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"Poor Gibbon. They take him all the time. I guess his venom is way more interesting than mine or something."
Kinkajou about Gibbon, The Hidden Kingdom

Gibbon is a male RainWing who was introduced in The Hidden Kingdom. He was one of seventeen kidnapped RainWings who were imprisoned in the Night Kingdom. Kinkajou theorized that he might have had very interesting venom, since the NightWings often took him into their laboratory to study it.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom

In the Night Kingdom, Glory saw Gibbon, a prisoner, being taken to the fortress for venom testing. According to Glory, his scales were a dull, heavy gray, a color of sorrow and great unhappiness that she had never seen on any RainWing before. He hung limply between the three NightWing guards who took him out of his cave, neither helping nor hindering them. Kinkajou said that he was often taken for testing and that his venom must've been "way more exciting" than hers or any other RainWing's.

Kinkajou later argued against the RainWings' doubt of Glory's decision to challenge the queen for the RainWing throne and said that they should ask Gibbon, Orchid, Splendor, Tualang, or Loris what they thought and then revealed that they, along with several other RainWings, were all imprisoned in the Night Kingdom, with the exception of the three of them who had already died. Several dragons looked around expecting to see them.



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