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"Our choices are what make us good or evil — what we do, how we help or hurt the world. You make the world a better place by being in it. With or without your magic, that's always been true."
— Indigo to Fathom, Darkstalker

Indigo was an adult female SeaWing who was introduced in Darkstalker. She was the partner of Fathom and the mother of Clearpool, Cowrie, and Ripple.

Her last known location was an island off the coast of the Rainforest Kingdom, where she was raising her three dragonets with her partner, Fathom.


Indigo had deep blue scales that were almost purple,[1] dark purple-blue claws,[2] and dark purple eyes.[3] She moved with astonishing quickness.[4] Fathom described her to have an intelligent expression.[citation needed]


Indigo was firm,[5] clever,[4] curious,[6] defiant,[7] loyal,[8] brave,[9] intelligent,[10] courageous,[11] and protective.[4] She was said to be mischievous and funny, and enjoyed executing pranks alongside Fathom.[12] She distrusted most NightWings and strongly believed that Darkstalker was inherently evil, going as far as attacking him and holding a sharp metal disk to his throat.[4] She was also noted to be thoughtful and a good listener,[13][page # needed] and she often spoke her mind.[14] She did not seem to care much about her physical appearance.[15] She was typically outwardly calm, despite her trauma resulting from the Royal SeaWing Massacre.[1] According to Darkstalker's soul reader, she had a lot of goodness within her heart.[16]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power
Indigo was featured in one of Turtle's favorite scrolls. The story was about her saving the tribe from a deranged killer, Albatross, who almost massacred the entire royal family.


During the animus test, Indigo fooled around and teased Fathom. Queen Lagoon and Albatross appeared and scolded her. When Fathom politely asked the coconut to hit Albatross, she teased him yet again, telling him that he was allowed to be mean to objects. When the coconut hit Albatross, she asked why Fathom had never told her. He replied that he had not known he was an animus.

Later, while she, Fathom, and Pearl were at tutoring, Albatross sent a messenger for Fathom. Not wanting to leave his side, Indigo snuck away to watch what they were doing and found them at the Summer Palace. Albatross discovered her spying on them, saying that Queen Lagoon would "not be pleased that you've seen her most secret project." Indigo, characteristically, was defiant and acted as though she did not care. When Fathom told her excitedly that he was about to do his first enchantment, Albatross told them that they were done with their first lesson and left them alone at the Summer Palace.

Indigo and Fathom begun to build a sea castle on the beach. As they did this, Fathom wondered why Albatross suddenly decided to quit. Indigo speculated that it was because he was old and boring, and then asked to Fathom whether he thought the queen would stop them from being friends. Fathom declared that he would never let the queen do that. Indigo still looked worried, so he used his first enchantment to make an octopus out of driftwood for her, despite her protests that they should wait. Even so, Indigo loved it immediately and named the octopus Blob by saying, "He's clearly a Blob. Aren't you, Blob?"

Indigo was present at the start of The Royal SeaWing Massacre, and she and Fathom later ran to one of the above-water pavilions to hide when they realize that Albatross was killing any dragon he saw. Indigo told Fathom that he was the most likely next target. Indigo and Fathom were hiding under a boat when Albatross came into the pavilion, and Indigo got out from under the boat and attacks Albatross, trying to give Fathom time to escape. Instead, Fathom ordered the spears to kill his grandfather, and Indigo seized Albatross's snout to smother any spell he might try to cast. The spears eventually do kill Albatross, but Indigo fell and almost died. Fathom saved Indigo's life by using the pearl necklace that she was wearing. When the massacre ends, Fathom named Indigo as the dragon that killed Albatross, keeping his fatal use of his powers a secret. She was then named the 'Animus Killer.'

Years pass until Indigo saw Fathom again. Queen Pearl kept the two dragonets away from each other because it was clear they were in love. When Fathom found out about Darkstalker being an animus, he decided to go to the Night Kingdom, and Indigo volunteered to go with him. They also take two other guards, Wharf and Lionfish. When they arrive, they attend a party where they first met Darkstalker. Indigo was immediately suspicious of Darkstalker, even to the point where she held a razor-sharp dagger to his throat. That was when Darkstalker made up his mind that he needed to 'dispose' Indigo.

A month passed, and Darkstalker got his chance. He enchanted a pebble to, when thrown into the room Indigo was in, trap her inside the carving of a SeaWing Fathom made for him. For a good part of the story, she was inside the carving. Fathom finally got her out many days later after reading the enchantment, clutching the carving and enchanting it to release her. While he did that, Clearsight was trapping Darkstalker under the mountain.

The two fly away to a secret island, never to be seen by the mainlanders again. They had three dragonets together: Cowrie, Ripple, and Clearpool. They passed animus blood down through the line until eventually one of their dragonets finds their way back to the other SeaWings.



