"Hope. I like that."
—Foeslayer to Qibli about the name he suggested for her at the end of Darkness of Dragons

Hope (Foeslayer) is a female NightWing who first appeared near the end of Winter Turning, Darkstalker (Legends) and Runaway. She was one of the main causes of the rivalry between the NightWing and IceWing tribes, as well as the mother of Darkstalker and Whiteout. Foeslayer also described herself as scatterbrained and forgetful in Runaway. After Foeslayer took off her enchanted protective earring during an argument with Arctic, she was taken and locked in the Diamond Caves as a prisoner by Queen Diamond for thousands of years as revenge for taking Prince Arctic away from the Ice Kingdom. However, during the Diamond Trial with Winter and his brother Hailstorm, she was released from the caves, as Winter thought it cruel to have kept her there for so long only to die over and over again. After she fled during an accident involving Winter and Peril, her whereabouts were unknown until Darkness of Dragons. She and her son, Darkstalker, however, were reunited at the end of Darkness of Dragons. With Kinkajou's spell, Darkstalker was transformed into a one-year old dragonet and given the name Peacemaker without his past memories or former identity. Foeslayer then decided to change her name to Hope and now lives with Peacemaker in the Rainforest Kingdom.

Even though Foeslayer was trapped in the Diamond Caves for thousands of years, Queen Diamond enchanted her curse to only allow her to age when she was unfrozen. Foeslayer speculated that the plan was to keep her there for as long as possible, so she could suffer almost indefinitely. Thus, Foeslayer still has near the same mind and body as she did when she was first locked up.


Foeslayer is described as having black scales, with dark green underscales for her underbelly. Her eyes were said to be "a little closer to dark green than black". She has also been said to have a smooth, long, neck and body form. Before her incarceration for thousands of years in the Ice Kingdom, she wore a small diamond earring given to her by Prince Arctic the IceWing when they met outside.[1][2]

Biography Edit

Darkstalker Edit

Foeslayer is first introduced in the prologue when she pushes her way past Arctic and Snowflake to the balcony. She is shown talking and jumping around to try to warm herself up. She eventually annoys Snowflake into leaving. After learning the reason why Snowflake was so irritable was that Arctic forgot her name, she teased Arctic about it. The two proceeded to talk and flirt for a while. Eventually, to stay and talk with her for a while longer, Arctic enchants his diamond earring to keep the wearer warm and gave it to Foeslayer, although he was aware that doing so was defying the IceWing heritage and law of only using animus magic once in a lifetime. This made her very surprised and worried about Arctic's soul.

In the first chapter, Foeslayer is heard arguing with Arctic over what would be best for their two eggs. When the first one hatches, she names the dragonet Darkstalker. Arctic says that it sounds creepy, like he's stalking in the darkness, but she retorts that it sounds heroic, like he's stalking the darkness and chasing the shadows away. Arctic reluctantly agrees to the name but claims he gets to name the other dragonet, their daughter, Whiteout.

About three years after Darkstalker and Whiteout hatched, Darkstalker comes home to Foeslayer arguing with Prince Arctic about whether he should leave or stay in the Night Kingdom after Queen Diamond sends him a message that offers him amnesty if he returned to her and he kills his dragonets. Foeslayer was shocked, but Arctic told her that he won't accept it.

Later, Darkstalker enchants a map to reveal the location of his mother after finding her enchanted earring discarded inside his house after a fight with Arctic. The red dot showed her frozen in place in the Ice Kingdom, and he presumes her to be dead, not aware that she had been enchanted by Queen Diamond.

Runaway Edit

Foeslayer makes her second chronological appearance in the short e-book story Runaway. Foeslayer is in the IceWing palace dome right after she met Prince Arctic for the first time in the Darkstalker (Legends) prologue. Prudence, Foeslayer's mother, comes over and asks where she was. Prudence notices Foeslayer's new earring recently given to her by Arctic and asks if she stole it, which Foeslayer gives her mother a version of the truth, saying that an IceWing gave it to her. This leads to a squabble broken up by Arctic, who had just walked in the room, trying to protect her from punishment. Prudence is confused who Arctic is and why he is trying to protect her daughter. Foeslayer finally admits to Prudence, that she met Arctic earlier, and Prudence becomes angry because she had told Foeslayer earlier to keep silent and not interact with any of the IceWings. Prudence punishes Foeslayer by sending her to her chambers. While walking there, Foeslayer sees Snowflake who is supposed to marry Arctic, which makes her feel worse because she loves Arctic and wants him to herself.

