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"She's working on this experiment to see if she can take the scents out of flowers and make herself smell like them all the time. It's not going very well. She's been working on it for something like thirty years. She started taking a turn as queen so that she could have access to the royal gardens."
Kinkajou describing Fruit Bat, The Hidden Kingdom

Fruit Bat is an adult female RainWing and was one of the six queens sharing the RainWing throne before Glory became queen. She currently resides in the Rainforest Kingdom.


Fruit Bat wears a massive orchid necklace around her neck.[1] She carries an unpleasant scent of decaying leaves underneath something sickly sweet.[2]


Fruit Bat is lazy and vain. She is obsessed with flowers and their smell as she has spent most of her life attempting to make floral perfumes with them and wears a wreath of them around her neck. According to Kinkajou, she only took her turn as queen in order to get access to the royal gardens. She was notorious for selfishly leaving messes in them for gardeners like Tamarin to clean up.[3]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom

Fruit Bat competed in the flower hunt against Tamarin during Glory's challenge for the RainWing throne. She frantically ran around in search of the flower, a rare red cinnamon orchid, though to no avail. When Tamarin finally started moving after trying to locate the flower through scent, Fruit Bat chose to follow Tamarin instead of finding it herself.

Even after this trick, the blind dragonet found the flower first. Glory thought that Fruit Bat's plan was probably to watch where Tamarin headed, so she could beat her to the flower and warned Tamarin. It turned out that Tamarin's nose could beat Fruit Bat's eyes, and hence, Tamarin won the flower hunt. Magnificent and Fruit Bat herself both howled in rage and embarrassment because they had lost one round of the contest to a blind dragonet.

Fruit Bat and the other RainWing queens lost their throne when Grandeur forfeited the venom spitting contest against Kinkajou, after accidentally hitting her competitor with her venom and learning that Glory was a relative and therefore descended from the original line of RainWing queens.

It was also said that Fruit Bat was one of the only queens to not have a "shiny" name, the other queens being Magnificent, Exquisite, Splendor, Grandeur, and Dazzling.


  • Prior to the challenge, Kinkajou described her to Glory, noting that most of the other RainWing queens had "shiny" names that would likely make them want to be queen, with Fruit Bat being the only exception.[3]



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