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Please keep basic internet safety in mind while using our wiki, and don't share personal identifying information (full name, location, etc.) or upload photos of yourself. If someone is acting strange towards you or asking for personal information, report it to a poweruser!
If you are blocked, it should be in accordance with the Block guidelines.

These are the rules. They are applied everywhere on the wiki (discussions post, message walls, user pages, etc.), and are enforced on every user equally.

  1. Follow Fandom's Terms of Use (found here). These are the standard rules to Fandom and apply everywhere, not only to this wiki.
    1. If you are under 13, you can't join the wiki. We understand that this might not make much sense, as Wings of Fire is a series targeted at audiences below 13, but it is a Fandom decision and out of our hands.
  2. Don't be a jerk. Treat all users respectfully — we're all fans of Wings of Fire, and general nastiness doesn't belong here.
    1. We have zero tolerance for bigotry. Homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, and any other forms of discrimination are not permitted whatsoever.
      1. Don't use any slurs, whether you are targeting a particular person/group of people or not. Reclaimed slurs are not permitted, either. A list of slurs we prohibit is here, though it is not extensive.
    2. Debate and discussion are core components of the wiki, but if things escalate into personal attacks, that's the time to calm down and ask a poweruser for help resolving the issue.
    3. Do not attempt to resolve large conflicts yourself, and do not mob users who have broken rules or caused problems. Mobbing (multiple people repeating each other or reprimanding the user) is unhelpful; contact a moderator and stop engaging.
    4. Do not guilt trip other users when you are told off for your actions or asked to stop doing something. Guilt tripping is any statement made to put yourself in the position of the victim and make other users feel bad for confronting you.
      1. Sympathy-baiting posts put users in a position where they're forced to show sympathy for you/comfort you/reassure you because they feel guilty, such as "Am I annoying" posts. Sympathy-baiting is also not permitted. This does NOT include vents/venting.
    5. Vague-posting about other sections of the community may be considered an issue, based on context and content. These groups may include ships, headcanons, identities, etc. An example of this would be a post saying "I hate [ship] shippers". Discussion is fine, bashing is not.
    6. Do not make "callout posts", or any posts that attempt to garner animosity towards users or communities. This includes users on other platforms, as well as current discourse topics elsewhere on the internet; these threads are considered dramabaiting, and may also be considered raiding or harassment.
      1. Users who engage in raiding or trolling of wikis, websites, or other communities may be subject to a block based on severity. Users who post plans to raid or troll on our wiki will be subject to a warning or block, as we do not tolerate harassment of any sort.
  3. Do not start or engage in political discussion or debate on our wiki. This include discussions about current political events such as riots or elections and political campaigning. This applies to all political discussion, not just American.
    1. We recognize that these are important topics, but also acknowledge that our powerusers are not equipped to moderate political debate and that a Wings of Fire Wiki is not the ideal location for them to be discussed.
    2. An example of acceptable political/current event talk is discussing climate change and the natural disasters, such as wildfires, that follow.
    3. The phrases "blue lives matter" and "ACAB/1312" will not be permitted, as they are politically incendiary.
    4. Discussing modern civil rights movements is permitted (eg. Black Lives Matter, No More Stolen Sisters, etc.) Discussion of large-scale political reform should be kept off of our site.
  4. Keep the wiki PG and clean. Uncensored swearing, NSFW, mature topics, and gore are not permitted on our wiki.
    1. Censored swearing is permitted, provided it is not excessive or directed towards other users. When censoring swears, censor at least one letter; this also goes for images that are added to the wiki.
    2. Minor swearing is permitted in Discussions threads and on user pages. Permitted minor swears are crap, hell, and damn.
    3. Implied swearing such as the middle finger is also prohibited.
    4. Mature topics are prohibited on any part of our wiki. This includes discussion of real-life drug and alcohol consumption, especially consumption by users who are under 18.
    5. Violent or gory content is prohibited, especially torture. Images have a very low tolerance for violence, while roleplayed or written violence should be kept to the level that the books contain; description or images of real-life violence or gore are not permitted whatsoever.
      1. This includes descriptions or depictions of violence against animals.
    6. Suggestive or sexual content is not allowed anywhere on the wiki, in any form (image, writing, other media).
  5. Don't steal art. Please don't post or use art without permission and credit to the artist/s.
    1. Reposting art with credit is only permitted if the artist allows it — you must be able to prove that you have permission to use the art, or that the artist's Terms of Use allow reposting/use as icons/etc.
      1. Do not repost/reupload art from Flight Rising.
    2. Tracing artwork is not allowed on the wiki, and is considered art theft.
    3. This explains what counts as stealing art.
  6. Don't pretend to be someone else using alternate accounts. It's okay to have alternate accounts, but using them to violate rules or cause trouble is not.
    1. List all your alts on your profile or message wall greeting, preferably with links.
      1. This includes inactive alts.
    2. If an alternate account is used to get around a ban, both accounts will be blocked.
    3. Guidelines concerning alternate accounts used by alters/headmates in the same system can be found here.
  7. Don't spam, flood, or advertise on Discussions.
    1. Creating multiple discussions posts or polls (3+) in a short period will result in all of your posts being removed and a warning being issued. Please wait a few minutes between posts to avoid this.
      1. Do not make multiple short replies to a thread in rapid succession, as this is also considered spam.
    2. Do not create threads solely to advertise. This includes roleplays, Wikis, contests, etc..
      1. Polling to gauge interest does not count — as a general rule of thumb, if the subject of your post has already been made, your post is an ad.
      2. Do not make polls for pings, advertisement, etc..
    3. Do not make posts consisting of meaningless or repeated phrases. Gibberish and/or key smashing to emote is fine in moderation; it should not fill more than a line on the post, and should be relevant to the thread in context.
    4. Copypasta is a form of spam; anything that encourages you to "tag", "repost", or "send to # friends" falls into this category.
    5. Leaving pointless replies on threads that do not concern you is considered spam.
  8. Do not farm edits on articles for the purposes of earning badges, increasing your Wiki ranking, or increasing your edit count. Examples here.
    1. Edit farming requires a pattern of behavior; making one double-edit or synonym change will not get you flagged for edit farming. Making many of these changes in a row will.
  9. Do not vandalize articles. This includes, but is not limited to, removing all the content of an article, adding false or inappropriate information, removing correct information, or otherwise editing with the intent to reduce the quality of the article.
    1. This also includes another user's profile page or message wall greeting. Do not edit another user's profile page or message wall greeting without their permission.
  10. Do not endorse the problematic elements of canon ships (eg. abusive, pedophilic, or incestuous ships) and do not create fanon ships that are pedophilic or incestuous.
    1. The first half of this rule only applies to canonically implied or stated ships, and it only applies when the problematic element is dubious or in the past.
      1. Glorybringer (Glory + Deathbringer) is fine, as both characters are adults as of the most recent book. Sunnyflight (Sunny + Starflight) is fine, as the incestuous element is dubious or arguable and the characters are not blood related.
      2. Umbli (Umber + Qibli) is not permitted, as one character is underage as of the most recent book. Any ship between blood-related dragons, or dragons who mutually acknowledge one another as related or adoptively related, is not permitted (example: you may not ship any of the Dragonet of Destiny with one another, as they all grew up together and consider one another family via sibling relationships.)
    2. Do not ship canonically gay characters in female relationships, or any canonically lesbian characters in male relationships.
      1. As of current, Umber is the only character this rule applies to as he is the only character with a confirmed sexuality.
    3. Do not create fanon ships that are abusive, pedophilic, or incestuous, even if it is a "joke" for shock value. Shipping Glorybringer is allowed provided the issues are acknowledged, but creating a non-canon ship between a 6-year-old dragonet and a 12-year-old dragon is not.
      1. On this wiki, we consider dragons over the age of 7 to be adults, and dragons below the age of 7 to be minors. Dragonets who are 6 years old and adults who are 7 years old may be shipped, as they are quite close in age, but this one-year age gap is the only one that will be permitted. You may not ship dragonets who are 5 and adults who are 7, dragonets who are 6 and adults who are 8, etc.
      2. This includes mentioning ships you did not make in this category. Seeing a fanfic or fanart of a shock ship is not an excuse to post about it.
    4. Do not ship scavengers/humans with dragons.
      1. Do not make human/dragon hybrid OCs, or roleplays that include this concept.
  11. Do not post or share transparent, blank, or scanned images from the Official Wings of Fire Coloring Book.

