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"No. All flying the same way. In formation. Exact wing movements. All in sync. And they had white eyes."
— Hemlock to Bryony about the SilkWings under the control of the othermind, The Dangerous Gift

Hemlock is an adult male LeafWing who was introduced in The Lost Continent. He has the ability of leafspeak and formerly served as a soldier for the PoisonWings. He is in a relationship with Belladonna and currently resides as a fugitive in the cavern system underneath Pantala. He is Sundew's father.


Hemlock has deep green scales that are dark enough to disappear into the shadows. He wears a small white seashell on a cord around his neck.[1]


Hemlock is bleak.[2] While not much is known about his personality, Hemlock appears to be understanding. He is not as brash or harsh as Belladonna, preferring to be more gentle, though still firm and serious. He is said by Sundew to be terrible with words, which could be the result of following orders for most of his life.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
Hemlock makes his appearance when he, Belladonna, and Sundew capture Blue, Cricket, and Swordtail while planning strategies to sneak into Wasp Hive. When Blue admits they were there to rescue his sister Luna, Hemlock and the other two LeafWings think of the idea to use them in their scheme to steal the Book of Clearsight. Hemlock untied Blue, Swordtail, and Cricket's muzzles so they can discuss whether or not to accept the LeafWing's offer. Once they accepted, Hemlock disguised Sundew so she could pass as a regular SilkWing to the guards in Wasp Hive. When Cricket came up with her plan to escape from the LeafWings, Swordtail didn't see, and they never got a chance to tell him about it when departing to steal the Book, due to him being closely watched by Hemlock. Later, Sundew mentioned how Hemlock and Belladonna disapproved of her revealing the old LeafWing tunnels to Blue, Cricket, and the others, even though the LeafWings had decided they couldn't use them anymore.
The Hive Queen
Hemlock and Belladonna gave Blue, Cricket, Swordtail, and Sundew two days to find a passive way to stop Queen Wasp before they go with their aggressive plan to start a larger, new Tree Wars and try to kill all the HiveWings, except Cricket. However, he and the rest of the tribe went through with their attack plan anyway, burning down Bloodworm Hive with flamesilk.
The Poison Jungle
Hemlock appeared in the prologue, preparing for the attack of Bloodworm Hive with Pokeweed, Bryony, and Grayling.
The Dangerous Gift
Hemlock appeared in one of Snowfall's visions, in which Bryony was the point of view. He guarded their hiding place and talked to her about Pokeweed.

Family Tree



"Choose wisely."
― to Cricket (The Lost Continent, page 181)

"We follow the plan."
― about what to do (The Poison Jungle, prologue)

"No. All flying the same way. In formation. Exact wing movements. All in sync. And they had white eyes."
― to Bryony about the SilkWings under the control of the othermind (The Dangerous Gift, page 164)





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