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The Eye of the jungle was where the eye would be if Pantala were a dragon. The Den of Vipers, an area home to the most dragonbite vipers on Pantala, surrounds it.[1] In the center, there is a small wooden hut where Hawthorn lived.[2] It contained many dangerous plants, including hogweeds and kudzu vines,[3] but is known for holding the breath of evil. Between the Den of Vipers and the SapWing village is a lake with numerous bladderworts,[4] sundews,[5] and a manchineel grove.[6] It was incredibly hard to reach and was only accessible through a map drawn by Queen Sequoia.[7]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

Bumblebee, Cricket, Mandrake, Nettle, Sundew, and Willow journeyed to the Eye of the jungle to seek for an antidote for the breath of evil.




Other Dragons

Present: BelladonnaBryonyByblisCobra LilyHawthornHemlockMandrakeNettleOdollamPokeweedSundewWillowWolfsbane
Historical: Maple


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