, it has been confirmed that Flame was the thief, with the help of Ochre.
  • The third was found by Sunny, when she encountered Ivy and Leaf in The Brightest Night.
  • Though in The Dark Secret Starflight thought the dreamvisitors were created by a SandWing, it was confirmed in Moon Rising and later in Darkstalker (Legends) that Darkstalker was the one that created them.
    • This could have been a lie propagated by the NightWings to disassociate themselves from Darkstalker, a lie spread by the SandWings to make them seem more powerful by having an animus, or just an oversight by the author.
  • The size of the dreamvisitors seems to be inconsistent as it is shown in the graphic novel to be large enough to be held in a dragon's talons easily, wherein the cover of Dragonslayer, Ivy is holding it in her hands.
  • One was implied to be used by Tsunami to contact Pyrrhia from Pantala. It is probably Sunny's.

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