"Shouldn't we do that anyway? I mean, he did try to kill me. Queen Glacier will be so mad. This one time, a SkyWing flew all the way here and nearly got me while I was getting some sun and Glacier literally ripped off his wings before she killed him. It was really gross, but also kind of sweet, you know, like she really cares about me."
—Blaze to Queen Glory about Queen Glacier in The Hidden Kingdom.

Ex-Princess Blaze is an adult SandWing and a former princess. She was one of the three rival sisters who fought for the throne in the War of SandWing Succession, and she won by default after both Burn and Blister died, although she stepped down from her position as queen when Thorn received the Eye of Onyx, declaring her as the rightful SandWing queen. Of Queen Oasis' three daughters, Blaze is the youngest, and was described by her mother as "a terrible queen, but an acceptable daughter." Blaze is not a fighter, and would easily be defeated in battle, which is why she sought protection from Queen Glacier and the rest of the IceWings during the war.

Appearance Edit

Blaze has been described as strikingly beautiful[1], with white golden scales[1] and pitch-dark eyes that resemble those of her sisters[2].

Her talons are decorated with three glittering rings[3] and she has a strong attraction towards jewelry. She is often adorned in all sorts of fashionable items.


Blaze is described as rather air-headed and extremely concerned about her appearance. According to Starflight, she is "as smart as a concussed sheep", and is also described as "dizzy" multiple times. She supposedly hates any dragon that is younger and/or prettier than she is, saying that she doesn't think that someone should be allowed to be "too pretty", and despised Glory for that reason. Blaze also tends to be rather careless, as she forged an alliance with the IceWings by offering them large amounts of SandWing land (horrid war strategy), and she gave away secrets such as how to cure SandWing tail barb poison to Sunny and the rest of the dragonets with barely any thought about it. She thinks of herself as very pretty, and she is extremely narcissistic.

She has been shown to be horrible at combat, sitting in her fortress and letting her soldiers fight instead of leading battles herself. When Blister attacked her at the meeting between the three sisters, she didn't even attempt to fight back, asking Glacier to fight for her, and was wounded several times before Sunny intervened and gave the Eye of Onyx to Thorn.

Blaze believes she would be a good queen because "as the youngest daughter, she could have the longest reign", and is supposedly the prettiest and the nicest and the most popular.

Unlike her sisters, she does not seem to display any dark tendencies.



Princess Blaze was seen walking directly into a sandstorm to retrieve her crown, which was said to have been a gift from her mother, Queen Oasis. She called Six-Claws a "big-shouldered big head" before he picked her up and brought her to safety. Upon being brought to safety, she burst into tears and called Six-Claws disgusting for his abnormal talons. Her father, King Char, scolded her, and she complained and left the room.

Blaze was brought up as an excuse for Blister not to have to fight Burn, saying that it would be unfair to exclude her from the decision of who would be Queen.


After Queen Oasis was murdered by three scavengers, Blaze became embroiled in conflict with her two older sisters, Burn and Blister, starting a war over the throne involving nearly all of Pyrrhia.

Blaze had the support of most of the SandWing tribe and had forged an alliance with Queen Glacier of the IceWings, who built her a fortress on the border of the Ice Kingdom. If she won the war, Blaze promised the IceWings a large area of land from the Ice Kingdom to where the desert starts. This was probably the only reason Queen Glacier allied with Blaze.

The Hidden KingdomEdit

Blaze first appeared when Glory and Jambu disguised themselves as IceWings in order to enter her fortress. They convinced her to come out to meet the rest of the dragonets of destiny. While she was outside, Deathbringer attempted to assassinate her (to get out of trouble for not killing the dragonets), but failed. In addition, it was revealed that she was in fact rather vain, but she was either generous or not very thoughtful about giving away a lot of her territory for an ally.

She always assumed Queen Glacier would back her up in fights, as heard when she replied to Tsunami's question about if she could survive a challenge for the throne. She also claimed that she would be such a great queen that no one will even want to challenge her. In addition, Blaze was confident that if the dragonets say that she was queen, she would give each of the dragonets their own palace in the Kingdom of Sand. Blaze also did not know that the SkyWing from the prophecy was replaced by Glory before she met her.

The Dark SecretEdit

Blaze stated that she was annoyed that Glory was more beautiful than her, and she was confused that Sunny was a little different-looking when discussing the Dragonets of Destiny with Queen Glacier. Glacier planned to eliminate the dragonets if they didn't choose Blaze.

