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"Well, there are lots of ways, and lots of reasons. Sometimes it's because they're sad or angry. Some dragons become bad when they have too much power. Sometimes they don't know they're bad guys. They think what they're doing is the right thing."
— Fathom to Clearpool, Cowrie, and Ripple, Darkstalker

Fathom was an adult male SeaWing who was introduced in Darkstalker as one of the three main protagonists. He was a prince and an animus dragon, although he rarely used his magic. He was the partner of Indigo and had three dragonets with her. His last known location was on an island near the Rainforest Kingdom.


Fathom had sea-green scales[1] that glowed emerald-green when exposed to sunlight.[2] He had gray-green eyes that were the the color of miniature oceans after a big storm.[3] He was almost identical in appearance to Turtle.[4]


Fathom had never thought of himself as anyone special,[5] and was surprised to discover that he was an animus dragon.[6] He was easily flustered,[7] hopeful,[8] clever,[9] thoughtful,[10] indecisive,[11] quiet, and patient.[5] He wanted to be a dragon who was full of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm.[12] He was polite, as he was instructed heavily in etiquette as a dragonet.[13]

After the Royal SeaWing Massacre, Fathom could have never imagined himself as a father,[14] and he was afraid of using his animus magic because of what happened to Albatross. He told Pearl that Indigo killed Albatross as he did not want to be seen as a hero and believed he was nowhere close to being a hero.[14] He was willing to give up his animus magic to help Pearl trust him again.[14] He was adamant about the safety of other dragons, but did not understand why anyone would ever listen to him.[15] He had an anxious aura,[16] and his head was full of grief, guilt, and worry in place of logical thought. He was miserable[17] and began living his life ruled by the past and haunted by fear.[3] He was filled with anxiety and self-loathing, and struggled to find reasons to be happy.[18] He was nervous[19] and shy, uncertain of what to say next. He was weighed down heavily by self-doubt,[20] guilt, and worry.[21] He was unsure of and did not have much belief in himself.[22] He believed he was dangerous,[23] but Indigo, several years after fleeing the lost city of night, was eventually able to convince Fathom that he could be himself: kind, funny,[24] and someone with a right to feel happy.[25]


Fathom was the grandson of the animus dragon Albatross and the second known animus of the SeaWings. After Albatross went insane and caused the Royal SeaWing Massacre, Fathom swore an oath to his sister Pearl, the new queen of the SeaWings, to never use his animus powers again. One year later, he was sent to mentor Darkstalker and warn him of his soul, and the two became friends quickly. On Clearsight's fifth hatching day, Darkstalker made three enchanted star-shaped sapphires called dreamvisitors and gave one to Clearsight and Fathom to link the three, no matter how far apart they were. As time passed and Darkstalker became more ambitious with his powers and enchantments, Fathom came to believe Darkstalker would become evil, lose his mind, and kill everyone. He eventually broke his oath and enchanted Clearsight's bracelet to put Darkstalker into an eternal slumber, as Fathom and Clearsight were convinced that Darkstalker would turn evil and become a threat to everyone. The NightWings then abandoned their city and moved to the NightWing island.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Moonwatcher read a scroll trying to find out about dreamvisitors and found out about Fathom from the scroll and more about Darkstalker. The scroll mentioned Fathom's ties to the Royal SeaWing Massacre, and his enchanted object to put Darkstalker to sleep, but not much else was mentioned. Darkstalker confirmed that the enchanted object was a bracelet that was supposed to put him to sleep forever, though as Darkstalker said, almost everything deteriorates with age.
Winter Turning
More information flying in soon …
Talons of Power
Darkstalker mentioned his hate for Fathom while in the lost city of night and said he would never forgive him. He gave Anemone Fathom's room in the old palace and told her it was designed with SeaWings in mind. Darkstalker said that because of Fathom, he did not accept gifts from animus dragons, "especially lying, conniving SeaWings." Later, when he saw Turtle for the first time, he roared "Fathom!", mistaking him for his ancestor, and shot fire at him.
Darkness of Dragons
Qibli mentioned Fathom and Clearsight when he asked himself if he and Clearsight would have had some kind of backup plan if their friend/enemy was freed and that he would if he were them.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
In the prologue, Clearsight thought briefly about how she saved Fathom and the NightWings, and could now settle down for a more peaceful life in Pantala.
The Dangerous Gift
Fathom was mentioned when Jerboa recalled all the animus dragons that coexisted in Pyrrhia.


