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The Great Ice Cliff was an animus-touched wall that bordered part of the Ice Kingdom. The cliff shot icicle spears at any dragon who was not an IceWing if they attempted to fly over the wall into the Ice Kingdom. It was an animus gift from an unnamed IceWing animus and was named the gift of defense.[1] The only way for a dragon from another tribe to fly over without getting killed is to put on one of three animus-touched bracelets that prevent the Great Ice Cliff's effects,[2] known as the gift of diplomacy. In The Dangerous Gift, the Great Ice Cliff was destroyed by Snowfall, who used the gift of strength to smash it.


The Great Ice Cliff stretched from one horizon to the other in a sheer unbroken line.[3] It was huge.[4]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Winter Turning

Winter told Hailstorm while going to the Ice Kingdom that the Great Ice Cliff shot spears at dragons who weren't IceWings.

Darkness of Dragons

Typhoon mentioned that IceWing hybrids, such as himself, could cross over the Great Ice Cliff because "apparently half IceWing is IceWing enough."

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

Queen Snowfall asked Jerboa III to extend the Great Ice Cliff to protect them from the LeafWings and SilkWings, but not only did she not want to, but Jerboa was also unable to complete her request due to animus magic currently being broken.

The Dangerous Gift

Queen Snowfall realizes that isolation is the root of a number of problems that the IceWings face, so she uses the gift of strength to destroy a section of the Great Ice Cliff. She mentions that she plans to return with a larger group later and destroy the remaining sections.



The NightWing diplomats are given the gift of diplomacy to fly over the Great Ice Cliff. It was seen at the end of the short story when Foeslayer, Prudence, Starclaws, Discretion, and Arctic were leaving the Ice Kingdom.


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