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"You're not helping matters with YOUR bellowing!"
— Heliconian to Whitespeck, The Lost Continent

Heliconian is an adult female SilkWing who was introduced in The Lost Continent. She is one of the ten flamesilk dragons imprisoned in the flamesilk factory by Queen Wasp.


Heliconian is restless, fidgety, and glances at the exit to the flamesilk cavern a lot.[1] She seems interested in the world beyond the flamesilk cavern and is one of the few flamesilks who appears interested in the thought of escaping.[2] Danaid mentions that she ruins everything.[3]


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent

Heliconian was first mentioned in Danaid and Pierid's argument. Pierid commented on how it wasn't his fault Festoon overheard his secret conversation with Heliconian. Shortly after the fight, Danaid mentioned Heliconian when she listed all the flamesilks in the flamesilk factory and claimed that she "ruins everything."

Later, Blue visited Heliconian, and they talked. Heliconian only asked him questions about the outside world, which made Blue suspect that Heliconian was unhappy in the flamesilk factory and wished to be free.

Heliconian was also one of the ten flamesilks yelling and shouting at each other in the commotion Danaid caused. When Whitespeck yelled at the others to shut up because he was trying to sleep, Heliconian snapped back at him that his screaming wasn't helping the problem.




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