Fathom and a group of SeaWing dragonets; including his sister, Pearl, and a dragonet named Indigo, were waiting on a beach on orders of Queen Lagoon. Indigo teased Fathom consistently, but he ignored her and followed Lagoon's orders to stay still. Finally, she arrived alongside Albatross. The two announced that they were going to be testing to see if any of the dragonets were animus. Albatross gave them some coconuts and told them to enchant the coconuts to hit him. At first, Fathom tried politely telling the coconut to hit Albatross. When nothing happened, Indigo teased him again. He then sternly commanded it to do so, enchanting the coconut to hit Albatross in the chest. Albatross congratulated him while silently strangling a distant seagull with a vine.

Later, Fathom, Indigo and some other SeaWing dragonets were in a geography class when a messenger arrived and told him that Albatross was waiting for him due to their first animus session. Fathom met his grandfather at the Sunset Beach, and Albatross lead him to the then-unfinished Summer Palace. He told him the story of what happened with his sister, Sapphire, when they were young, and cautioned him about the dangers of being an animus. Once they found out Indigo was spying on them the whole time, Albatross changed his mind and they headed back to the palace. Fathom then enchanted a wooden octopus to come to life for Indigo, and she named the octopus Blob.

During a diplomatic meeting with the SkyWings, Queen Lagoon revealed that she had animus dragons, but they warned her that animus magic eats away their soul. As the party continued, Albatross snapped and went on a murderous rampage, killing nearly the entire royal family before Fathom stopped Albatross with an enchanted spear. Fathom then saved Indigo's life by enchanting her pearl necklace. After Pearl ascended to the throne, he swore to her a blood oath to never use his magic again or have dragonets, cutting the palm of his talon with a sword to prove his point, which she accepted. A year later, Queen Pearl summoned Fathom and told him that there was a NightWing animus, Darkstalker, and wanted Fathom to go to Darkstalker to teach him how animus power can be harmful. Indigo burst into the conversation, warning Pearl that it might not be safe for Fathom. She then asked permission to accompany Fathom to the Night Kingdom. Pearl then allowed Indigo, Lionfish, and Wharf to go with Fathom to the Night Kingdom, however with Fathom feeling slightly guilty as they took off. Later, Vigilance introduced Darkstalker to Fathom, along with Indigo and the other guards.

Fathom asked if Darkstalker knew why he was here, and Darkstalker replied that it is because they are both animus dragons. Indigo, hostile, snapped back that it is to make sure he does not turn into Albatross. Darkstalker replied that he is delightful and that if Fathom was so worried, he should make something like a soul reader. Fathom shook his head, his mind thinking terrifying thoughts. Darkstalker tried to soothe him by saying that he could make it himself, but Fathom replied that he came here to help Darkstalker stop using his magic. Darkstalker said that Fathom does not have to be this miserable and that he should enchant an earring that makes him stop thinking about it so much.

Indigo immediately wondered if he is working any magic on them. Fathom said he has to remember what happened so he would not use any magic. Darkstalker replied that he could make Fathom happy, which made Indigo press a knife against Darkstalker's neck. She warned Fathom that Darkstalker was messing with his head and that she should kill him now. Fathom argued that Darkstalker has not done anything bad yet and that he wanted to get to know him. Indigo added that Darkstalker might be a mind reader, to which Darkstalker innocently agreed. Indigo, alarmed, replies that if Albatross could read their minds, they would be dead by now. Fathom soothed Indigo, and Darkstalker decided not to kill her, for now. Indigo hesitantly stepped back, and Darkstalker continued showing them the Night Palace.

Fathom and Indigo were later shown lost in the hallways of the Night Palace while trying to find their suite. Eventually, they found a NightWing who led them there. Fathom noticed that Indigo changed when other dragons were around; she became taller, and her voice became more commanding. At their suite, they found Wharf and Lionfish sleeping. Indigo started to lecture them but Fathom interjected that it was a long flight and to let them rest. Indigo began to search the room for threats, and Fathom quietly said that he is the only threat here, because of his magic. Indigo replied that he is not a threat to her. Fathom argued that he is a threat, especially to her because no matter how many oaths he swore to, she is the only dragon who could make him use his powers again. She replied that she trusted him. After a moment, he said that he should go to bed, to which Indigo agreed and said she would sleep by the door to keep him safe. Worries flooded Fathom's mind until he finally fell asleep.

Later, Clearsight saw Fathom in the palace and ran to him only to have Indigo stop her, and she quickly apologized. Darkstalker then showed all of them a soul reader he made. The soul reader was an hourglass with a telescope attached to it while containing black sand and white sand. To use it, he had to point a telescope at a dragon and the hourglass showed his or her distribution of white sand and black sand in the hourglass. If the white sand, representing the IceWings, outweighed the black sand, representing the NightWings, it meant the dragon was tipping towards evil. However, if the hourglass showed more black sand than white sand, it meant the dragon he was pointing to was good. Not knowing about Darkstalker's scroll enchantment, Fathom worried about Darkstalker's soul. Darkstalker then proclaimed that it was only a little enchantment and did not cost that much of his soul.

