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The Eye of Onyx is an animus-touched object that is part of the SandWing treasure. It was created by the original Jerboa to choose the best possible SandWing to be their queen. It currently belongs to Thorn and is being kept within the SandWing stronghold.


It is described as being a black cabochon accented with dragon wings made from molded, beaten gold. The wings are red-gold-orange in color on either side and set on a chain of hammered golden links.[1] The sphere is most likely made of onyx, hence its name. It clearly radiates power and danger.[2]

Jerboa created the Eye of Onyx for Queen Scorpion during the era of Darkstalker. Ever since, it has been an essential, deadly part of the SandWing transition of royal power.[3] When the Eye decides that a challenger is unworthy, it causes that dragon to expire in a ball of blue fire,[4] or ancient crackling magic.[5] Blister's death, after being killed by the Eye, left a charred smell and a pile of black dust. However, Thorn states that the Eye feels as though it was crafted by an animus dragon with wisdom and goodness in her heart. It chooses the best dragon for the job, regardless or royal blood or affiliation, and has chosen commoners over royalty before.[2]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Brightest Night

After hearing from Smolder that the Eye could choose the next rightful queen, Sunny started searching for it. She attempted to take the Eye from Holler and Fluffy in the scavenger ruins, but while they had most of the missing SandWing treasure, they did not have the Eye. During the false Brightest Night caused by the Orb in the Sky, Flower showed Sunny the location of the Eye: Queen Oasis's grave. Sunny then gave the Eye to her mother, Thorn, believing her to be a better queen than any of the three sisters. Blister attempted to take the Eye from Thorn by force, but the spell on the Eye turned her into a pile of black dust, as the rightful queen had been chosen.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Darkness of Dragons

Vulture and Onyx attempted to steal the Eye, trying to make Onyx the queen, but they ended up taking a replica that Thorn kept in her treasury instead. Thorn used the fake to fool thieves and inadvertently save their lives. During the sandstorm caused by Qibli using Anemone's animus-touched copper bands to control the weather to save Thorn from "dying" in the challenge against Onyx, Thorn mentioned that the Eye of Onyx actually had a history of choosing commoners over royalty. This was because of the cleverly written spell cast upon it by the ancient SandWing animus, Jerboa. Thorn theorized that the SandWing queen during the era of Darkstalker was most likely trying to get Jerboa to create something to keep herself in power. However, Jerboa tricked the queen and instead wrote a spell that made the Eye of Onyx pick good queens or the best queen available for the job. This was why when the Eye of Onyx was handed to Thorn, it did not reduce her to a pile of dust.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

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  • The Eye was thought by Sunny to be what the false prophecy meant by "If she bows to a fate that is stronger and higher, she'll have the power of wings of fire," given the golden wings on either side of it.[6]
  • Onyx was named after it, as a hint to her royalty.[7]
  • Sunny being able to safely hold the Eye of Onyx shows that it can deem SandWing hybrids to be worthy of the throne.[8]