Foeslayer is locked in her chambers for two days. On the last day of their visit, Foeslayer and Prudence are seen packing up and getting ready to leave. Foeslayer is annoyed that Arctic never visited her in two days and now she will have to leave him forever. Prudence is scolding her about her pacing when she suddenly freezes in place. Foeslayer is surprised to see Arctic walk through the wall of her chambers, and Foeslayer realizes that he is using his animus magic to escape his kingdom and go with her so they can be together. Arctic and Foeslayer have a happy reunion, and he enchants Foeslayer's earring so that she can not be harmed by any of Diamond's spells. Arctic then unfreezes Prudence, and persuades her to go to the Night Kingdom with them. The three of them go together back to the hallway to escape. As Arctic freezes IceWing guards in their way, Prudence reveals to her that she is letting Arctic come with them in hope that Foeslayer and Arctic have dragonets and pass the animus gene to the NightWing tribe. Prudence then goes to get the other two NightWIngs that came along with them, Starclaws and Discretion, Foeslayer swears to herself to never tell Arctic what her mother just told her.

Snowflake and Snowfox spot the two fleeing and send a huge wave of IceWing guards after them. The guards shoot arrows and Foeslayer, but they swerve away from her due to her earring enchantment. Arctic enchants the guard's spears to stop them, and the spears kill the guards, which wasn't what Arctic meant to do. Snowflake then catches up with them, shouting at Arctic that he should never be happy. Foeslayer then breaths fire and Arctic makes it fly over and burn Snowflake's wing, making her fall onto the snow below. They then fly to a cliff and meet up with Prudence and the rest of the NightWings. Prudence offers Foeslayer one of the enchanted bracelets to survive the harsh, cold weather ahead of them, but Foeslayer declines saying that her earring will save her. The group flies toward the Night Kingdom. Foeslayer asks Arctic if his soul is okay, which he replies saying that it is none of her business. When she tells him that it is, Arctic just growls and looks at her with a smug expression. Foeslayer convinces herself that she will make Arctic happy again, and that he and she would be together forever.

Winter Turning Edit

To win the Diamond Trial, one must defeat Foeslayer and then kill their opponent. When Hailstorm and Winter found her in the Diamond Caves, Hailstorm touched his narwhal spear to the layer of ice covering her, cracking it off, he then attacked her. Foeslayer fought back and immobilized him, but when she moved in to kill him, Winter attacks her to protect Hailstorm. Hailstorm recovered and killed her, he then revealed that one of them has to kill the other in order to win the Diamond Trial.

Hailstorm agreed to let Winter sneak off and pretend he was killed instead of Hailstorm having to kill his own brother. When Hailstorm left, Winter tapped his spear to Foeslayer's ice again and cracked it, she remarked that she has never been woken up by the same dragonets twice. Winter then demanded why Foeslayer stole Prince Arctic, but she objected to the word "steal" and told Winter that they fell in love with each other, so Prince Arctic ran off with her, knowing the IceWings wouldn't accept this. Winter felt sympathetic to the love she had for Arctic, comparing it to the feelings he has for Moon, and decided to set Foeslayer free.

Winter figured out that he needs to use frostbreath on the base of the chains to break off the animus touched shackles that kept Foeslayer from leaving the Diamond Caves. Before he broke them off, he asked her to promise to leave the IceWings alone. She agreed, stating she never wanted to see another IceWing ever again, and said that she was going straight back to the (old) Night Kingdom. Winter decided that this would be a chance to find the Lost Kingdom of Night since Foeslayer and Darkstalker are the only ones who know where it was hidden. He hoped that after finding it, he'd be able to rejoin his friends and save Jade Mountain.