Darkstalker asked Clearsight to point it at him. When the soul reader was still taking a long time calculating, Clearsight nervously joked that Darkstalker confused it. Darkstalker shrugged, saying that it took a while sometimes. Finally, the soul reader stopped, giving out a measure of black and white sand. The black sand outweighed the white sand, but the white sand was a bit more than Clearsight's reading. Clearsight assured herself that Darkstalker was not completely evil, and Darkstalker said the same, except with more confidence, and told Fathom there is nothing to worry about. Then, Clearsight pointed it at Fathom. However, Indigo jumped in front of Fathom, saying that it could be enchanted to do something to Fathom, and the soul reader landed on her, showing that Indigo had the same results as Clearsight's.

Fathom reassured her that he wanted to see it for himself, and Indigo reluctantly moved away. Soon, the soul reader landed on Fathom, showing that Fathom was not evil as well. They advised Clearsight to take a break, but she had so much on her plate. He said that Fathom's power was a gift, and he should not be so terrified of it. Then Darkstalker shot a hostile look at Indigo, saying that it was not a trick, and his intentions were only to make Fathom happy. Indigo sharply replied that she believed Fathom could be happy without any magic.

Weeks passed by, strengthening Fathom's friendship with Darkstalker and Clearsight. He still did not forget his mission, and constantly checked on Darkstalker. One evening, he found the soul reader on his desk with a note from Darkstalker that said Fathom's mind should stop worrying so much and he could use the soul reader whenever he wanted. Indigo said that it was very suspicious, saying that it was probably enchanted to show that Darkstalker was always good or whenever Fathom touched it, it made him trust Darkstalker even more. Darkstalker suddenly appeared, standing over the balcony, saying that Indigo was paranoid and clever and that they are lucky that Indigo is not an animus with ideas like that. He then mentioned that he used it once on Arctic already, saying that Arctic was almost as bad as Darkstalker thought. Fathom tipped the soul reader to Darkstalker, and it showed the same results as last time. Darkstalker grinned, saying that he was not evil and should bother Clearsight.

When they arrived at Clearsight's door, she refused to come out and stated that she needed to finish a report on the next year of IceWing maneuvers. But Darkstalker pointed out that it was Clearsight's Hatching Day tomorrow. They flew out and went into a forest, where they built a fire and ate fruits that Darkstalker brought. Darkstalker was about to give them their presents when Fathom told him to wait. Because Fathom did not have any gifts, he took a piece of wood from the forest and whittled a NightWing. Clearsight exclaimed that it looked just like Listener, and Darkstalker asked Fathom to make him a SeaWing later when he had the time. Darkstalker then gave Clearsight and Fathom each a dreamvisitor, keeping one for himself. He explained that it would allow the carrier to walk the dreams of any dragon the carrier had seen or known and that it would connect the three friends so that however far apart they are, they would always be together.

Fathom was unsure and was about to give his dreamvisitor back when Clearsight suddenly had a vision of Foeslayer in danger. Darkstalker asked Fathom to go back to the palace on his own and flew off with Clearsight. Fathom then realized he never had the chance to give back the dreamvisitor.

Fathom was shown later in his room with Indigo and Wharf, wishing that he and Indigo were alone. He wanted to tell her all that was worrying him, but the only thing at the moment was Darkstalker, who was insisting that his mother would return home soon in a weird state of mourning. Clearsight had joined him for dinner (breakfast for her) and began to talk about her powers as a seer, saying how she can see so many possible futures but she cannot change something once it is in the past. Darkstalker then comes in, asking Fathom if he wants to watch a lightning storm from the Royal Tower, to which Indigo objects, saying it was the exact wrong place to be in a lightning storm. Fathom then remembers to give Darkstalker a SeaWing statue he had made for him, but as he gives it to Darkstalker, he notices an odd expression on his face. In return, Darkstalker tries to give him a goblet made of "shimmering sea-green glass" and he notes that he gave Clearsight a pair of moonstone earrings as well.

Fathom carries the goblet over to the fountain to fill it with water, only for Indigo to knock into him and shatter the goblet into pieces. When Darkstalker berates her for it, she accuses him of putting a spell on the cup to do something to Fathom. Darkstalker insists it was not animus-touched and calls her "Violet," which Fathom corrects. Indigo still insists Darkstalker did something to the goblet, something horrible and manipulative, but Fathom insists that Darkstalker would not do that. Fathom says Indigo was being a good bodyguard, but Fathom is shown to be upset at her.

