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Hawthorn's home is a house within the Eye of the jungle belonging to Hawthorn.


All of the low-hanging vines around Hawthorn's home have been cut back, along with sections of the canopy overhead, leaving space for grass to grow.[1] A quarter of the clearing is covered by a small vegetable garden. In the center of the clearing, there is a house shaped like a cell in a hive and is made of wood, with pale red flax curtains for the door and windows. One end of the porch is a small woodworking studio. The inside is described as breezy, warm, and full of rose-colored light from the sun through the curtains. It is all in one room, but with a high ceiling and lots of space. Shelves are gathered on every wall, and perched atop are some of Hawthorn's carvings; wooded dragons, snakes, trees, and orangutans. Sundew noted that one of his carvings of dragon heads looked a lot like Sequoia.[2]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

Sundew, Willow, Nettle, Cricket, and Bumblebee are ordered by Sequoia to find Hawthorn in the Eye of the jungle for information about the breath of evil. The group meets Hawthorn in the Eye and Hawthorn leads them to his house, where he tells them about the Tree Wars and the "cure" for the breath of evil.


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