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The Ice Kingdom is currently ruled by Queen Snowfall. It is the territory of the IceWings, and consists of the "head," or northern peninsula, of Pyrrhia. It borders the northern ocean, the Kingdom of Sand, and a portion of the Sky Kingdom.


The Ice Kingdom is well-known for its sub-zero temperatures and freezing winds.[1] There are islands with caves surrounding the IceWing palace,[2] as well as dark green oceans studded with drifting pieces of ice.[3] Distant splashes of whales and seals carry across the cool, quiet ice, and the smallest changes can be detected in the frozen world.[4] Winter described the Ice Kingdom to be the safest and most purely beautiful place in Pyrrhia,[5] a snowy landscape dotted with sheer cliffs and pure blue lakes.[6] It is rare to find complete darkness, even at night; the Gift of Light is spread throughout the kingdom, and there are moon globes everywhere. There is a lot of open space, and the three moons glitter on everything: the snow, the palace, the frozen lakes, and the glaciers.[7] According to Winter, cities in the Ice Kingdom are very carefully built. It is clear where the wealth and power are, who has it, and who can influence it.[8]

The Ice Kingdom's land is mostly snowy, icy, cold tundra, with multiple glaciers adding to the overall shape of the kingdom. It is cold enough that almost everywhere is covered with snow.[citation needed] Darkstalker said that for tribes besides IceWings, the Ice Kingdom would be horrible to conquer.[citation needed] The map of Pyrrhia shows that there are areas of mountain and boreal forest in the Ice Kingdom, which are also snow-covered. Icebergs, ice sheets, and ice floes litter the sea around the kingdom.

Queen Snowfall's palace is located in the far north, on the peninsula. Inside the palace, there is a Moon Globe Tree created by the animus Frostbite, which is known as the Gift of Light.

It was mentioned in Darkstalker that there were three other palaces in the Ice Kingdom.

Notable Features

Great Ice Cliff

The Great Ice Cliff is an animus touched wall that borders some of the Ice Kingdom. The cliff shoots icicle spears at any dragon who is not an IceWing if they attempt to fly over the wall into the Ice Kingdom. It was an animus gift from an unnamed IceWing animus and was named the Gift of Defense.[citation needed] The only way for a dragon that's from another tribe to fly over without getting killed is to put on one of three animus-touched bracelets that prevent the Great Ice Cliff's effects. These bracelets were called the Gift of Diplomacy. The reason the IceWings only have three bracelets could possibly be because it would prevent large groups of dragons from other tribes from entering the Ice Kingdom.

In Darkstalker, Prince Arctic took Whiteout towards the IceWing territory to offer her talons in marriage in exchange for Foeslayer's life. The Cliff also lets IceWing hybrids pass over it safely as well since Typhoon says that being half IceWing is IceWing enough.[citation needed]

In the epilogue of The Poison Jungle, Queen Snowfall asked Jerboa II to extend the Great Ice Cliff to protect them from the LeafWings and SilkWings, but not only did she not want to, but Jerboa was also unable to complete her request due to animus magic currently being broken.

Diamond Caves

The Diamond Caves are a system of ice caverns within the Ice Kingdom where the Diamond Trial takes place. They were named after the trial's creator, Queen Diamond. It is also known as the Gift of Vengeance. These caves are also where Foeslayer was trapped until Winter set her free in Winter Turning. Winter mentions that Queen Diamond used her animus power more than once to create the Diamond Caves, and then to imprison Foeslayer. 

They are a series of caves and caverns made mostly of ice, filled with stalactites and stalagmites like any other cavern, located at the north-westernmost peninsula on Pyrrhia.[citation needed] Near Foeslayer's cave, there is an uncountable amount of frozen IceWing dragonets, who all died during the Diamond Trial. An underground river runs near the entrance to the cave, into a dark chasm.[citation needed]




  • Birds
    • Hawks[citation needed]
    • Penguins[citation needed]
    • Snowy owls[9]
  • Ermines[citation needed]
  • Foxes[citation needed]
  • Hares[citation needed]
  • Lynxes[citation needed]
  • Polar bears[2]
  • Rabbits [citation needed]
  • Pinnipeds[citation needed]
  • Wolves[citation needed]
  • Caribou[10]
  • Seals[11] 
    • Elephant seals
  • Walruses[12]
  • Sardines[citation needed]
  • Whales[4]
    • Belugas[citation needed]
    • Narwhals[citation needed]



The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom

Glory and Jambu traveled to the Ice Kingdom disguised as IceWings to find Blaze. They tested her to see if she was worthy of being the next SandWing queen. Deathbringer, a NightWing assassin, was hiding near the border. He attempted to kill Blaze, but did not succeed.

The Jade Mountain Propehcy

Winter Turning

The beginning of the book took place in the kingdom during Winter's flashback, which follows his dragonethood memories and struggles.

Later on in the story, Winter returned to the Ice Kingdom with Hailstorm after rescuing him, which resulted in Winter moving up to the First Circle. Because Hailstorm was at the bottom of the ranking, the two dragons underwent the Diamond Trial and face Foeslayer. After the trial, Hailstorm did not want to kill Winter, to which the two agree and parted ways. Now alone, Winter freed Foeslayer from her imprisonment in the cave and she returned to the former Night Kingdom.

Darkness of Dragons

Anemone mentioned the Ice Kingdom's main palace in her spell to stop the Battle of Jade Mountain.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

More information flying in soon…

The Dangerous Gift

Snowfall and her scout were talking about the mysterious approching dragons on one of the tallest spires in Snowfall's palace. Snowfall later went down to the wall of ranking and rearranged some of the names.



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