Fathom then goes with Darkstalker to the Royal Tower to watch the lightning storm, but instead of taking Indigo with him, Fathom takes Wharf with him, to which Indigo is clearly startled and hurt at.

After watching the lightning storm, Fathom returns to find out that Indigo is gone, and Darkstalker shows him a letter on a desk in Indigo's handwriting, saying that she is going home because she does not feel safe here and asks to Fathom not to use his magic to find her. Fathom is shocked, noting it did not feel like something she would do at all.

Fathom asks if Darkstalker minds if he keeps the model SeaWing he made for Darkstalker (which looked like Indigo), to which Darkstalker shows brief hesitation, but Darkstalker then pulls him into a hug, causing Fathom to decide he must have imagined it. Fathom decided it must have probably been for the best, as Indigo was now safe from animus magic forever.

Fathom appeared later in a game pavilion with Darkstalker and Whiteout when they were in the middle of a scales-and-squares game. Suddenly, a dragon lunged out of the shadows and stabbed a spear right into Darkstalker's heart. However, because of Darkstalker's invulnerability spell, he survived the attack. Lionfish, one of Fathom's guards, lunged at the attacker and quickly killed him.

Listener, Clearsight's friend, started freaking out, claiming the spear hit him right in the heart. Darkstalker, not wanting to reveal his invulnerability spell as he knew Clearsight would not approve and Fathom would freak out, said that he guessed that the assassin missed. Listener said that he did not miss and asked Clearsight what she saw and Clearsight replied that she did not know. Listener roared with frustration and then left. Darkstalker said it was not a big deal and then said he would like to know who the assassin was. Clearsight added that she wanted to know why he tried to kill Darkstalker. Darkstalker said pointedly to Lionfish, "Too bad he's dead and can't answer any of my questions," and Lionfish said sorry without any actual repentance. Thoughtful then indicated that he knew him by reputation and said his name was Quickdeath, also indicating that he was a killer for hire. Clearsight then asked if somebody sent Quickdeath to kill Darkstalker, and Darkstalker said that he failed. Clearsight said that maybe the dragon would try again and that she felt like there were bad branching paths for the future, all blurry. Darkstalker confidently said that they would find out who hired Quickdeath and stop them from trying again to kill him again. His eyes, described by Fathom as onyx beads, reminded Fathom of his grandfather. Lionfish said that they should go back to the castle and Clearsight, Darkstalker, Fathom, and Lionfish went back to Fathom's room. Fathom worried about Darkstalker's soul the whole way there.

In the room, Darkstalker tells Lionfish that he can leave and that Darkstalker will protect Fathom. Lionfish leaves, and Clearsight then more privately accuses Darkstalker of his miraculous survival saying Listener was right about it hitting him in the heart. Darkstalker admits to his invulnerability spell. Fathom checks the soul reader, and Darkstalker says that he made the invulnerability before he made the soul reader, so it was going to read the same thing. This was true, however, there appeared to be more white sand than there was before. Fathom is still scared for Darkstalker, and Clearsight tells Darkstalker to tell Fathom about the scroll.

Darkstalker is surprised and asks if that is safe, to which Clearsight responds that Darkstalker shows it to him in all the good futures. Darkstalker says that he also shows it to him in the bad futures, too. Clearsight tells him that Fathom is not the one who turns them bad. Darkstalker scowls at her and sarcastically says that her faith in him is heartwarming. Fathom notices Blob underneath his blankets and quickly hides him from Darkstalker and Clearsight. Fathom starts getting worried about Indigo because he knows that she cares about Blob and would not leave him.

Later, after Darkstalker and Clearsight found out Vigilance was the one who tried to have Darkstalker assassinated, Fathom asks Clearsight what is going on, and Clearsight tells him the queen tried to kill Darkstalker, and in turn, Darkstalker is coming to kill her. For a moment, Fathom is hesitant to believe this and says that Darkstalker might forgive her since he forgave Indigo. Clearsight suddenly realizes that Darkstalker might not have forgiven Indigo and that he did something to her, but before she can tell Fathom this, they spot Darkstalker. Clearsight signals for them to land on a nearby roof to talk.