Blob snuggled in close to Indigo, and often sat atop her shoulder. Indigo was delighted to have him,[17] and loved him very dearly.[18] She was happy and joyful when they were reunited before leaving the lost city of night.[19]


Darkstalker was hostile towards Indigo, and while the NightWing attempted to convince Fathom to loosen his hold on his magic, Indigo encouraged him to keep it under strict control.[16] She was suspicious towards him,[20] and after she destroyed the goblet he bought for Fathom, he looked consumed with rage.[21] She considered Darkstalker to be manipulative[22] and constantly watched him to ensure that he did not harm Fathom.[23]


Since they were tiny dragonets, Fathom was Indigo's best friend. He rarely went anywhere without her, and they'd been together almost since hatching.[3] Some of Fathom's memories alongside her included claw painting, hours spent carving a dolphin out of wood for her, filling out their fish journals for every variety in the sea, and her teasing him for taking their tutors so seriously.[8] Fathom considered her smile the best in Pyrrhia, and they were often physically affectionate.[24] He was reassuring towards her,[25] and his affection towards her was noticeable to other dragons.[26] He looked at her like he loves her, and created treasure for her out of his own talons; likewise, she brought him what he needed before he asked for it.[27] He considered their relationship platonic until the night of the Royal SeaWing Massacre, when he realized that the happy flutters in his heart whenever he saw Indigo indicated that he was in love with her.[27][28]

After the massacre, Fathom considered being separated from Indigo the worst punishment of all.[29] Even after being separated from her for an entire year, seeing her in Pearl's throne room brought memories and longing and despair crashing back to Fathom. He would do anything to save her, even giving up his entire soul.[8] He wanted desperately for her to accompany him to the lost city of night, but also considered how dangerous it would be for Indigo.[9] She is protective towards him[30][31] and spent hours training after the massacre so that no dragon could hurt Fathom ever again.[4] She often felt sympathetic towards Fathom.[32] Despite her experiences with Albatross' animus magic, she did not consider Fathom dangerous, and he missed her very much while they were separated.[33] She refused to leave him, and trusted him immensely.[33]

After Indigo smashed the goblet that Darkstalker created for Fathom, he chose Wharf to accompany him to the Royal Tower instead of Indigo. She was wrought with hurt and disbelief,[22] but although Fathom was upset with her, he understood her protectiveness, and wanted her to stay within their chambers for her own safety.[34]

After fleeing the lost city of night and settling down together on an island near the Rainforest Kingdom, Indigo was eventually able to convince Fathom that it was all right for him to be happy, and that he was not a monster because of his animus magic.[35] She believed with all of her heart that Fathom had too much kindness and goodness in him to ever end up like Albatross and Darkstalker.[36]


Lagoon openly disliked Indigo, who was terrified by the queen.[2] She often glared at Indigo[14] and looked down her snout at the dragonet.[37] As Fathom grew older, her words towards Indigo became meaner and more pointed,[38] and she spoke to Indigo exactly as she did towards the servants.[26]


Their relationship seemed to be positive and she did not seem to mind that Indigo had borrowed Pearl's jewelry to attend a diplomatic party. She also would compliment Indigo.[39]


After the Royal SeaWing Massacre, Indigo was promoted to Pearl's honor guard, assigned to the squadron that protected Pearl herself, night and day. She rarely let Indigo leave her side.[29][40]

Family Tree



"Who, me? What did I say? Nothing, that's what. You're the one being noisy. I'm just sitting here. Perfectly still. A model dragonet, me."
― to Fathom (Darkstalker, page 1-2)

"I look like a squid pretending to be a seahorse."
― to Fathom (Darkstalker, page 60)

"He's too dangerous, […] He's already trying to mess with your head, can't you tell? This isn't safe, Fathom. I should kill him right now, to protect everyone."
― to Fathom about Darkstalker (Darkstalker, page 185-186)

"I trust you not to use your power. I'm not afraid of you. I believe we're safer together, and I think I can protect you from Darkstalker. So I'm not leaving."
― to Fathom (Darkstalker, page 209)

"Well done, […] Those pillows will never question your authority again."
― to Fathom (Darkstalker, page 210)

"I believe he can be happy without any magic."
― to Darkstalker about Fathom (Darkstalker, page 227)

"Our choices are what make us good or evil — what we do, how we help or hurt the world. You make the world a better place by being in it. With or without your magic, that's always been true."
― to Fathom (Darkstalker, page 349)

"You didn't just eat it! You were smug about it! You totally deserved to be dumped in the koi pond!"
― to Fathom when talking about the time he took the last salmon (Darkstalker, epilogue)

"It's true. He's really never coming back. You did the right thing, Fathom. You saved Pyrrhia from him forever. It's safe to be happy."
― to Fathom about Darkstalker (Darkstalker, epilogue)

"Quit mashing one another into the sand and I'll tell you a story."
― to her fighting dragonets (Darkstalker, epilogue)


  • When Indigo was two, she had a geography tutor along with Fathom and Pearl.[41]
  • Indigo is described as having both dark purple eyes[3] and dark blue eyes.[23]
  • Indigo was the only dragon invited to every royal family gathering despite not having royal blood.[3]
  • When Indigo was a dragonet, she and Fathom put squid ink in everyone's toothpaste.[12]
  • Indigo prefers belugas over dolphins.[42]
  • Despite not having been the one to stab Albatross, Indigo is credited with it due to Fathom not wanting more attention.[43]



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