The Brightest NightEdit

In the prologue, Oasis ran into her daughters, Blister and Blaze, while going to check on her treasury. Oasis accidentally stepped on Blaze's foot and Blaze remarked about it in a dizzy, sleepy way. Afterward, Oasis thought about her, saying "She'd make a terrible queen, but she's an acceptable daughter."

The dragonets invited Blaze to come to Burn's Stronghold through the use of a dreamvisitor so they could peacefully choose a queen, but the IceWings claimed that Blaze would not be present for the meeting, for her safety. However, the dragonets said that if Blaze is not present, she will forfeit her chance of becoming queen.

Blaze eventually arrived with Queen Glacier and watched in horror when Burn was attacked by a dragonbite viper, which was Blister's plan to get the throne without fighting her stronger sister. Sunny described that when the viper attacked, all dragons were screaming, but Blaze's scream was the loudest as if she had been bitten.

After Burn died, Blister told Blaze that they were to fight for the throne. Blaze pleaded to Queen Glacier, begging her to fight for her. Although Glacier had hoped for the extra land Blaze offered, she wanted to be just and fair. Glacier backed off, and Blister attacked Blaze, intending to toy with her before finally finishing her off. Blaze kept shouting and screaming, "Three moons! I'm bleeding!" when Blister made a tiny cut on Blaze's scales.

While they were fighting, Sunny found the Eye of Onyx and presented it to Thorn. Blister tried to take it, but the enchantment turned her into dust, leaving Blaze as the surviving sister. Blaze then bowed to Queen Thorn, accepting her as the new SandWing queen.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

She was briefly mentioned early on as having said the school would be a disaster. Starflight remarked that Blaze was literally the least intelligent royal ever and it was impossible for anything she said to be true.

Blaze appeared along with her brother, Smolder, to watch the challenge between Onyx and Thorn. She seemed shocked by the news that Onyx was Smolder's daughter, and was later forced back into the stronghold by the sandstorm. Her scream was again described as the loudest. During the sandstorm, she used a curtain to make herself a hammock.

Family TreeEdit

King Char
Queen Oasis
Two Unnamed Sisters†
Prince Scald
Prince Singe
Princess Burn
Princess Blister
Princess Blaze
Prince Smolder


  • Blaze is another term for fire, used to describe something on fire. For example, "The blaze burned the house."
  • Blaze is the only surviving SandWing sister and the youngest of the three.
  • She is the only sister out of the three that has not been mentioned to have killed anyone.
  • According to Darkness of Dragons, after Thorn became queen, she agreed to let Blaze live in the palace.
  • Blaze is stated to be the prettiest out of the three sisters, with Blister being the smartest and Burn the strongest.
  • Tui has confirmed she could see Blaze and Thorn becoming eventual friends.
  • When Blaze saw Glory and Jambu change colors, she wished she could have camouflage scales, saying, "I could be a different color every minute!"
  • Blaze was the only member of the royal family not present when Queen Oasis died. Probably because she was, "buried in expensive pillows or wearing jeweled earplugs."
  • It has been stated that Blaze has scars in the books. However, this is incorrect, that is has been confirmed that she does not.
  • Blaze is the only one out of her sisters not to be named after an injury caused by fire.


"Oh, wonderful, we haven't had visitors in so long. I was hoping Queen Glacier would send us some news."

"Oh, wow, it is so, so, so exciting to meet you. Where's the SkyWing?" - To the dragonets of destiny when meeting them in The Hidden Kingdom.

"Do you think the changing camouflage would still work if I have someone make, like, a coat of RainWing scales for me? That could be very pretty." - About RainWing scales.

"Are you going to kill my sisters for me? Because that would make everything so much easier."

"Ooo, sparkly things."

"Ew! Three moons! You really do have six claws on each foot! That's so weird! I can't believe you touched me with those!"

"My crooooooooowwwwwn!"

"Don't you try to stop me, you big-shouldered bighead!"

"I'm so glad I have the right number of claws."

"We can have a feast! Or a party! We haven't had one of those in forever, because, you know, Queen Glacier disapproves of that kind of thing, but for something like this I'm sure we could!" - To Glory and Jambu in The Hidden Kingdom.


"Three moons, it's bleeding! I'm bleeding!" - When Blister attempted to kill her.


References Edit

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