As they touch down, Clearsight says to Darkstalker that she is not going to let him kill the queen. Darkstalker smirks at her and tells her that Vigilance started it, and she and Fathom plead with Darkstalker to help turn things back the way they were so that the queen can trust them again. Darkstalker refuses and tells Clearsight that they will always be in danger from Vigilance unless he kills her or enchants Clearsight's scales to be invulnerable as well. Clearsight snaps that she would never let him do that, and says that she cannot believe he betrayed her by putting a spell on her and messing with her power. Darkstalker dismisses this easily, saying that it was just a tiny little spell that just made them happier and life much easier, and adds that he was double-checking her work. He spreads his wings to go kill the queen, but Clearsight tackles him, pinning him to the roof. A vision suddenly sweeps over both of them of Arctic taking Whiteout to the Ice Kingdom, and Darkstalker and Clearsight fly off to save her, with a confused Fathom right behind them.

As they fly out of the Night Kingdom and towards the Kingdom of Sand, Fathom notices dead IceWing bodies that lay sprawled near the Nightwing border. He asks Clearsight about it, and she states that Darkstalker had put a border shield that kills any IceWings that try to enter the kingdom. Horrified, Fathom continues in silence. After flying in the Kingdom of Sand for a while, Clearsight says that they could be anywhere. Darkstalker takes out his scroll and Clearsight questions what he is going to do with it. He responds saying that it was not what she thought and enchants a dagger to stab Arctic's foot, not killing him but forcing him to stop. A few moments passed with the dagger not moving, and Darkstalker remembers that he has an enchanted earring that protects him. He enchanted a beetle to take the earring off, then the dagger flies off. Darkstalker follows it, with Fathom and Clearsight close behind.

They find Arctic with Whiteout peering at his injured foot. Arctic tells Darkstalker to let them go, as he had spared him. Darkstalker asks where Arctic was bringing Whiteout, and Arctic says that Whiteout wants to go with her. Whiteout agrees, and Fathom could see there was something wrong with her voice. Whiteout even jerks away from Clearsight, staying near Arctic. Arctic says that Whiteout would marry an IceWing prince, not a lowborn Nightwing. Whiteout agrees. Darkstalker states that Whiteout would be even more miserable at the IceWing palace than Arctic was in the Night Kingdom. Arctic then replies that he is doing this for Foeslayer, saying that Queen Diamond would let her go if she had Arctic. Darkstalker objects calmly that he is doing it for himself- that he has no reason to stay in the Night Kingdom now that Foeslayer was gone, that he is taking his chance to go home.

Darkstalker also says that Arctic will most likely reveal the NightWing secrets, and also might use his powers again to attack the NightWings. Fathom could see from Clearsight's expression that it was true. Arctic says that he would only do so for Whiteout, and to leave before Queen Diamond's army finds them. Whiteout states that she wants to go with Arctic and that she does not even like Darkstalker. Darkstalker realizes Whiteout had been enchanted and grabs his scroll. He tells Arctic that he made the mistake of not killing Darkstalker before he left. Arctic snarls saying that no matter what Darkstalker thought of his soul, he would not kill his own son. He stood up, then asked what Darkstalker was writing. Clearsight pleaded Darkstalker to stop. Fathom wondered if he could stop Darkstalker, but it was too late, as he had already finished writing.

Darkstalker tells Arctic to stop talking, and when he opened his mouth, nothing came out. He then tells him to never use his magic and to never hurt him or his friends ever again. Arctic lashed his tail in silent rage. Fathom asked Darkstalker what he had done, and spotted Clearsight with her face buried in her talons. Darkstalker ignored Fathom and continued, telling Arctic to release the spell he had put on Whiteout. He grabbed the golden glass shell necklace she was wearing, smashing it. Whiteout gasped, as though she had just woken up. She cried that it was too late- that the sand was falling. Darkstalker tries to reassure her, but she just says that she is thankful for being unfrozen, but is sorry for winning. Darkstalker says that she should not be and that he can give him and his friends the best future. Darkstalker sees Fathom and Clearsight's panicked and concerned faces and tells them to calm down since he saved the day. Clearsight responds that she wanted to see the scroll, and Darkstalker hands it to her. Fathom felt like he should know what it said, but he read it anyway. It said: Enchant Arctic the IceWing to obey my every command. Fathom and Clearsight were shocked. The chapter ends with Fathom wondering if it would ever stop.

Fathom is shown later in his room pacing anxiously. Clearsight gives him Darkstalker's scroll to find a way to stop Darkstalker, but Fathom refuses to use it, as he suspects it may be enchanted to tell him when someone uses it, and so he says he will use his own power. Clearsight objects at first, saying that it would break his oath, though she knows that the thread of hope in the timelines was wavering, so she agrees. Fathom uses her moonstone bracelet to put an enchantment on, one that only works on Darkstalker. Clearsight thanks Fathom as he gives the bracelet back, and tells him that she is worried Darkstalker had enchanted Indigo somehow. She then tells him that afterward, he is to hide the scroll, but no matter what he was not to destroy it. She leaves, saying goodbye to Fathom.

