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"But I deserve to be free. Everything I did, all my so-called "crimes," were for the good of my fellow NightWings. I was trying to find us an ally who would restore our power. I was trying to save us from being controlled by another tribe. I was trying to make sure we had a real home of our own!"
— Fierceteeth to Saguaro, Prisoners

Fierceteeth is an adult female NightWing who was introduced in The Dark Secret and is the main protagonist of Prisoners. Her current whereabouts are unknown. She is currently in a relationship with Strongwings.


Fierceteeth has black scales[1] and is about half the size of Strongwings.[2] She has a thin, scowling shape.[3]


Fierceteeth is impatient, blunt,[4] arrogant,[5] unsentimental,[6] sharp,[7] determined,[8] strong,[9] bold,[10] untrustworthy,[11] dangerous, scheming,[12] bristling, and rebellious.[13] She can take care of herself,[14] and she believes in tribal separation and maintenance of royal bloodlines.[8] She believes that all interactions work better when she pays attention to only what is said instead of the things she thinks others are trying to say.[15] She believes that she does not need parents to tell her that she is special and brilliant, or a prophecy to make her unique and important.[7] She is not one to be easily frightened as she was not afraid of Darkstalker.[16] She also does not like being patronized with.[17] She dislikes compliments.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dark Secret
Fierceteeth was among the young NightWings that Starflight met on his first night on the NightWing island. She explained that they were related through their mother, who was later confirmed to be Farsight but did not try to interact with Starflight in any way other than wishing he was dead as she thought she would make a better dragonet of destiny, saying that he was weaker and younger and not fit to be a leader. When the volcano erupted, she chose to accept Glory as her new queen in order to be allowed into the Rainforest Kingdom, though it became apparent that being let into the rainforest was the only reason Fierceteeth accepted Glory as her queen when she soon kidnapped Sunny and was shown to be plotting against the RainWings.
The Brightest Night
During the confusion caused by Starflight's injury, Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and Preyhunter kidnapped Sunny. They planned to sell her to Burn, Blister, or Blaze in order to gain an army to take the Rainforest Kingdom for the NightWings. However, Sunny escaped and followed after them, even managing to steal the Obsidian Mirror from Preyhunter while the three NightWings slept, with surprising ease. To try to stall them, Sunny wrote an eerie warning on a rock. Strongwings believed it was Darkstalker, but Fierceteeth did not. Despite these setbacks, the three NightWings, with Sunny still following, made their way to the Scorpion Den, hoping to recruit a SandWing messenger. They were instead arrested by the Outclaws, and Preyhunter was killed by their leader, Thorn. They were then indefinitely locked in a jail in the Kingdom of Sand by Thorn, presumably for kidnapping her daughter.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Qibli mentioned that Queen Thorn had been planning to send her and Strongwings back to Queen Glory as her prisoners.
Winter Turning
While Glory, Winter, and his friends were talking, Glory told Winter that there were two prisoners she should take care of, but Thorn had agreed to hold them in her prison for now, which referred to Fierceteeth and Strongwings. In the epilogue, a NightWing dragonet, presumably Mightyclaws, thought about a secret letter he got from his friends about escaping Thorn's prison, most likely Fierceteeth and Strongwings. This theory makes sense, however, in Moon Rising, Qibli seemed to believe they were sent to Glory, although he may have simply not been informed of Glory and Queen Thorn's agreement.
Talons of Power
Tsunami mentioned to Sunny that some prisoners had escaped from Queen Thorn's prison. This may have been Fierceteeth and Strongwings. Fierceteeth, Strongwings, Saguaro, and two unknown SandWings attempted to kill Queen Glory. Darkstalker stopped them from killing Glory and told her that he "accidentally" killed one of the SandWings, which he lied about, enchanting him to go give Vulture a message. Fierceteeth, Strongwings, Saguaro, and the other SandWing were put in the RainWings' new prison. In the morning, Darkstalker set Fierceteeth free and promoted her to a court member.
Darkness of Dragons
When Darkstalker was giving out powers to the NightWings in the lost city of night, Fierceteeth handed him a basket full of the silver enchanted bracelets. Qibli and Moonwatcher were dumbfounded when Darkstalker introduced them to Clearsight. However, Moon noticed that she acted differently and stated: "she has the personality of a sun-dried tomato." Suspicious, they secretly watched Darkstalker enchant Fierceteeth to act and look like Clearsight, but after many failed attempts he eventually gave up, knowing she would not ever be the same dragon he loved. In the epilogue, it was stated that once again, she wanted to make herself queen of the NightWings, but the NightWings seemed to realize that it was not so much of a disaster to have a RainWing as a queen. It is unknown if she was back on trial as she had not paid for her crimes yet.


