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Human settlements refer to any location where humans reside, either currently or previously. They are also known as scavenger dens by dragons, and several Pyrrhian dragon maps include the location of known human settlements.


These settlements often house the treasure that humans have stolen from dragons. IceWings, NightWings, and SandWings have been known to destroy the settlements out of spite or in search of the lost SandWing treasure. Some scavenger dens also have weaponry designed to repel dragons.[1]

Notable Features

Indestructible City

The Indestructible City is a well-known human settlement near a bend in the Winding Tail River, north of the Rainforest Kingdom, and west of Queen Moorhen's lake. It is believed to be the largest in Pyrrhia, and unlike most human settlements, it is not hidden away, and is well-fortified with stone walls. It is built high in the air, on a cliff overlooking a forest, and placed so any dragon would be visible for miles in any direction. It is built where a large overhanging ledge shelters much of it from the sky. Cave entrances dot the cliffside and odd structures are carved out of the rock. A wall of thick stone runs around the edge, ending at the cliff on each side.[2] The humans in this settlement seem very active,[3] and it is equipped with at least one large contraption made of pieces of wood that are fit together with rope and metal. The sharp, pointed end of its spear slid into a slot in the stone wall and pokes out of the outer side.[4] The spear is as long as a dragon, and was activated by a torch.[1]

Wren described it as having too many walls. There is a contraption designed for rising and lowering heavy goods and humans in and out of the walls of the city. On the top of a cliff, guards protect the tall, narrow, worn stairs that lead to the city. It is said to be one of the only scavenger cities to fight back against dragons. It is mentioned to have an overhang above it and a waterwheel to collect water.


Valor is an underground city located near the Claws of the Clouds Mountains. The city stretches for miles, according to Sunny in The Brightest Night. It is connected through several tunnels, leading to homes and the surface. Wingwatchers help protect the settlement by alerting the residents when dragons are outside and by making sure nobody leads them to the city. Heath ruled Valor for about twenty years, but has since been ousted as a fraud and replaced by Brook.


Talisman is located in the mountains south of the SkyWing palace and close to the Diamond Spray River. The dragonmancers used to run the village before Wren exposed their secrets and forced them to step down from power.

Safe Harbor

The Safe Harbor is a location shown on the map of Dragonslayer. It appeared as a generic scavenger den on the map of Pyrrhia, and appeared in the epilogue of The Dark Secret. Safe Harbor is represented on the map as a large castle. Wren notes that it is almost as big as the Indestructible City and just as likely to shoot flaming things at dragons.[5] It was in close proximity to Blister's hideout, and was destroyed by Blister herself out of frustration after the attack on the Summer Palace in The Lost Heir.

Ruins of Valor

The ruins of Valor, also known as the scavenger ruins to dragons, are the remains of the old village of Valor, found on the border of the Kingdom of Sand and Jade Mountain. It first appeared in The Brightest Night.

Scavenger Temple

The scavenger temple is a hidden temple in the forest near Valor. It has two missing walls, with only weathered marble columns left to hold up the roof. It also has a window large enough for a human to leap through. Dragons that are flying, roaring, lounging on clouds, prowling through trees, and snarling at each other are carved all over the temple.[6]

Cave Village

The Cave Village is a human settlement located in Pantala. It resides underground, somewhere close to the abyss.[7] The secret upper tunnels are small enough so only humans can traverse them. Whispers from the abyss can be heard in the upper caves, but there's a rule against talking of it or going near it. Vole is mentioned to have tossed people into the pit and, as a result, it is forbidden for anybody to talk about him or go near him either. Mole is the only one allowed to go near Vole in order to keep him alive. Raven sometimes goes up to Vole and talks to him.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Lost Heir

Blister destroyed the Safe Harbor as a result of frustration after the attack on the Summer Palace.

The Dark Secret

In the prologue, Umber flew over a scavenger den while escaping the attacking IceWings. Later on in the story, Starflight noticed that the enormous map covering the tunnel to Battlewinner's cave had locations of scavenger dens.

The Brightest Night

Sunny came to the remains of a scavenger den after spending a night with Stonemover. There, she found two scavengers and named them Fluffy and Holler. She waited there to receive treasure from them, hoping that she would find the Eye of Onyx.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Winter Turning

Winter and the other dragons passed by the Indestructible City when they were trying to find the Talons of Peace. Deathbringer mentioned that a few dragons tried to hunt the scavengers inside, but it's not worth the effort since there is easier prey to be found. As Winter was signaling for the group, he noticed the scavengers spotting Moonwatcher, Qibli, and Kinkajou. They fired a flaming weapon at Qibli, most likely a ballista, but Winter was able to knock it off course with his frostbreath before it hit him. He told them to move to a higher spot to avoid being hit.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift

The abyss and Sanctuary were two human settlements shown.



Multiple human settlements appeared, such as the Indestructible City, Talisman, and Valor.


  • Starflight always believed scavenger dens were like meerkat warrens.[8]


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