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You may nominate yourself or another user for a promotion at any time by making a post to this board. However, if you are planning to nominate someone else, please be sure to ask said person before creating their nomination post.

We do have a few requirements, so please make sure you or the person you're nominating meets them first. You must meet these requirements before you post your nomination thread or apply.
It is worth noting that we may be flexible with these requirements if your contributions are significant or if we aren't able to find a suitable candidate among those who do fit the requirements. We also may end up promoting nobody at all, if we can't find someone we feel would do a good job.

Discussions Moderators

If you would like to run for the Discussions Moderator (AKA thread moderator or threadmod) position, please post a new thread here. Explain why you'd like to be a threadmod, what you've done for the wiki, what you can add to the team, etc.
You may nominate yourself (eg. Self-Nomination: Username for threadmod) or another user (eg. Nomination: Username for thread moderator).


  • The edit requirement to run for discussions moderator is at least 3.5k discussions posts.
  • You are required to have been active on the Wiki for at least three months prior to your nomination.

Additional Qualifications

  • History of reporting problem behaviour (either through mod message walls, the 'report' feature, or tagging mods).
  • Regular or semi-regular activity and engagement in threads.
  • No prior warnings/blocks, or notable improvement of behavior after previous warnings/blocks.
  • Calm and responsible behavior while using Discussions.
    • This doesn't mean "no having fun", just that you don't snap at other users, engage in drama or mobbing, or otherwise cause problems and conflicts.

Content Moderators

If you believe you are qualified to be a Content Moderator (AKA contentmod), you can make a thread on the Promotions Board, or you can contact an admin individually to discuss applying.
Due to the nature of this position we tend to conduct these promotions through poweruser vote primarily; contentmods are not required to socialize or be active on Discussions, so we find community input through the Promotions board to be less helpful than just reviewing contributions ourselves.


  • The edit requirement to run for content moderator is at least 300 article edits.
  • You are required to have been active on the Wiki for at least three months prior to your nomination.
  • You must make consistent, helpful edits on articles according to the Editing Guide.

Additional Qualifications

  • Regular article editing behavior that shows initiative and effort.
    • Smaller changes such as grammar and spell checking are incredibly valuable to our wiki, but are not the sorts of edits that a user requires contentmod rights to make.
    • Behavior such as rewriting sections of articles, adding citations, fixing false information, and reverting vandalism are all things we look for in contentmod candidates.
  • No prior warnings/blocks, or notable improvement of behavior after previous warnings/blocks.

Moderator Promotion Process

  • A nomination thread is creator for a user, or the user applies for a position.
  • The existing poweruser team looks at all the nomination threads and narrow down our options. Assuming the requirements are met, we look at their activity, helpfulness, past warnings, etc.
    • At this point we also consider public support and objections — if you have an issue with a user, or support them for a particular reason, please comment on their thread about it!
  • The poweruser team will spend a few days discussing potential candidates and then vote on their promotion.
    • If a poweruser objects to a promotion they are usually expected to state why, and these criticisms are discussed among the team.
  • If the majority agrees to a promotion, the user will be promoted on the next newsletter.
    • A user may receive their new user rights early depending on the circumstances; their promotion will be announced on the newsletter regardless.


You cannot be promoted to an admin position as a regular user. Admin promotions are conducted internally, and only existing threadmods and contentmods can be promoted to an admin position.
Bureaucrats are generally promoted from our pool of existing admins.


  • Being responsible, active, and following the rules.
  • Doing their job well and regularly.
  • Showing an interest in or need for the additional rights being an admin provides.
    • Some admins will be promoted because they require the additional rights to do their job fully.
    • Others may be promoted if the team is lacking users willing to do a certain admin task, such as blocking.

Admin Promotion Process

The process for admin promotion is:

  • Powerusers discuss the need for a new admin or admins based on vacancies in the team.
    • This often occurs after one or more admins resign.
  • The team discusses candidates and collectively nominates as many users as necessary from the pool of moderators.
  • The poweruser team will vote on each candidate. A majority vote will have the candidate promoted to admin.

Admins and Bureaucrats do not require a second nomination thread, as they have already gone through the process of being promoted and making threads for each promotion is a long and inefficient process. Their promotions are handled internally via a vote from the poweruser team.

Demotion Process

Generally, powerusers lose their positions or face demotion for one of three reasons:

  • By choice. A poweruser can choose to step down at any point, for any reason, no questions asked.
  • Due to inactivity. This means three months of total inactivity, or six months of relatively low/minimal activity.
    • Inactivity demotions are handled internally, as they require no community input and powerusers may have personal situations temporarily impacting their activity.
    • After the time indicated above, a poweruser may be warned about their low activity. If their activity does not increase within a month or two, their activity will be presented to the team and their demotion will be put to vote.
  • Due to misconduct. This could be repeated rule violations, inappropriate conduct towards other users, or abuse of power.
    • Misconduct demotions are handled internally due to their sensitive nature, but often begin with a user or users making reports about misconduct by a poweruser. If you see someone doing something you think they shouldn't, let an administrator know as soon as possible! Please do not make a public post about it — leave a message wall message first. If we need the opinions of the whole community, we will ask.
    • The evidence against the poweruser is presented to the team, and the user who has conducted themself inappropriately is given a chance to make their case. An anonymous vote is conducted to determine whether or not the user will be demoted.
      • If a user reaches a second misconduct vote, it is likely that they will be demoted regardless, as powerusers are bound to the same guidelines as the rest of the wiki's users and are held to the same standard.
    • In severe cases, a vote will be skipped altogether to prioritize user and poweruser safety.

That's about it. Good luck to everyone!