Fierceteeth was in Thorn's dungeon with Strongwings. She scribbled notes to Saguaro, a large, intimidating female SandWing guard possibly associated with a criminal named Vulture. In her first story, Fierceteeth talked about the hatching of Starflight and how much her mother would stare and hope at the egg, waiting for it to reveal the dragonet. Fierceteeth was only two then. Soon, Morrowseer came storming in and growled at Farsight to hand over the egg. Fierceteeth heard this and immediately asked Morrowseer if she could take the egg's place, but he refused and rushed off with the egg. From then on, Fierceteeth started to pretend Morrowseer was her father and followed him around, hoping to get a chance to visit the mainland, but this unfortunately never happened to her. Saguaro felt that this story was tragic, but Fierceteeth continued writing.

In her second story, Fierceteeth stated how she met Strongwings, talking about why they were a couple and how she would never leave him. One day after class, Fierceteeth met Strongwings after he exploded one of Mastermind's experiments and got thrown out of the lab. They snuck off to the rainforest to enjoy what was not in their volcanic island and were subsequently caught, but when Fierceteeth got blamed Strongwings defended her and insisted that it was all his idea. Fierceteeth realized that he valued and loved her, so she decided to get into a partnership with him for the rest of their lives.

In the third story, Fierceteeth explained how Pyrrhia might have ended so much better if her plans succeeded: that she handed the dragonets of destiny to Burn, and she would become the queen of the NightWings. Saguaro, persuaded by the tale and her tragic backstory, finally agreed to release Fierceteeth and Strongwings.



Fierceteeth wheedled for her mother to help her hunt,[14] but after Farsight explained that she was worried about danger towards Starflight's egg, Fierceteeth became angry and demanding.[18] She felt betrayed by Farsight's care towards her second dragonet, and believed her loyalty towards Fierceteeth to be shallow.[19] She hated the fact that she had to compete for her mother's attention with an unhatched sibling.


After Starflight's egg was sent away to the mainland, Fierceteeth tried to convince Morrowseer that she is a worthy dragonet of destiny by 'accidentally' bumping into him and showing up at his lectures or bumping prey in his direction. She sometimes treated him like a father in her head. But Morrowseer did not appreciate her efforts, typically ignoring her help.


Starflight is her half-brother. She shows absolutely no concern or care for him, and there have been several times that she wished he would die. She believes that she would have made a better Dragonet of Destiny, and is jealous of his growing up off the NightWing Island. She considers him useless, and a terrible Dragonet of Destiny and NightWing. In Prisoners, she stated that although she would kill the other dragonets of destiny if her plan worked out, she would not kill Starflight because "you can't waste a NightWing," even though he betrayed their tribe. Fierceteeth hoped that someday Starflight could be "fixed".


Though Fierceteeth knew Strongwings since the moment she hatched, she did not particularly like him at first and mostly ignored him.[20] She was glad when Strongwings turned ten and moved out of the dragonet dormitory. Fierceteeth feels protected around Strongwings,[15] like having a small mountain walking beside her, and he is one of the only dragons that can make her smile. He believes she is unique,[7] and he is sentimental and sincere towards her. His laughter does not make Fierceteeth angry, as other dragons' laughter does.[6] He had an odd catch in his voice when he told her how important she was, and he was willing to break the rules simply to make her happy. After realizing his affections for her, Fierceteeth wrapped her tail around his and later explained to Saguaro that he is her dragon, that he will do anything to keep her alive, and that he is the only dragon she trusts in all of Pyrrhia.[21] Fierceteeth stated that it was non-negotiable that StrongWings stayed with her. She did not care if no one understands why they were together.

Family Tree


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"Weak. I'd have sent him back, too."
― about Starflight (The Dark Secret, page 7)

"I called you a lying, conniving snake. Why can't we move here right now? Why would you keep us on that miserable island when this is here, ready and waiting for us?"
― to Morrowseer (Prisoners)

"Because it should have been me. I would have been perfect for the prophecy. I would be brilliant at saving the world. I would also have been brilliant at leading the other dragonets, proving that NightWings are the best tribe, and making sure things happened exactly as we wanted them to."
― to Saguaro (Prisoners)

"Not too impressed with your intelligence, are they?"
― to Sunny (The Brightest Night, page 19)

"It's my heart. I can put whoever I want in there."
― to Saguaro, about Strongwings (Prisoners)

"I WILL be your problem! No one gives me to anybody! I’ll go to the Night Kingdom only if I WANT to."
― to Darkstalker (Talons of Power, page ??)





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