In general, if you try to do the right thing, you should do fine. You're doing well already by reading these rules! If you've got any questions, feel to ask a poweruser.
Users who break rules in our wiki Discord server may also be subject to an on-wiki block, though this is not always the case.


Courtesies are policies that we expect our users to abide by to keep our wiki running smoothly and reduce conflict. While these are not rules and are not things you will be formally punished for, you may be reprimanded for ignoring them. These apply everywhere on our wiki.
Courtesy guides are formal guides assembled with community input to provide guidelines for specific policies or parts of our wiki. Courtesy guides available at the moment are:

Discussions Courtesies

Discussions guidelines can be found here. Additionally:

  • Do not post non-Wings of Fire roleplays on the Roleplay board.
    • Non-Wings of Fire roleplays are permitted on message walls.
  • Do not necropost. Necroposting is the act of posting on a thread that has not had a new reply in a certain period of time.
    • A post counts as necroposting on most threads after one month of inactivity.
    • On the Book Discussion board, a post counts as necroposting after two months of inactivity.

Miscellaneous Courtesies

Other courtesies that may not be Discussions-specific.

  • Listen to the powerusers — we are here to help and to enforce the rules.
    • If you believe a poweruser is abusing their position, please report it to an admin or bureaucrat.
  • Do not invite users to the wiki if they aren't interested in Wings of Fire, to prevent the wiki from being derailed or flooded.
  • Do not post unmarked spoilers for three weeks following the release of a new book.
  • Do not beg for moderator rights.
  • Blocked users with access to their message walls for block appeals should not use this access to continue socializing; doing so will result in a removal of that access.
  • Do not use bases or art created by bigoted or harmful users in the fandom. This will be enforced at moderator discretion.

Editing Guidelines

For information on how to edit on our wiki, check out our Editing Guide.
Edit Farming is against our wiki's rules. People will edit farm (make unhelpful or bad-faith edits) to gain badges, move up the Wiki Leaderboard, or increase their edit count.
Common examples of edit farming include changing words to their synonyms, adding and then removing content from a page, adding words letter-by-letter, and attempting to implement large-scale changes across many articles without asking a moderator first.
If you feel a change needs to be made across many articles, please contact a content moderator or admin before attempting to implement this yourself. When we see a user making a large-scale change — correct or not — without our approval, it sets off red flags for potential vandalism and edit farming.

Moderator Guidelines

Moderators are expected to follow the same rules as users. In addition, you are expected to carry yourself respectably and to enforce the rules fairly.
If you believe you've seen a moderator committing an act of power abuse (using their position to threaten or bully other users, blocking or warning someone without good reason, or acting on a personal bias to get someone in trouble) please report it to another moderator, preferably an admin or bureaucrat.
While it is not a hard and fast set of rules, moderators should follow the general times indicated in the Block Guidelines.