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"She's Queen Ruby now. And I don't remember fighting any IceWings and leaving them alive. I suppose if I did, that's a mistake that could be corrected."
— Eagle to Hailstorm, Winter Turning

(Not to be confused with Eagle, a historical SkyWing ambassador featured in Darkstalker.)

Eagle is a male SkyWing who was introduced in Winter Turning. He is a soldier under Queen Ruby, and his last known location was Possibility.


Eagle has scales the color of raw tuna.[1]


When Hailstorm suggested that he and Eagle were friends, Eagle swelled with fury and looked incredulous.[2] His eyes narrowed to slits[1] and he demanded to know why Hailstorm knew his name,[2] snapping at him for referring to his queen as 'General Ruby.'[3] This implies that he is an extremely loyal, defensive soldier that would protect himself and his tribe whenever ready.

Like most SkyWings, he also hated IceWings since they were allied with Blaze during the War of SandWing Succession. He was also judgmental of Hailstorm as Eagle thought that some dragon hired him to make a fool out of him.[2] When Winter explained that Hailstorm's behavior was due to a "head injury," however, Eagle became sympathetic.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Winter Turning
While Winter, Qibli, and Hailstorm were waiting outside Mayfly's shop in Possibility, a group of SkyWings passed by. Hailstorm, in a state of confusion after being Pyrite for so long, called out to Eagle, remembering how he and Pyrite fought together in the war. Eagle reacted with anger, thinking that Hailstorm was mocking him. He grabbed Hailstorm by the throat, and was only stopped from strangling him by Meerkat, who told him to stop "by order of the Enclave." Eagle immediately dropped Hailstorm, apologizing profusely, and stating that he had seen many head injuries from the war, not knowing that this was an excuse made up by Winter and Qibli, before departing from the watching crowd.



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