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"Yes — and if I had succeeded in killing the prophecy dragonets for Queen Scarlet, she would have given him back to me. To us. But instead you've killed him all over again. And now you have to live with that forever."
— Icicle to Winter about Hailstorm, Moon Rising

Icicle is a female IceWing dragonet who was introduced in Moon Rising. She formerly attended Jade Mountain Academy as a member of the Gold Winglet. After attempting to murder the dragonets of destiny, she escaped Jade Mountain and fled to the Rainforest Kingdom, where she was soon arrested by Glory. She is currently imprisoned and awaiting trial in the Ice Kingdom.


Icicle has gleaming white scales.[1] She is pristine,[2] with pale,[3] arctic blue eyes.[4] She is haughty-looking,[5] with a smooth, high-pitched voice.[6] Her claws are sharp, her teeth gleam, and her spines are pristine even after clubbing a walrus to death; she plunged into the ocean six times a day before attending Jade Mountain Academy in order to appear clean.[4] She is larger than Winter[7] and most RainWings.[8]


According to Winter, Icicle is brilliant, dangerous, and prefers to hunt alone. He thinks that she would have rescued Hailstorm herself without asking for assistance from anyone[9] and is ferocious.[8] Although Moonwatcher would not have acted the way Icicle did and agreed that Icicle needed to be stopped, she understood Icicle's choices and did not believe that she was evil. Moonwatcher also described Icicle's mind as very cold and intense.[10] She is stubborn, fearless, and fiercely determined, shown in how she angrily burned herself to stay awake.[11]


Icicle was confirmed by Moon and Sora to have been the one that killed Crane in the battle between the IceWings and MudWings during the War of SandWing Succession. Icicle killed Crane by slitting her throat, then grinned at Sora as she flew away.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
She joined the Jade Mountain Academy at Queen Glacier's insistence, and became clawmates with Sora. When Moon came back from talking to Stonemover on her first night, she heard a dragon was speaking to Scarlet with a dreamvisitor. Darkstalker did not want to tell Moon who was contacting Queen Scarlet, because he knew that future ended in her death. Sora attempted to kill Icicle twice, killing Carnelian and Bigtail, and injuring Tamarin in the process. Icicle then tried to kill Sora and Starflight. Moonwatcher figured out that she was the one who was contacting Scarlet, but Icicle said that she was doing this to get her brother Hailstorm back. She tried to convince Winter that she was doing this for Hailstorm, but Winter objected and fought back. She then escaped out of a nearby window, her next target being Queen Glory.
Winter Turning
Icicle was found on the destroyed NightWing island with bloodshot eyes, having not slept in four or five days. She did this because she did not want to hear Scarlet tell her that she had failed and that her brother was dead by dreamvisitor. She mentions her plans to assassinate Glory, and Kinkajou unexpectedly tackles Icicle, pinning her to the ground. Before Icicle can kill Kinkajou, Deathbringer and Queen Glory arrive and tranquilize Icicle, who desperately screams at Winter that she needs to stay awake, because Ex-Queen Scarlet might appear in her dreams. She is arrested and transported to the healers' hut, unconscious.

Before the effect of the tranquilizer dart sinks in, she begs her brother to keep her from falling asleep. Winter tells her to make a deal with Scarlet, saying that if he kills Glory, the former SkyWing queen will release his brother. Icicle does so. Moon reads her mind, trying to learn where Scarlet is. She also finds out about the deal, but she does not believe Winter will go through with it.

She is later seen flying with Queen Glacier back to the IceWing palace after Glory allows her to return to the Ice Kingdom. Her punishment was up to Glacier, on the condition that there would be a cutting of the Moon Globe Tree for the RainWings and NightWings.
Escaping Peril
Icicle was mentioned to have been sent by Scarlet to kill the dragonets of destiny when Peril failed to do what Scarlet told her to do.
Darkness of Dragons
Although not making a formal appearance, she is briefly mentioned by Winter in the epilogue when he says he is allowed back in the Ice Kingdom for Icicle's trial, though only for a few days.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Icicle was mentioned by Snowfall to be in prison. She was also mentioned when Snowfall thought about the two IceWings sent to replace her and Winter at Jade Mountain.



Icicle seemed to care a lot more about Hailstorm rather than Winter, grieving for him as well as feeling guilty for failing him. Her love for Hailstorm was the motive behind working for Scarlet, as she would do anything to get him back. However, Hailstorm's thoughts about Icicle are unknown.


Icicle was forced to kill the dragonets of destiny, but failed. Scarlet manipulated her, haunting her in her dreams every day to the point where Icicle burns herself to stay awake. Scarlet's sinister words made Icicle desperate to have her brother back.


Icicle cared little for Winter, favoring Hailstorm instead. She called him useless and a disappointment, seeming to have no emotional connection to him; in contrast, Winter cared about her even when she would not have loved him the same way.

Family Tree



"I see how you benefit from this plan, but I'm not hearing any guarantees for me. Killing is easy enough, but if I kill them, how do I know you'll tell me the truth? And what happens to him if they catch me?"
― to Scarlet in her dream (Moon Rising, page 68)

"I'll tell you what else, […] That bomb yesterday was probably meant for me, too. I'm the target. Someone was trying to kill me, and I'm going to find whoever it is and turn them into a glittering ice statue, which I will then beat to smithereens with my tail."
― when the stalactite almost kills her (Moon Rising, page 258)

"I see you edging closer, SandWing, […] Listen. I'll just take this librarian with me to make sure no one follows. I'll release him once I'm a safe distance away. That's the best deal you're going to get."
― to Qibli when she attacks Starflight in the library (Moon Rising, page 272)

"Very well, Plan B, […] Multiple kills, escape in the chaos. That SandWing is just within range of my frostbreath, and then I slit Starflight's throat, break the little NightWing's neck, and go after Sunny and the others. Winter can stay and whimper over their bones if he wants to."
― a thought while in the library (Moon Rising, page 273)

"You never won when we fought in the hatchery, […] Don't bother trying now. And for what? A couple of NightWings? Don't you remember that we hate them? Don't you remember what they did to our tribe? To Hailstorm? […] The NightWings came right out of the sky and killed every last IceWing in Scarlet's mountain prison, […] While the IceWings were still bound and chained. Remember? And do you remember why? To make Queen Scarlet free that one. […] He's the reason they're all dead."
― to Winter when he comes to save Moon, Qibli, and Starflight in the library (Moon Rising, page 274-275)

"Yes — and if I had succeeded in killing the prophecy dragonets for Queen Scarlet, she would have given him back to me. To us. But instead you've killed him all over again. And now you have to live with that forever."
― to Winter after she revealed that their brother Hailstorm is still alive (Moon Rising, page 276)

"I don't need your help, of all dragons. You don't have the claws to do what needs to be done. And she's probably killed him by now anyway."
― to Winter about him helping her save Hailstorm (Winter Turning, page 102)

"No! […] I can't sleep! Don't make me sleep! […] Winter, stop them — help me — tell them I can't — she'll find me! She'll tell me he's dead and then it'll be over and he'll be gone! Winter, keep me awake!"
― when they find her on the NightWing Volcano (Winter Turning, page 105)


  • Icicle was combat training with dragons three times her size by her first hatching day.[12]
  • Icicle believes that an IceWing who glitters like diamonds is more menacing, and that grubby, dull dragons deserve to be in the Seventh Circle.[4]



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