"Absolutely not. That is mine. I deserve it. I took the rest of the SandWing treasure. I tricked Mother into flying to her death alone. I used my brain to get out of facing Burn in a challenge duel, by turning our fight into a war. I am the smartest dragon in Pyrrhia. I am the rightful SandWing queen."
—Blister about Thorn being chosen to be the new queen of the SandWings in The Brightest Night.

Princess Blister was one of the three rival sisters that fought for the throne of the Kingdom of Sand in the War of SandWing Succession, along with Blaze and Burn. She has been portrayed as an exceedingly cunning, manipulative, smart, clever and ambitious dragon, being able to start a war by herself and convincing others to support her malevolent tyranny instead of facing her stronger sister, Burn, in the traditional challenge she knew she'd lose. She was ultimately killed when she attempted to seize the royal symbol of SandWing power, the Eye of Onyx, from Queen Thorn, disintegrating into a pile of black dust.

Appearance Edit

Blister had yellow[1] and white-gold scales[2] "as pale as desert sand" and a black diamond pattern running down her spine[3].

She had real black diamonds as earrings[4] and wore a sheath on her ankle with a wicked-looking dagger[5]. She is described to be smaller than Burn, with a long, cunning face[3], as well as a serpentine figure[6] and has glittering[4], obsidian-black eyes[7].

She is noted to have fewer scars than Burn[8] and has an eerie stillness about her, like a venomous snake about to strike[3]. Furthermore, she is said to resemble her brother Smolder as she has the same narrow face, lidded dark eyes and black patterns on pale yellow scales as him[9].


Like her sister Burn, Blister appeared to have no mercy on anyone she considered an enemy, or even unnecessary dragons, as displayed when she killed the SkyWing guardian, Kestrel. Unlike her sister Burn, she regarded killing as a necessary task to gain the throne, rather than a pleasurable pastime. She was described as the smartest and most cunning of the three SandWing sisters, and proved to be very intelligent throughout the series. She was also a master trickster, having at one point convinced each one of her soldiers that he or she was an elite spy on Blister's orders. She also seemed to think slightly highly of herself, as she simply called Queen Coral "Coral" while the SeaWing queen referred to her as "Queen Blister."


Pre-Series Edit

Blister was the second oldest daughter of Queen Oasis, and was also the least trustworthy of her three children (in Queen Oasis's opinion, according to The Brightest Night's prologue.) Oasis had always thought that Blister would challenge her, ever since she learned becoming queen was as simple as killing her mother. After Queen Oasis - who she tricked into fighting alone - was killed at the hands of a scavenger, Blister stole all of the SandWing treasure and became embroiled in a conflict for the SandWing throne with her two sisters, Burn and Blaze. She also had Smolder, her brother and hatchmate, who sided with Burn and his now-deceased brothers, Scald and Singe. To compensate for Blaze and Burn, she allied with the SeaWings (also temporarily sided with the MudWings, but due to Commander Tempest's assassination, they left to Burn instead due to Deathbringer's cleverness), and later, secretly with the NightWings.

Deserter Edit

Blister is yet again mentioned to have a smart, snakelike personality, and is described to "look like she's murdering you with her eyes." Blister is revealed to have come from the same hatching as Smolder, which explains the scales. Blister plots with Burn to kill Blaze, using a crown to lure her out into the desert, all while knowing that a sandstorm is blowing in. However, the plot fails, and Blaze is still alive. This is, Blister discovers, at the fault of Six-Claws, and she offers to give him some impossible missions that would most likely kill him, in revenge for ruining her plot. When Queen Oasis dies, Blister and Burn both claims that they were going to challenge her soon. Burn offers to duel with Blister, but Blister objects that it wouldn't be fair to Blaze.

When Six-Claws is leading his battalion in search for Blaze, Burn arrives and announces that the MudWings have dropped their alliance with Blister.

Assassin Edit

Blister meets Commander Tempest and General Swamp in the Bay of a Thousand Scales as Deathbringer goes on his first assignment. She is described as being the scariest dragon on the island, even with Tempest standing next to her. She discusses her secret alliance being formed with the MudWings before Deathbringer stops her by killing Tempest and attaching a note to the MudWing spear.

The Dragonet ProphecyEdit


Blister allying with Morrowseer

After Morrowseer frees Starflight from the Sky Kingdom and gives him orders, he proceeds to the edge of the Kingdom of the Sea to talk with Blister and Kestrel, presumably near her hideout. There, Morrowseer reveals his and the other NightWings' plot to make her the Queen of the SandWings. Blister kills Kestrel by slashing her neck, so that there will be no one who could reveal their plans. After watching Kestrel die in agony, she schemes to eliminate Webs, and asks Morrowseer to give her the dragonets, in return for giving him (and herself), everything that they ever wanted.

