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HiveWings are one of the three tribes that live on Pantala. HiveWings are currently the dominant tribe of Pantala, as they killed off almost all the LeafWings in the Tree Wars and enslaved the SilkWings. Their scales primarily include shades of red, yellow, orange, and always some black, but some may have variations such as dark green, as seen in Treehopper. They are ruled by Queen Wasp, and are primarily based on wasps, but are possibly partly inspired by bees and some varieties of beetles and insects. They are descended from BeetleWings with NightWing blood from Clearsight.


HiveWings have slender, strong, and muscular bodies, with four thin and clear segmented wings that are similar to that of dragonflies and other insects. According to the description in the A Guide to the Dragons of Pantala, HiveWings can be red, yellow, and/or orange, but always have some black scales due to their shared common ancestor, Clearsight. HiveWings have a slightly compact face, with a smaller axe-like ridge on the tip of their snout, and a larger curved ridge on their forehead. Some HiveWings, such as Katydid, Sandfly, and Scarab have freckle-like scales. Confirmed eye colors include black, dark orange, brown, red, amber, yellow-gold, and green. The "yellow-orange-green glow" of HiveWings' eyes is mentioned by Blue. They have a pair of long, curved, and smooth-looking horns that raise slightly above their head, the tips curving slightly forward, giving them an almost regal appearance. Long, thin spikes go down their spines, to the tip of their tails, which have a slightly larger spine. They may also have wrist spikes. Some are hatched with stingers in their wrists or tails. HiveWing eggs are white.[1]

Old biology books state that HiveWings used to have antennae.[2]


HiveWings are first-class citizens in their society. They live in Hives ruled by Queen Wasp and her female relatives. Unlike other dragon tribes in both Pantala and Pyrrhia, Wasp's relatives who rule the other Hives aren't titled as Princess, but Lady. However, the Queen still outranks the Ladies. Despite this, she still allows others to rule the Hives, so they feel like they have some power. It's also difficult for HiveWings to get a divorce because they need permission from Queen Wasp in order to do so.[3] If Wasp allows a HiveWing couple to get divorced, they have to go through a whole separation request process. It is unknown what kind of work HiveWings need to do in order to become divorced but the process is difficult.[3] HiveWings who become partners without the queen's approval are severely punished.[citation needed]

HiveWings also use SilkWings as servants, and use them for personal gain in many ways, such as using them as cooks, butlers, and other jobs. Most HiveWings own SilkWing servants as an accessory, often striving to make them look more extravagant than the others. They often made them stand in windows just looking pretty, or paraded them around.


HiveWings are mostly carnivores and eat animals that live on the savanna, like zebras, wildebeest, gazelle, lions, and more. HiveWings also eat candy, like honey drops and nectar.[4] The HiveWings on the cover for The Hive Queen showed a shop selling whole sharks, leading to believe that sharks or other marine life may be part of the HiveWing diet. Another shop on the cover seems to be selling mounds of herbs in baskets. Cricket states that they do not like to eat most reptiles, as HiveWings believe they may be related.[5] They also drink coffee.[6]


According to the Pantalan dragon guide, the HiveWings' powers can vary from dragon to dragon, though some do not have any powers. These abilities are genetic and can be passed down. Their abilities include deadly stingers extending from their wrists, venom or a paralyzing toxin in their claws, stingers, or teeth, boiling acid that can be shot from a stinger on their tail, and emanating a horrible stench said to smell like dead rotting things pickled in sulfur.[7] Swordtail describes the paralyzing toxin as fire burning every nerve in your body. When it wears off, all you want to do is run or fly or even blink, but you can't move.[8] A dragon paralyzed by HiveWing venom can be unparalyzed when given a strong stimulant.[9] HiveWings also have a precise internal clock which was described to keep their days on schedule and warn them when the rainy season is coming.[10]

Queen Wasp, the current HiveWing queen, can also control the minds of any HiveWing whom she has injected with the breath of evil. This plant is kept in her off-limits, personal greenhouse garden. HiveWings are said to have pure white eyes[11] when under the mind-control and move in eerie unison.[12] Katydid describes the feeling as having an unstoppable urge to do what the Queen makes them, similar to being hypnotized.[citation needed]


HiveWings are named after a variety of insects and bugs. Dragons from the tribe can be named after different species of bee and wasp, as well as ants, beetles, weevils, crickets, praying mantis, and more.

They can also be named after types of worms, such as Earthworm and Bloodworm. There is also one arachnid name, being Vinegaroon.

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  • Blue wonders if "HiveWings don't have to blink" when he sees HiveWing guards staring down through the glass ceiling in the flamesilk factory.[13] It is unknown if HiveWings possess that ability.
  • It is mentioned by Swordtail that HiveWings have poor night vision,[14] though it's possible he was being derogatory because he also described them as "lazy" in the same sentence.



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