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The IceWing plague was a deadly animus enchantment made by Darkstalker, affecting almost every IceWing on Pyrrhia.


The plague would cause IceWings to cough up blood and was fatal, killing dragons after a period of sickness.[1][2] In Glacier's case, it caused her to become unconscious for long periods of time.[3] It did not spread like a normal disease, as dragons would spontaneously get sick without any points of transmission.[4] Only Winter and hybrids were not affected. The exact wording of the spell is unknown, but it affected almost all the IceWings across Pyrrhia.[5]


  • Darkstalker cast the spell to inflict the plague the night he was freed from Agate Mountain.[6]
  • Qibli learned about the plague from Typhoon while visiting Queen Thorn.[1] He used Turtle's bowl to duplicate his enchanted earring, which granted immunity to Darkstalker's spells to the wearer, and sent a sack of them to the IceWings in an attempt to save them.[7]
  • Many IceWings survived the plague, thus reigniting the two-thousand-year-old war between the IceWings and the NightWings.[8]

Known Casualties


  • The only pure IceWing not to get the plague was Winter. This was because he was Moon's friend and Darkstalker promised her that he wouldn't hurt them.[11]
  • It did not affect IceWing hybrids.[12]


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