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"But … right now? Won't I get to meet my dragonet? Can't we let the egg hatch here and give it to the Talons of Peace later? She could grow up with us, and then we could send her to the continent in a few years. Wouldn't that be better, to raise her like a real NightWing?"
— Farsight about Starflight's egg, Prisoners

Farsight was an adult female NightWing who was introduced in the prologue of Moon Rising. She was Mastermind's second partner and the mother of Starflight and Fierceteeth. She was killed while defending a SeaWing from two SkyWing soldiers.


Farsight had black scales and black eyes.[1]


Farsight was compassionate, kindhearted, and brave, risking her life to save a SeaWing who was attacked by two SkyWings.[2] She was easily forgiving, as Secretkeeper described when brushing Farsight off before sneaking to the rainforest in Moon Rising: "I'll apologize tomorrow. She'll forgive me. Farsight is like that."[3]

In Prisoners, Farsight was shown constantly worried about her egg, giving it "the most soppy, cow-eyed, [and] woeful" look when Morrowseer took it for the prophecy. She had a "scale-rippling" sigh that makes her tail flop over, and she had "moped for ages" about her egg after it was taken.[1]


Farsight was a NightWing with two dragonets with different fathers: Fierceteeth and Starflight, although she never got the chance to meet her son. It is unknown what happened to Farsight's first husband or what her relationship with her second, Mastermind, was like, but she appears to have cared about them both and their dragonets. At an unknown point, possibly after some time since Morrowseer had taken Starflight's egg, Farsight tried to help a SeaWing who was attacked by two SkyWings, and was killed in the process.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dark Secret
Morrowseer stated that Starflight's mother had been stupid and died while trying to help a SeaWing fight off a couple of SkyWings. Morrowseer also claimed that Starflight "didn't get his brains from her," as he regarded her choice to help as "stupid."

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
In the prologue, Farsight and Mastermind witnessed Secretkeeper running to the rainforest tunnel to watch Moonwatcher hatch. Farsight remembers that this was the day Secretkeeper's egg was supposed to hatch before it cracked and tries to comfort Secretkeeper about it. However, this has the opposite effect as Secretkeeper jealously yells at Farsight about how she has two living children, one of them being hailed by the Talons of Peace. Farsight seemed very shaken by this comment, but Secretkeeper thinks to herself that she would apologize the next day, and Farsight would probably forgive her.


Farsight was in the hatchery watching Starflight's egg and taking care of it when Morrowseer came in to take the egg for the prophecy. Farsight did not want to give the egg to him, so Fierceteeth offered to be taken, in which Morrowseer rejected the latter offer. Fierceteeth was shown to be jealous of how Starflight's egg was getting all the attention. It is revealed that Farsight had another partner, Fierceteeth's father, who died before Fierceteeth hatched, although it is unknown how he died or when Farsight met Mastermind, Starflight's father.

Family Tree


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"I can't, little one. […] What if something happens to my egg while I'm gone? It's so close to hatching now."
― to Fierceteeth (Prisoners)

"Fierceteeth, you're only two years old, […] You'll get to the mainland one day. And when your little sibling hatches we'll have plenty of time together as a family."
― to Fierceteeth complaining about going to the mainland (Prisoners)

"But … right now? Won't I get to meet my dragonet? […] Can't we let the egg hatch here and give it to the Talons of Peace later? She could grow up with us, and then we could send her to the continent in a few years. Wouldn't that be better, to raise her like a real NightWing?"
― about giving Starflight's egg to Morrowseer (Prisoners)

"Oh, Secretkeeper, poor dear, […] The egg you lost was due to hatch tonight, wasn't it? Are you all right? […] Do you want someone to sit with you?"
― to Secretkeeper about Moonwatcher's egg hatching (Moon Rising, prologue)

"Do you want company? […] I know it's not the same, but when Morrowseer took my egg —"
― to Secretkeeper, wanting to comfort her on her egg's hatching day (believing it to be destroyed) (Moon Rising, prologue)



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