The Lost HeirEdit

Blister visited the Summer Palace in the middle of The Lost Heir to concur with Queen Coral and to check up on Princess Anemone's progress with her powers. While she was there, she met the Dragonets of Destiny for the first time, who happened to be sleeping in her cave. Blister decided to have breakfast with the dragonets, attempting to get to know them better and convince them to choose her as the SandWing queen. Afterward, Blister watched Anemone's animus training, saying it was "Impressive, but not much more than last time." After leaving the session, Blister spotted an unnatural movement in the Summer Palace canopy. Believing it was a spy, she flew up to the canopy and revealed the dragon to the others, who happened to be Webs. After Blister realized who Webs was, she remembered the plan to kill the dragonet's guardians' and convinced Coral to execute Webs (as well as Riptide, who was found working with Webs).

A little while later, she, Queen Coral, Princess Moray, Princess Anemone, Princess Auklet, and the Dragonets of Destiny were all sitting on a beach. When Princess Tsunami suggests that the dragonets leave the Kingdom of the Sea, Blister and Coral decided to lock them up in the prison. When the Summer Palace is attacked, she stabbed Webs with her tail as he was trying to escape, critically injuring him, in an attempt to kill him for the plan. Though the wound itself was not fatal, the venom was, and Webs suffered from it after their escape.

She appeared again in the epilogue, standing over the now-destroyed Summer Palace with Morrowseer. Nautilus and Morrowseer explained the plan for The False Dragonets to her, and she ordered Starflight and Tsunami to be killed.

The Dark SecretEdit

Blister featured as one of the narrators in the epilogue, examining a scavenger den. Meanwhile, Nautilus came to speak with her, bringing Squid, who Morrowseer had left to die in the mountains. Blister then stated that she wanted the original dragonets dead. She also seemed to have lost her alliance with the SeaWings, as they hadn't contacted her ever since the attack on the Summer Palace, though she has continuously sent scouts to the ruins of the SeaWings' above-water palace, to no avail.

It is revealed that she resided in a hideout located in the Bay of a Thousand Scales, where she ensured her soldiers' loyalty by tricking them all into spying on each other and punishing any hint of insubordination with death, or at least with brutal punishments.

The Brightest NightEdit

Sunny used the Obsidian Mirror to spy on Blister, but only heard the part where she was asking where Morrowseer was and discussing a part of her plan to kill Burn.

Blister was invited to Burn's Stronghold by the Dragonets of Destiny for the choosing of the SandWing queen in The Brightest Night. She gave Burn a gift, but Burn recognized the sound of the dragonbite vipers that were inside. Burn pinned one of them in her talons, but did not realize that there were two, and the second one killed her, with Blister watching in delight.

Blister then attacked Blaze, knowing that she was the last obstacle to the throne, and easily overpowered her, giving her a few bleeding wounds and planning on toying with her before finishing her off. The two sisters stopped fighting, however, when Sunny gave Thorn the Eye of Onyx.

Angered, Blister revealed the full extent of her plan - from tricking Queen Oasis into flying to her death, to turning the fight over the throne into a worldwide war, to getting around a duel with Burn, using the dragonbite vipers. She said that she was the smartest dragon in Pyrrhia and should be queen and grabbed the Eye from Thorn. However, an unknown enchantment on the Eye caused it to become electrified, and she was shocked to death, collapsing to the ground and exploding into a pile of black dust.

Family Tree Edit

King Char
Queen Oasis
Two Unnamed Sisters†
Prince Scald
Prince Singe
Princess Burn
Princess Blister
Princess Blaze
Prince Smolder

Quotes Edit

"Anyone can be replaced."

"That's rather inaccurate. I've never compared anyone to a manatee in my life."

"Let's just say I have friends. NightWing friends." - When asked to explain how she knows about Glory.

"Forgive her, Coral. It can be very shocking, seeing a dead body of a dragon you know. Especially when you've probably wanted to slash her throat yourself once or twice — right, Tsunami? I know I felt that way about my mother most of the time." - To Coral, about Tsunami's forgetting to tell her who Kestrel was.

"We should reward such a brave hero."

"Mother wasn't killed by any of her daughters."

"Besides, we don't have the Eye of Onyx."

"You have no right to this throne. The Eye of Onyx is mine."

"For now, I'm finally just one step away from the throne that is rightfully mine. And that step, of course, is killing you."

Trivia Edit

  • A blister is an injury caused by overheating skin.
  • Blister can also mean scorching heat.
  • She is the middle SandWing sister, with Burn being older than her and Blaze being younger than her.
  • She is from the same hatching as her brother, Smolder.
  • According to the prologue of The Brightest Night, Blister isn't fond of the taste of scavengers.
  • Blister hates NightWings after the events of The Dark Secret.
  • In the book it is mentioned that she likes Burn better than Blaze.
  • In The Dragonet Prophecy, it is stated that she doesn't enter battles. However, it is also said in The Dark Secret that Blister has killed dragons.
  • It is mentioned in Darkness of Dragons that she “wouldn’t tolerate” hybrids in her army.
  • In The Dragonet Prophecy (Graphic Novel), she is shown wearing a golden helmet with encrusted rubies, this helmet isn't mentioned in the original series.


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