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"I will not have our tribe suffer the fate of the Kingdom of Sand. There will be no War of IceWing Succession. Do you three understand me?"
— Glacier to Crystal, Mink, and Snowfall, The Dangerous Gift

Glacier was an adult female IceWing who was introduced in The Dark Secret. Before dying as a result of Darkstalker's plague, she ruled as the queen of the IceWings and was allied with Blaze in the War of SandWing Succession.


Glacier had white scales and arctic-blue eyes.[1] She was tall[1] and was described by Winter to be majestic, the most beautiful and imposing queen in Pyrrhia.[2]


Although she was often internally frustrated, exhausted, confused, and uncertain by the duties of being queen,[3] Glacier took good care of her tribe.[4] She was practical and stoic in decision-making, as she refused to rescue Hailstorm due to potential conflict.[5] She was straight to business without any meandering preambles,[6] but had sympathy in her eyes before Winter was to face the Diamond Trial.[2] She was brilliant[7] and unafraid,[8] and she was often gone from the Ice Kingdom for days on diplomatic missions or battle patrols for the sake of her tribe's safety.[9]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom
Although she did not formally appear, Glacier and her troops approached the cave that the dragonets of destiny were temporarily occupying within the Ice Kingdom's border. Blaze encouraged the dragonets to stay and meet Glacier, but they left because they didn't want to be imprisoned again. This would mean possibly dying of the sub-zero temperatures in the dungeons. After being kept captive by the SkyWings and the SeaWings, in their respective orders, they didn't wish to be imprisoned due to their experience.
The Dark Secret
In the epilogue, Glacier met with Blaze outside of her palace to discuss the dragonets of destiny. She threatened to kill the dragonets if they didn't choose her ally, Blaze, as the next SandWing queen since that would demoralize her dragons. She also said she had no problem with wiping out all of the NightWings when Blaze mentioned that Deathbringer tried to kill her during the meeting with the dragonets of destiny. Blaze then starts shivering, and Glacier lets her go back inside. Glacier plans to talk to the dragonets and see which queen they were inclined to support, and if they chose someone other than Blaze, she would kill them.
The Brightest Night
Glacier was present when the dragonets attempted to choose a SandWing queen. When Blister challenged Blaze to a duel, Blaze begged Glacier to fight for her. Glacier did not appeal to the idea of neighboring a kingdom ruled by Blister, but she did want to be just and fair. She apologized to Blaze and said it was her fight. Blaze managed to survive the fight without doing much, mostly because Blister didn't fight Blaze seriously. Then Blister attempted to steal the Eye of Onyx away from Thorn, but ended up getting killed by it.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Though she didn't formally appear, Winter mentioned her often, especially when telling other dragons that he was her nephew.
Winter Turning
She was seen flying back to the IceWing palace after meeting with Glory to discuss Icicle's fate. Once Winter and Hailstorm return to the kingdom, Winter was placed at the top of the First Circle and Hailstorm in the last spot of the Seventh Circle. Due to Hailstorm's hatching day coming in two weeks after his arrival, he must reach the first or second place beforehand if he wanted to live in the palace. To reclaim his rank, he challenges Winter to the Diamond Trial. On the way to the Diamond Caves, Glacier asked for Winter's side of the story after hearing Icicle's. Glacier only interrupted Winter's story once to ask about Cirrus, then wishes both Winter and Hailstorm luck during the Diamond Trial.
Escaping Peril
When Qibli objected that they should give Darkstalker's scroll to Thorn, Winter snapped that maybe they should give it to Glacier. Later, when Qibli suggested they use the scroll to protect Glory and Thorn, Winter growled that they should include Glacier and that she is a good queen.
Talons of Power
She is mentioned in the epilogue when a messenger arrives with some news for Hailstorm, noting that Glacier was the first to catch a plague that was spreading across the Ice Kingdom. The messenger delivered a message saying that the queen of the IceWings is dead.
Darkness of Dragons
Glacier was mentioned very briefly when Darkstalker pulled out a scroll and enchanted it to tell the news of the IceWings. The scroll announced that Glacier was dead and her daughter, Snowfall, had taken the throne. Snowfall was leading an army to avenge Glacier and the other nineteen dragons known to have been killed by the plague.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Hive Queen
In the prologue, she was mentioned when Moon recounts the bad deeds Darkstalker did that she could have stopped. She said that if she had seen Darkstalker as he really was, he wouldn't have killed the IceWing queen.
The Poison Jungle
In the epilogue, Jerboa III mentioned Glacier, stating to Snowfall that she had usually arrived at their meetings after she did. When Jerboa said this, Snowfall quivered, which made Jerboa think that part of Snowfall mourned for Glacier. Jerboa III later thought about how Glacier was a reasonable dragon to deal with, unlike Snowfall.
The Dangerous Gift
Glacier was mentioned by Snowfall several times throughout the first chapter. Snowfall pondered why Glacier chose her as the next queen, and told herself it was because of fate. She also appeared in a brief flashback of Snowfall's to when she was on her deathbed, surrounded by her three daughters. Snowfall also thinks of Glacier several times throughout the book, finally finding out why Glacier chose her as the next queen instead of Crystal in her last vision. Glacier eventually appeared in Snowfall's vision of Jerboa III, being the first dragon the latter knew who felt bad and cried about her past. Jerboa and Glacier were great friends until the day Glacier caught the plague, in which Jerboa III grieved for her death. Glacier never asked for a single spell from Jerboa, something Jerboa appreciated greatly.



