"What's wrong with you? That's not how MudWings fight! I was trained in your techniques!"
—Fjord to Clay, The Dragonet Prophecy

Fjord was an adult male IceWing who fought for Blaze during the war.

He was a prisoner of Queen Scarlet, and was killed by Glory's venom in The Dragonet Prophecy.


Fjord was described with pale-blue scales "the color of the sky filled snow"[1], light blue shading down his back, and silvery, strangely tough wings[2]. His eyes were a slightly deeper, darker blue[1], and he had a blue forked tongue like all IceWings. Fjord was only a head taller than Clay but looked scarier and older, as he had many scars on his head and neck from previous battles in the SkyWing Arena. 


Fjord appeared to be intent on surviving the arena, and did not stop to spare Clay. He does not hesitate to attack opponents, even Clay, who is as young as a dragonet. As he is determined to survive, he also chooses to play fairly, wanting Clay to stop talking or else they will both die. Fjord won four arena battles with only a minor injury, suggesting he was a skilled fighter, like many IceWings.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

Fjord fighting Clay

Clay first tried to reason with Fjord when they were thrown into the arena together, which agitated the IceWing. Fjord was very intent on winning the fight because that would mean he would be set free. Clay then reluctantly fought him, surprising him with SkyWing tactics he had learned from Kestrel under the mountain. Starflight tried to tell Clay about the IceWing's freezing frostbreath by pointing to his mouth and jumping around. Clay only got the message just in time right before Fjord exhaled the frostbreath and barely hit Clay's wing - he said: "Fjord was definitely doing something with his mouth - and it wasn't smiling".

Clay then spurted fire in Fjord's face, causing him to shriek in agony. After Clay rolled under him and slashed his belly, Fjord yelled at him that he didn't fight like a MudWing. Clay briefly wondered whether Kestrel would say he fought like a SkyWing. Eventually, Fjord pinned Clay to the ground and was about to kill him when Tsunami flung herself off of her spire, causing a diversion (dragging off many prisoners) and distracting Fjord momentarily. The act could have killed Tsunami and many prisoners. Most of the dragons in the arena were either flying towards her or staring in her direction.


Glory's venom killing Fjord

Distracted by the diversion, there was enough time for Glory to spit venom into the IceWing's already-scratched-and-scarred neck, face, and eye, which led to his extremely painful death since RainWing venom kills a dragon faster if it lands in eyes or enters his bloodstream. Also because of the distraction, Clay was the only one who saw Glory's venom, so all the SkyWings, MudWings, and SandWings watching thought that Clay had killed Fjord instead.
The Hidden Kingdom
When Glory was disguised as an IceWing to get into Blaze's Fortress, she somewhat modeled Fjord, the prisoner she secretly killed in the arena who was pitted against Clay. Clay winced when he saw the IceWing disguise, and Glory guessed Clay knew who she based her colors on. When Glory taught Jambu how to change into an IceWing disguise, she has him imitate her imitating Fjord before she had him alter it. Jambu was very impressed with the pretty IceWing scales.
The Dark Secret
When Mastermind showed Starflight his RainWing venom studies, Starflight thought back to the dragons he's seen it kill, Crocodile and Fjord.


"Are you trying to get us both killed? [...] Shut up and let me kill you."
— to Clay in the SkyWing arena (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 156)

"What's wrong with you? [...] That's not how MudWings fight! I was trained in your techniques!"
— to Clay in the SkyWing arena about his fighting techniques (The Dragonet Prophecy, page 159)

— as Fjord dies from Glory's venom (The Dragonet Prophecy (Graphic Novel))


  • Fjord is the first dragon shown to die by RainWing venom.
  • Fjord was the second dragon shown to die in the SkyWing arena, the first being Horizon.
  • Both Fjord's and Hvitur names have Scandinavian origins. Both were also first shown and killed in The Dragonet Prophecy.
  • Fjord stated to Clay in the arena that he was trained to fight MudWing techniques, implying that Fjord mostly did combat in MudWing territory.



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