Fathom was thinking about what Clearsight had said. That Darkstalker had done something to Indigo. Fathom refuses the fact that Indigo is dead. He starts to read the scroll, finding small enchantments for his mother, and one enchantment that made a bell ring when Fathom was ever sad or lonely. Fathom felt guilt deep within him, though he knew Darkstalker had done some horrible things too. Fathom read the entire scroll, but nothing had something to do with a dragon disappearing. He noticed that Darkstalker had started to put spaces in his scroll, and Fathom wondered why Darkstalker had not used every inch. He realizes that he was using his night vision to read, and brings a candle over.

Dark shapes flutter over the scroll, and Fathom is shocked to find out Darkstalker had used invisible ink. He saw his immortality spell, the spell on Clearsight's earrings, and, to Fathom's horror, an enchantment on the goblet that Indigo had smashed, an enchantment to make him stop loving Indigo and decide to use his magic freely. He feels guilty for being mad at her, as she had saved him. He found an enchantment on a dagger to go kill a single IceWing every full moon, leaving a carving of a message near the body that tells them that Darkstalker is coming and will kill them all. The enchantment was made to last a year, or until Darkstalker called it back. Enchantments to torment the classmates he did not like in creative ways, nightmares that are sent to Queen Diamond about ways he would kill her. Then, Fathom spotted something so startling he nearly burned the paper with the candle.

It was an enchantment, an enchantment that said: Enchant this pebble so that when it rolls into the same room as Indigo the SeaWing, she shall be instantly trapped in the small wooden carving of a dragon made for me by Fathom., and right below that was: Enchant this piece of paper to look like a note written in Indigo's handwriting, with a short, believable message saying she's leaving Fathom and not coming back. Fathom hurried to the carving he had made, picking it up. He called to Indigo, apologizing. He decides to use his magic again and commands the carving to return Indigo to him. Then the carving went warm, and when Fathom put it on the ground, it grew and shifted into Indigo. Indigo stretched, asking if she had fallen asleep. She then notices Fathom is crying and asks him about it. Fathom whispers that Indigo did not leave him, and she says that she never would and never will. Fathom confesses that he loves her and that he never wanted to be without her again. She agrees, twining their tails together.

Fathom explains that something bad was happening, and tells her that he had used his magic. He gives the soul reader to Indigo, but she throws it into the fountain. She demands to know what he did, claiming that she knew Fathom's soul better than any enchanted hourglass did. He says he made an enchantment to stop Darkstalker and an enchantment to bring Indigo back. He claims that he is evil- that his soul is gone- and tells Indigo to stay away from him. Indigo roars that using his magic does not make him evil- if he did evil things he would be evil. They start to argue, and Indigo says that he managed to stop two evil animus dragons. Fathom says that it was maybe two evil animus dragons as Clearsight was still going to stop Darkstalker. Indigo asks why he had not said that first, and finds Blob. They all flew away, side by side.

Five years later, in the epilogue, Clearpool, the daughter of Indigo and Fathom, is screaming, stamping her feet furiously when she fails to catch a fish. Indigo calmly replies for her to be patient. Clearpool says she was, yelling she "waited and waited and then pounced and it got away." Indigo then says she missed one of her waits, and Clearpool splashes away, leaping over crabs and kicking sand in a hole her brothers were digging. Cowrie tells her to "get her big galumphing talons out of here." In reply, Clearpool slams her feet into the sand, causing the whole side of Cowrie's hole to collapse. Indigo comments that they may have named the wrong dragonet after Clearsight. As Clearpool flings herself into shallow water and rolls around in a fit of temper, Indigo buries her face in Fathom's neck, hiding her giggles.

Fathom suggests that maybe she will grow into her quiet wisdom like Indigo, to which Indigo replies that she has always been quiet and wise. Fathom replies that he recalls a few shrieking fits when she was that age, such as when Fathom ate the last salmon for breakfast, which caused Indigo to dump him in a koi pond. Ripple than pops out of his hole, realizes that someone else was getting more attention than he was, and promptly scrambled over to flop on top of his brother and sister. Clearpool complains, and Indigo tells everyone to quit mashing each other, and then she will tell them a story. The three dragonets instantly jumped away from each other and came scampering above, plunking themselves into an attentive semicircle around their parent's talons.

Clearpool demands for them to tell stories about the Kingdom of the Sea, and Fathom says that he may take them there when they are all grown up, while Indigo thinks, "When there's a new queen who doesn't know about Fathom's promise to Pearl." They were on an island off the southern coast of Pyrrhia, within sight of the rainforest, and kept up with tribe news by visiting and trading with RainWings every couple months or so. That is how they knew that the NightWings had vanished, and nobody knew where they had gone. There was also no sign of Darkstalker, so she knew Clearsight must have succeeded.