Glacier was quite friendly towards Blaze due to her promise of granting territory after the war. She also looked out for her, having fought off a NightWing assassin who attempted to kill her. Despite looking out for her, she had to be fair and have Blaze fight on her own when Blister attacked her during The Brightest Night.[10] During The Dangerous Gift, she thought of Blaze as a "cheerful brain-dead goose." Glacier was a bit concerned that the SandWings would have a foolish queen so she was determined to be a strong ally and trade partner to help guide Blaze if she won the throne.[11]


Glacier loved[3] and cared for her eldest daughter. She was proud of and cared for all three of her daughters, stating she would happily step aside instead of fighting them for the throne. Part of the reason she chose Snowfall over Crystal to be queen was because she knew or suspected that Crystal was in a relationship with Gharial and knew making Crystal choose between her kingdom and her lover would tear her daughter apart.[12]

Jerboa III

Before becoming queen, Glacier met Jerboa III by accident, and they became close friends. Glacier cried when the animus revealed the cost of her use of animus magic, and was likely the only dragon who had ever shown Jerboa III empathy. The IceWing believed Jerboa III existed for a purpose, and that she might save the world one day with her magic, which was one of the reasons why Glacier never asked for any spells.[13]


Glacier loved[3] and showed affection for her youngest daughter. While she was on her deathbed, she comforted Mink while she was crying by giving her a hug. She was proud of and cared for all three of her daughters, stating she would happily step aside instead of fighting them for the throne. Mink said that she would sometimes sleep alongside her mother.[14]


Glacier trusted Narwhal since he was her brother. She entrusted him to make announcements in her absence, showing she thought he could make good choices.


Watching Snowfall filled Glacier with hope.[11] She loved her very dearly, and believed that Snowfall would fight for their tribe like no one else would.[3] She trusted Snowfall deeply in becoming queen and chose her over Crystal before her alleged death, believing that Snowfall was the best possible option.


Unlike his parents, Glacier was polite and kind towards him. She even appeared to be sympathetic to Winter before the Diamond Trial, and Winter looked up to her greatly.[2]

Family Tree



"We're going to kill all of them, if we must. I have no objection to the idea of wiping out the NightWings. But we should consider what to do about the dragonets of the prophecy."
― to Blaze (The Dark Secret, epilogue)

"Indeed. We don't want them telling anyone they've chosen Blister. It would be very demoralizing for our dragons."
― to Blaze (The Dark Secret, epilogue)

"I'm sorry, Blaze. This is your fight."
― to Blaze when she asks for assistance in combat (The Brightest Night, page 286)

"It's a good question. Queen Glory is … not like other queens. I thought she would demand Icicle's execution, but instead, she said she would leave Icicle's punishment entirely to me in exchange for something unusual: a cutting from our moon globe tree."
― to Winter (Winter Turning, page 268)

"I will not have our tribe suffer the fate of the Kingdom of Sand. There will be no War of IceWing Succession. Do you three understand me?"
― to Crystal, Mink, and Snowfall before her death (The Dangerous Gift, page 32)

"We're going to be all right. No matter what happens, I'll be able to leave the tribe in the right talons."
― thoughts about Snowfall (The Dangerous Gift, page 311)


  • Glacier was the first IceWing who caught the plague created by Darkstalker.[15]



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