Horizon was a male SandWing soldier who fought for Princess Blaze during the War of The SandWing Succession. He was later captured by Queen Scarlet, then forced to fight in the SkyWing arena. Like all prisoners who fight in the arena, he was eventually killed by Peril after achieving four victories prior to his fight against Peril. He committed suicide by throwing himself into Peril, practically hugging her until he died from the burns and heat from her scales. Peril, surprised by this, simply froze and let him do it. Queen Scarlet was later angry with her battle because he died "too quick of a death".

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The Dragonet Prophecy Edit

Clay was placed on a spire next to Horizon after he and the other dragonets were imprisoned by Queen Scarlet. Horizon spent most of his time between matches pacing around on his rock spire angrily and lashing his tail, shaking the wires attached to him.


Horizon throwing himself at Peril for a quicker death

After four victories, he was pitted against Peril. Horizon tried to fight her, but after realizing that fighting back would be pointless, he soon committed suicide by pressing himself into her firescales for a quicker death, causing him to burn and die. That action made Queen Scarlet angry, for it wasn't very "thrilling" for the audience, or for her. Peril later explained to Clay that it was "poor form" for the SandWing to kill himself instead of fighting to the death. and that she should have shoved him back and made the battle more exciting for Queen Scarlet and the others.

Trivia Edit

  • A horizon is where the sky and earth appear to meet. It can also refer to a layer of soil.
  • Horizon was the first dragon seen to die in the arena, and the third in the series.
  • Horizon was not the only dragon to commit suicide in the series - a RainWing named Tapir was said to have starved himself in The Hidden Kingdom to escape NightWing captivity.
  • Horizon is a neutral name, as it could be a SkyWing, SeaWing, SandWing, or RainWing name.

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