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"Our names don't always end up suiting us."
— Handsome to Glory, The Hidden Kingdom

Handsome is an elderly male RainWing who was introduced in The Hidden Kingdom. When Glory challenged Magnificent for the crown, he suggested and hosted the royal RainWing challenge. He currently resides in the RainWing Village.


Handsome is described as elderly and thin, with a silvery tinge to his ruff.[1]


Handsome is shown to be considerate, a rule follower, and somewhat sarcastic, making some self-deprecating jokes. He is also wise, telling the RainWings of the old traditions and volunteering to organize the tournament of the queens.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom

Handsome was present in Queen Magnificent's pavilion when Glory challenged the queen for the throne. He suggested a contest instead of a battle to avoid the death of any dragon, as this was the tradition during the ancient RainWing times. He organized and ran the tournament between the current RainWing queens and Glory's team, consisting of Mangrove, Kinkajou, Jambu, and Tamarin.

He brought up his past, in which Grandeur was challenged by many RainWings and had beat them easily numerous times.

He stated that he was displeased by the queens' deceitful actions in the tournament, although he did nothing to stop them since it wasn't technically in the rules. Handsome said this when he realized that Magnificent had won the camouflaging contest by scaring Glory's sloth, Silver, and Handsome stated that Magnificent didn't win the match "by spirit." When Glory was announced as the new queen of the RainWings, Handsome was among the dragons who congratulated her.


"There is an old tradition, […] If anyone wants to hear about it. […] Don't look at me like that, Maggie. It's the fair thing to do, and it gives you as much chance, if not more, of keeping the throne."
― to Magnificent, about the royal RainWing challenge (The Hidden Kingdom, page 222)


  • He can impersonate bird calls, as, during the RainWing competition, he made a toucan call.[2]




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