Wharf and Lionfish had returned home after they lost Fathom when still believing Indigo had left him. Ripple says he wants to hear about Fathom and Indigo when they were little, and Fathom replies that they were never ever naughty. However, Cowrie wants to hear stories about bad guys, about how they get that way, and why they do bad stuff. Fathom replies that there are lots of ways, and lots of reasons, sometimes because they are sad or angry, or sometimes because they have too much power. But Indigo says some do not, referring to Fathom and thought how he had too much goodness in him to turn out like Albatross and Darkstalker there are no such things as bad guys, saying there are dragons who do bad things, but that does not make them all bad. He says they can also do good things, and some of those bad things are mistakes. Indigo firmly replies that some dragons are definitely bad and have to be stopped, but Fathom says he does not think any dragon is all bad. Indigo tells her dragonets that she knew a bad guy once, referring to Darkstalker. However, Fathom said he did bad things, but also some good things, and cared a lot about his friends. But catching the look on Indigo's face, he adds that he did mostly bad things, but he is gone now. Indigo agrees and says he is never coming back, which would later prove to be wrong. Indigo tells Fathom he did the right thing, saying he saved Pyrrhia from him forever and it is safe to be happy. Fathom says, "I know," unfurling his wings, shaking off the memories, and smiles at Indigo, saying, "I am."



Fathom cared deeply about his grandfather's opinion of him, and wanted to show Albatross his ability to be smart and thoughtful.[26] After Fathom was discovered to be an animus dragon, Albatross was quite jovial towards him, a stark difference from the kind but distant figure he had been for the majority of Fathom's life.[10] He saw great promise in Fathom,[27] and allowed him to design aspects of the Summer Palace.[28] During the Royal SeaWing Massacre, he referred to Fathom as having a limited imagination, and taunted him about his family's newfound mortality.[29] Fathom was eventually forced to kill Albatross after he attacked Indigo.[30]


Upon initially meeting Fathom, Clearsight was overjoyed.[19] Because of her foresight ability, she felt that they were already friends,[19] and that she knew him well.[21] She grinned and joked with him, and his smile became a little more real around her.[31] Fathom was one of her best friends,[32] and he found himself so wrapped in warmth and attention around Clearsight that he could forget, for hours at a time, about what he had been through during the massacre.[33] He would have followed her anywhere.[34]


When Indigo initially attacked Darkstalker, Fathom protested, stating that Darkstalker did not seem dangerous, and admitting wistfully that he could be a friend.[35] Darkstalker wanted Fathom to trust him,[36] but internally was willing to enchant both Fathom's mind and his relationship with Indigo.[18] He genuinely wanted Fathom to be happy, but ultimately controlled several important aspects Fathom's life without his knowledge or consent. He desperately wanted to safely like Darkstalker,[37] as well as badly wanting to trust him.[21] After Darkstalker laughed at Fathom's joke, he was delighted,[31] and Darkstalker spoke gently towards him.[38] Fathom was one of his best friends,[32] and he found himself so wrapped in warmth and attention around Darkstalker that he could forget, for hours at a time, about what he had been through during the massacre.[33] Darkstalker was attentive to Fathom's feelings,[39] and he made Fathom feel comforted.[40] He would have followed Darkstalker anywhere,[34] and Darkstalker was often irritated by Fathom's caution towards animus magic.[22] Darkstalker eventually was completely willing to transform Fathom's mind into a quieter, less anxious state with animus magic so that he would not have to listen to his worried thoughts. He also cared for Fathom's happiness,[41] and Fathom later discovered that Darkstalker had enchanted a bell that would ring whenever Fathom was feeling sad or lonely, and that was why he had always known when to show up and lift him from the worst loneliness. Darkstalker did truly care for Fathom,[42] but as Fathom grew more concerned for his friend's morality,[41] he was eventually forced to betray his friend.[43] He felt guilty for betraying his best friend and believed he was evil for doing so, though Indigo convince him otherwise.[44] Even five years after Darkstalker's defeat, Fathom was still haunted by his friend in his nightmares.[45]


Since they were tiny dragonets, Fathom was Indigo's best friend. He rarely went anywhere without her, and they have been together almost since hatching.[46] Some of Fathom's memories alongside her included claw painting, hours spent carving a dolphin out of wood for her, filling out their fish journals for every variety in the sea, and her teasing him for taking their tutors so seriously.[47] Fathom considered her smile the best in Pyrrhia, and they were often physically affectionate.[48] He was reassuring towards her,[49] and his affection towards her was noticeable to other dragons.[50] He looked at her like he loves her, and created treasure for her out of his own talons; likewise, she brought him what he needed before he asked for it.[51] He considered their relationship platonic until the night of the Royal SeaWing Massacre, when he realized that the happy flutters in his heart whenever he saw Indigo indicated that he was in love with her.[51][52]

