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"It's an abomination. SkyWing law commands us to kill creatures like that at hatching."
— Hawk about Peril, Escaping Peril

Hawk is an adult male SkyWing prince who was introduced in Escaping Peril.


Hawk is usually good-humored around other dragons, especially his sisters. Ruby suspects this is because he has seen Scarlet kill many of his sisters and that his humor is from knowing that he is not important enough to be killed.[1] He was the only one of Ruby's brothers who was kind to her. Hawk also seems to have a strong belief in SkyWing law, showing animosity towards Peril due to her having firescales.


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Winter Turning

Hawk was indirectly mentioned in the prologue when Ruby pitied Winter by saying that she would probably rather die in battle than listen to her brothers talk to her the way Hailstorm did to his brother.

Escaping Peril

Hawk appeared in the prologue as one of the important dragons of that Queen Scarlet ordered into her throne room. When Ruby arrived in the throne room, Hawk gave her a "friendlyish" nudge of acknowledgment. When Hawk and the others were first introduced to Peril, he hissed that she should have been killed and how it was an abomination to keep a firescales dragon alive.

Family Tree

Carmine, Sunset
Several Generations
UnknownScarlet3 Dragons
VermilionHawkRuby11 Dragons2 Dragons


"I thought it was dead. It should be dead."
― about Peril (Escaping Peril, prologue)

"It's an abomination. SkyWing law commands us to kill creatures like that at hatching."
― to Prince Vermillion, about Peril (Escaping Peril, prologue)


  1. Escaping Peril, prologue


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