Escaping Peril Edit

Foeslayer appeared with Winter when they were flying back to Possibility. Upon seeing Peril, Foeslayer remarked that she hadn't seen a firescales dragon in a long time. Later, after Peril accidentally burned Winter in their fight, Peril commanded Foeslayer to look for help, and she left.  

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Qibli sees her while he's in the library getting the blueprints of the Old Night Kingdom Castle. She asks him what his opinion on Darkstalker is, and later gives him a map to the location where she imprisoned Tsunami.

Near the end of the book, Foeslayer is sitting on a cliff/ledge and Darkstalker flies over to her. They embrace and Qibli sees that Darkstalker loved her more than Clearsight or Moonwatcher. Soon after, Foeslayer tries convincing Darkstalker to use his magic and make himself a dragonet with no powers and a wiped memory. Darkstalker is not persuaded, but Kinkajou is able to turn him into a dragonet using scraps of his magic scroll that she stole from Chameleon. Foeslayer takes over as the dragonet's (Peacemaker's) mother. She changes her name to Hope, upon the suggestion from Qibli, and goes to live with the RainWings.

In the epilogue, Moonwatcher asked her about the lost continent, and she replies that it was a kind of joke in her time, and then says that the NightWings calculated that Pyrrhia only covered a third of the world, and that it was quite possible that another continent was out there. Then she tells her that "before you go looking for trouble, see if you can find anything on the Legend of the Hive."

Family Tree Edit

Animus IceWings
(Frostbite, Penguin)
Queen Diamond
Princess Snowfox
Prince Arctic
Unnamed Daughter

Quotes Edit

"AAAAAAAH, why is it SO COLD?" - to Arctic

"Seriously the worst! That poor dragon! I am completely telling her not to marry you. I pity whoever gets tricked into that. You'll be like, 'Happy fortieth anniversary...what's your name again?' and she'll be all, 'It's our FIFTIETH, you slime weasel, and my name is you're sleeping on an iceberg tonight.'" to Arctic, about Snowflake

"Nothing. Is wrong with my dragonets." - to Arctic

"They're not superstitions, by the way. You don't have to be a rhinoceros nostril just because you don't understand something." - to Arctic

"Darkstalker, hello, darling." - to Darkstalker, after he hatches

"I didn't steal him. I fell in love with him. And he loved me too. That's the truth, although no IceWing has ever listened long enough to hear it before."

"We didn't mean to ruin everything. Or start a terrible war, or to make two tribes hate each other for all eternity. We just wanted to be together."

"Brothers, oh my, how devastating. Welcome to my prison. I am Foeslayer."

"Here's some advice for you—never make an animus angry."

"The darkness is his prey. He chases back the dark, like a hero." - About Darkstalker

"Of course. What could I do? Send you to a room? Extra chores for a week? Somehow those didn't seem particularly apt for this situation."

"Aren't we all?" - Said to Hailstorm when he told her he was going to kill her.

"I just- I have this strange feeling, that the world is about to change forever."

Darkstalker, my beloved disaster”- to Darkstalker

Trivia Edit

  • All animus NightWings were descended from her and Arctic.
  • She was the best fighter in her class.
  • Foeslayer said that "NightWing mothers always know," inferring that it is instinct that they put their eggs under the moons and know when they will hatch. In Moon Rising, Secretkeeper had the same instinct that the egg (Moon's) would hatch, and Secretkeeper got an instinct that the egg was going to be a girl, and it was.
  • In Darkstalker, Darkstalker talks about possibly naming one of his and Clearsight's dragonets Foeslayer, after his mother.
  • Because Foeslayer didn't necessarily age in the Diamond Trial Caves, she's physically younger than Darkstalker, making Darkstalker physically older than his mother.
  • Age wise, Foeslayer is the oldest living dragon known to the series.
  • Foeslayer says she hasn't seen firescales in a long time, meaning firescales were possible in the past. 
  • Foeslayer apparently got to the Old Night Kingdom sometime during Talons of Power when Turtle follows Darkstalker there, hence the feeling of being watched that Turtle got when he was there. 
  • It is mentioned in Winter Turning that Queen Diamond killed her forty times after the spell was cast on her. 


References Edit

  1. Darkstalker (Legends), prologue
  2. Darkstalker (Legends), position 140


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