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"I promise! I don't want to fight anyone! I just want to get Glowworm and go home!"
— Inchworm to Hazel, The Poison Jungle

Inchworm is an adult male HiveWing that was introduced in The Poison Jungle. He resides in Vinegaroon Hive.


Inchworm seems to be a pacifist, being terrified of the presumed extinct LeafWings and promising not to hurt them. He is also rather protective of his dragonet, as he instantly thought about her the moment he was "freed" by consuming the counterfeit "heart of salvation."


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Poison Jungle

After being captured, Willow, Sundew and Hazel attempted to use the 'heart of salvation' to free Inchworm from Queen Wasp's mind control. As almost immediately after being fed the plant, he started worrying about his daughter, and they were convinced the antidote was real. However, this was a ruse created by the othermind, as it convinced Queen Wasp to leave him to maintain the illusion of a cure.



Inchworm shows great concern for his daughter, and the first thing he did when 'freed' from the mind-control was asked where she was. He also seemed very distraught over her being controlled, as she was too young to know how to fight.

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"What is happening? […] Where am I? Why does everything smell wet?"
― upon waking up in the Poison Jungle (The Poison Jungle, page 233)

"Inchworm, […] From Vinegaroon Hive. Who are you?"
― introducing himself to the LeafWings and Cricket (The Poison Jungle, page 234)

"She was summoned, too. […] Everyone was. I think Wasp called the whole tribe. Are we going to war? My dragonet is out there… she doesn't know how to fight! I have to find her."
― about his daughter, Glowworm (The Poison Jungle, page 234)

"I promise, […] I promise! I don't want to fight anyone! I just want to get Glowworm and go home!"
― about his daughter, Glowworm (The Poison Jungle, page 235)





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