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Frostbite was a female IceWing animus who was mentioned in Winter Turning. She created the gift of light, also known as the Moon Globe Tree.


Winter states that Frostbite put the most care into her gift to the IceWing tribe than any other animus. He thinks that she got all the details exactly right in her Moon Globe Tree, showing that she is precise and very intent on creating the perfect gift for her tribe. She was likely hardworking and patient, as she carved her gift herself instead of using her magic to grow it.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Winter Turning

Winter mentioned her as the creator of the Tree of Light, or the Moon Globe Tree, the immortal and animus-touched tree in the IceWing palace. It was carved by Frostbite's claws and enchanted to grow Moon Globes, which are spheres that glow with light. As dragons enter the IceWing palace, they pick a Moon Globe to light their way.

Glacier mentioned that it was enchanted to act like a real tree. For this reason, Glory had asked her for a cutting, hoping to plant them in the Rainforest Kingdom, bringing the gift of light to the RainWings and NightWings.

Frostbite put a lot of thought and time into her only gift, carving the ice into a tree instead of enchanting it to grow a specific way like most animus dragons would have done. Winter noticed that the tree was very accurate to real-life trees, realizing that she must have left the Ice Kingdom to study them to make them so life-like. Creating the tree with her own claws limited the amount of her soul she would have to use to create her gift, helping to preserve her sanity.



Frostbite is briefly mentioned in the prologue when Arctic said he wanted to contribute a meaningful gift that will be remembered, like her Moon Globe Tree.

Known Enchantments

  • The gift of light, also known as the Moon Globe Tree, is an ice-carved tree that provides the IceWings light. Frostbite carved the tree using her own talent and enchanted it to grow like a natural tree. The tree grows Moon Globes, which can be plucked and used like lanterns. The spheres' brightness can be adjusted by rotating them, as Winter makes his give off a "sleep-appropriate glow" with one rotation of the moon globe. They can float, usually following the dragon who picked it, by hovering near their shoulder. After the globe is plucked, a new bud appears on the tree in its place, taking a couple of days to grow into a new Moon Globe.[1]


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