After the massacre, Fathom considered being separated from Indigo the worst punishment of all.[53] Even after being separated from her for an entire year, seeing her in Pearl's throne room brought memories and longing and despair crashing back to Fathom. He would do anything to save her, even giving up his entire soul.[47] He wanted desperately for her to accompany him to the lost city of night, but also considered how dangerous it would be for Indigo.[54] She is protective towards him[55][56] and spent hours training after the massacre so that no dragon could hurt Fathom ever again.[3] She often felt sympathetic towards Fathom.[36] Despite her experiences with Albatross' animus magic, she did not consider Fathom dangerous, and he missed her very much while they were separated.[57] She refused to leave him, and trusted him immensely.[57]

After Indigo smashed the goblet that Darkstalker created for Fathom, he chose Wharf to accompany him to the Royal Tower instead of Indigo. She was wrought with hurt and disbelief,[58] but although Fathom was upset with her, he understood her protectiveness, and wanted her to stay within their chambers for her own safety.[59]

After fleeing the lost city of night and settling down together on an island near the Rainforest Kingdom, Indigo was eventually able to convince Fathom that it was all right for him to be happy, and that he was not a monster because of his animus magic.[25] She believed with all of her heart that Fathom had too much kindness and goodness in him to ever end up like Albatross and Darkstalker.[60]


Before Fathom was revealed to be an animus dragon, Lagoon typically ignored him.[61] After the animus test, however, she smiled at him[6] and became much more interested in and controlling towards his affairs.[50] He once became angry towards her when she attempted to force Indigo into deep-sea fishing at night because the palace had run out of her favorite snack.[62]

Manta and Reef

Fathom was very close to his parents, mourning them when they died. Fathom also mentioned that if an assassin were to be sent after him, his father would have checked if he was all right.[63]They have a good relationship.


Fathom and Pearl did not always get along, and she was often exasperated by him,[64] but she never followed him around to be unreasonably mean and firm towards him.[62]

Family Tree


Known Enchantments

Phrasing Target Intention
"Coconut, listen up, I command you to fly across this beach and strike my grandfather." [65] A coconut To strike Albatross.
"I enchant this wood to carve itself into the shape of a gentle little octopus" [66] A piece of driftwood To carve itself into the shape of a gentle little octopus
"Now come to life, with the sweetest, most loyal, most agreeable personality of any pet in Pyrrhia." [67] A wooden octopus sculpture To come to life and become sweet and loyal.
"Spears! […] Kill my grandfather!" [30] Spears To kill Albatross
"Heal this dragon and save her life. Please. Please. Please save her life." [68] A pearl necklace To heal Indigo
"He was still alive, still breathing, but he would never wake up again, not as long as the bracelet was on him. […] Fathom had done his part well." [69] A copper armband To render Darkstalker asleep as long as he wears it.
"Bring her back. […] Turn back into Indigo, my friend, exactly the way she was before Darkstalker did this to her." [70] A SeaWing statue To bring back Indigo


"The soul that I still have, I wish to keep. Queen Pearl of the SeaWings, I pledge you this oath, on my life and sealed with my blood: I will never use my animus magic again, not for the rest of my days."
― to Pearl (Darkstalker, page 128)

"Not with magic, I know that's what you're thinking. Please, Darkstalker, we can find another way. You don't need to spend your magic on this."
― to Darkstalker after Quickdeath's attempt of assassination (Darkstalker, page 291)

"I seem to recall just a few shrieking fits when you were that age."
― to Indigo, about when they were young (Darkstalker, epilogue)

"Sometimes … sometimes they don't know they're bad guys. They think what they're doing is the right thing."
― to his dragonets about "bad guys" (Darkstalker, epilogue)

"I mean … there are dragons that do bad things. But maybe that doesn't make them all bad. Maybe they can also do good things. Maybe some of those bad things are just mistakes."
― describing "bad guys" to Ripple (Darkstalker, epilogue)


  • In some of Clearsight's visions, he was the godfather of her and Darkstalker's dragonets.[32]
  • When Fathom was a dragonet, he and Indigo put squid ink in everyone's toothpaste.[71]
  • When he was two, Fathom took geography lessons along with Indigo and Pearl.[72]
  • Fathom gave Albatross the idea to create the Summer Palace's canopy.
  • Fathom loves mango-lime drinks.[73]



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