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"It's been a long time since you or I had any new dragon treasure, […] So many useless, weak apprentices. So prone to getting eaten before they can achieve their goals."
— Gorge to Leaf and Rowan, Dragonslayer

Gorge is an adult male human who was introduced in Dragonslayer. He is a dragonmancer of Talisman.


Gorge has slick hair, terrible skin, and a lizard's face.[1] He is short and has bumps all over his face.[2] He usually wears a robe,[3] and he has a slithering voice.[4]


Gorge's perpetual expression was sly, insecure, and malevolently gleeful at the same time, as though he knew full well that everyone he met wanted to punch him but could not because of his power.[1] Leaf mentioned that Gorge had never cared for the village, wanting more treasure and power instead.[4] When Wren and Sky confronted the dragonmancers, Gorge tried to sidle behind some of the bigger townspeople.[5]




Gorge appeared when he and the other dragonmancers attempted to sacrifice Wren to the dragons in the Gift for the Dragons ceremony.

When Leaf and Grove found the map of the SkyWing palace, Leaf tried to imagine Gorge, Crow, and Trout as young treasure smugglers. Later, when Mushroom ran away with the copied map to steal the SkyWing treasure for himself, Crow and Gorge caught Leaf and Rowan discussing what to do about it. Gorge questioned who they were talking about, and when Leaf told him and Crow about Mushroom's coming attempt to steal the treasure, Gorge referred to Mushroom as a doomed idiot for trying this, despite the dragonmancers forbidding it. He told Leaf and Rowan to go after Mushroom and bring back treasure for them, under the threat of "sacrificing" Grove to the dragons otherwise. Gorge beckoned to Tadpole and instructed him to lock Grove in the dragonmancers' council hut and set up guards.

Rowan explained Crow and Gorge's plan to sacrifice Grove if they did not follow Mushroom to bring them treasure back, and Leaf admitted with horror that Crow and Gorge were indeed threatening to do more than just sacrifice Grove's goats. Rowan later explained this to Mushroom when they finally caught up with him after he had managed to steal some of the SkyWing treasure.

When Wren made her reappearance into Talisman, she told Gorge and Crow — who were trying to hide behind some of the larger citizens — to "come over and be appreciated." Wren later asked Gorge for the keys to the dragonmancers' meeting house, which he tossed over with the help of Sky's threatening growl. When Cranberry unlocked the meeting house and gave the keys to Leaf so he could free Grove, Gorge protested that they had not said they would be unlocking the jail as well.


"Even though we've forbidden it? […] What a doomed idiot."
― about Mushroom (Dragonslayer, page 163)

"It's been a long time since you or I had any new dragon treasure, […] So many useless, weak apprentices. So prone to getting eaten before they can achieve their goals."
― to Leaf and Rowan (Dragonslayer, page 164)

"Indeed, […] If our intrepid explorers snuck off to the dragon palace but did not return with treasure…"
― to Crow, Leaf and Rowan (Dragonslayer, page 165)

"No, no, no, […] If you're going all that way, someone should go into the palace, steal something, and bring it back to us. Otherwise, I'm afraid something terrible will happen."
― to Leaf and Rowan (Dragonslayer, page 165)


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