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"She said there was rooms and rooms of it. All this sand dragon treasure ‒ ours, Stone. We'll be kings."
— Heath to Stone, Dragonslayer

(This is the page for the scavenger known as "the Dragonslayer." You may be looking for the legends book instead.)

Heath, formerly known as the Dragonslayer, is an adult male human who was introduced in Dragonslayer. He is the father of Ivy and formerly the lord of Valor. Heath is the "false" dragonslayer, claiming to be the one who killed Oasis when it was really Stone, his older brother. Subsequently, it led to Heath taking all the credit for killing Oasis and becoming the lord of Valor.


Heath has a rangled black beard[1] and burn scars covering half his body.[2] He wears a gold earring shaped like a sword in each ear[1] and always carries a sword with him.[3] He is described by Leaf to be potbellied.[1]


Heath is short-tempered, manipulative, self-centered, and selfish. Heath is described to be slow, tending to dawdle, to stop and chat to anyone he saw, to sit down and eat whatever extra food is lying around.[4] He would banish anyone who questioned his story about killing Queen Oasis or got too close to his treasure.[5] According to Ivy, he was continuously boasting about his feats and telling his story repeatedly to people.[2] However, in reality, Heath was a deceiving liar, having lied to Valor's residents about killing Oasis and taking credit for everything, and even deliberately leaving out the part of leaving Rose behind.[6] He showed a complete disregard for the needs of the other villagers of Valor. On several occasions, he disregarded his own laws and even made up a law to banish Pine from Valor for going too close to the old village and his treasure.

When Ivy tried to convince Rose to return to Valor with her so that Heath would "stop feeling guilty about her," Rose is skeptical, claiming that she would not change anything and that Heath never listened to reason and was always getting mad over little things.[7]

Heath is also very selfish and greedy. When Ivy considers returning the SandWing treasure Heath took, Stone said that Heath would never give up his treasure "in a million years, not to save a single soul, or a thousand souls," saying he loves his treasure more than anything in the world.

However, in the end, it is clear that Heath is a coward, as when Wren confronts him with Sky, Heath crumples to the ground, apologizing and publicly admitting that he never killed Oasis, but it was, in fact, Stone who did.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy
Heath was indirectly mentioned as one of the scavengers who killed Oasis.
The Lost Heir
More information flying in soon...
The Hidden Kingdom
More information flying in soon...
The Dark Secret
More information flying in soon...
The Brightest Night
In the prologue, Heath is one of the scavengers Queen Oasis heard.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Darkness of Dragons
Heath is not mentioned by name, but appears in the prologue, heading towards Oasis' palace on horseback.


Heath first appeared in the prologue when he, Rose, and Stone attempted to steal treasure from the sand dragon queen. He was very excited about the prospect of owning rooms full of dragon treasure. When Queen Oasis noticed the scavengers, Heath attempted to stab her underbelly but ended up losing his grip and staggering sideways. After Stone killed the dragon, Heath was very jubilant until Stone mentioned their sister. Heath told his brother that their sister was dead and that they should get out with the treasure while they still could.

Heath was later mentioned by Rowan as "the dragonslayer" when she told Leaf that it was possible to fight back against the dragons, and again by Ivy and her mother when Ivy asked if her father was famous.

Later, he talked to Foxglove about Wingwatchers' dragon sightings then leaves Valor, claiming to be checking the orchards.

Heath later appeared at the Wingwatcher ceremony, praising the Wingwatchers and making Ivy, Violet, and Daffodil into Wingwatchers.

Later on in the story, Ivy and her friends unraveled the truth about Heath. They found out that he lied about and hid many things, such as leaving Rose out of his story. They also found out that he would arrest people who knew too much about the truth or was a threat to him. Ivy and her friends decided to take Heath's treasure.

Heath eventually ordered the Wingwatchers to be arrested alongside Leaf. He believed that there was a conspiracy to murder him. This caused Ivy and Leaf to flee Valor.

At the end of the book, Heath's lies were exposed to Valor. Under the impression that Sky was a desert dragon, Heath fearfully claimed that Stone was the one who killed Oasis. Heath ultimately lost his treasure and title of Valor's ruler.


Heath was indirectly mentioned as one of the scavengers who killed Oasis.

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"She wanted to go back for more, […] She said there was rooms and rooms of it. All this sand dragon treasure ‒ ours, Stone. We'll be kings."
― to Stone, about the dragon treasure (Dragonslayer, prologue)

"You are required to ask other people. I am THE DRAGONSLAYER and the lord of all of Valor."
― to Foxglove (Dragonslayer, page 93)

"I am going outside to assess the status of the orchards, […] Check up on the fruit harvesters. Lord business. Don't you worry about it."
― to Foxglove (Dragonslayer, page 94)

"What's this? […] How did you Wingwatchers get your talons on the smartest girl in Valor? Young lady, I hope you don't have any plans to run right at the dragons like your brave old man."
― about Ivy (Dragonslayer, page 143)

"The Wingwatchers are some of the most important people in Valor! […] We have always needed brave young people like you to watch the skies for our greatest enemies. You protect us all. You are our first line of warning and defense. As long as we have Wingwatchers, the dragons will never find us. Of course, if they do, I'll slay them and save us all. But what you do is very important, too. Thank you for volunteering! Let's raise a toast to your sharp eyes and your courage!"
― about the Wingwatchers (Dragonslayer, page 144)

"Foxglove, […] Perhaps it would be wise to confine the younger recruits ‒ and yourself ‒ to the tunnels for the foreseeable future. If you can't recognize when a storm is on its way while you're literally staring at the sky, it seems you might all need a little more training. […] We can't have the daughter of the Dragonslayer getting sick, after all."
― to Foxglove (Dragonslayer, page 272)

"But it wasn't me! […] I'm not the real Dragonslayer! It was Stone! Stone is the one who killed her! He's the one you want!"
― confessing that Stone killed the dragon and not him (Dragonslayer, page 474)


  • Heath disliked getting dirty.[8]


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