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"Listen, Blue. Stop trusting them right now. They've let you go about your ordinary life so far, but now you look dangerous to them, and they're not going to let you have that life back. It's gone. Please promise me you'll hide from them, Blue. And don't let them catch you."
— Io to Blue about the HiveWings, The Lost Continent

Io is an adult female SilkWing who was introduced in The Lost Continent. She is Swordtail's sister and a member of the Cicada Hive Chrysalis. She was last seen flying with Cinnabar to Cicada Hive.


Io has iridescent[1] purple scales, and spectacular,[2] huge,[3] long,[4] and dark[5] indigo[6] wings dotted here and there with iridescent[3] aquamarine green, as well as long, aristocratic-looking bones and horns.[5] She is very tall,[3] much taller than Luna, as she is described to tower over her.[5]


Io has a fervent, desperate hope to save her tribe and friends.[7] She was shown to be very kind, but has an impatient side, shown when Blue paused in The Lost Continent as they were running from the HiveWings. It is made clear that she has a hatred towards HiveWings. However, when she learned about Cricket, she was quick to thank her, despite her being a HiveWing. Like her brother, Swordtail, she has quite rebellious nature, which probably is what led her to join the rebellion in the first place. Io is also shown to have a more calm and mature nature than Swordtail, matching her brother's boiling energy with her own kind of fierce passion. She is determined, convincingly telling Blue to stop believing in the HiveWings and refusing to let her tribe be left to the othermind, despite the fact that she would have to risk her own life to save them.


The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
Io attended Luna's Metamorphosis. When she saw the excessive amount of HiveWing guards and Luna's glowing orange wrists, she suspected that Luna had flamesilk. She was worried that Blue might have inherited the ability from Admiral as well, and she helped him escape the Cocoon so that he would not be captured. She hastily explained that Blue had to find the Chrysalis for help. She fought mind-controlled HiveWing guards, allowing Blue time to escape.
The Hive Queen
Swordtail mentions that Io told Blue about the Chrysalis.
The Poison Jungle
Io was seen by Sundew in a home in the SapWing village after she was found along with Tsunami and Turtle from the Distant Kingdoms. She was found on the edge of the Poison Jungle, trapped by a roridula, running from the HiveWings. Io was later reunited with Swordtail to hear the legend of the Hive recited by Sequoia. Io is seen at the end of the book, before the SilkWings and LeafWings depart for The Distant Kingdoms, deciding to stay with Cinnabar to save the rest of the SilkWings.
The Dangerous Gift
Io was mentioned in Snowfall's vision of Atala when she was thinking about how Io had promised that they would get to fight HiveWings. Later, in Snowfall's vision of her she was outside of Cicada Hive, in the savannah. She thought about how she had sent two dragons to Tsetse Hive to go rescue the citizens of that Hive, then how she and Cinnabar flew the other way, stopping briefly at each Hive to warn whoever they could, then straight on to Mantis Hive where they had evacuated everyone in the Hive and got them safely into hiding. Io noticed that Cicada Hive was "too quiet" and suspected that the HiveWings had trapped the SilkWings in there. Cinnabar told her not to worry, and that even if that were true they could not have enough of the breath of evil to control them all yet. Io sighed and reminded herself that she has friends who will help her. Io and Cinnabar mention that the map to Pyrrhia is safe before flying off and the vision ends. She is mentioned along with Cinnabar several more times when Snowfall wonders about what happened to them and the map. She is most notably mentioned when Snowfall is upset that Hazel left a copy of the map on Pantala and Io's hope to save her tribe swept fiercely through her, like it was her own emotion.



Io appears to be supportive of her brother, as she attended his girlfriend's Metamorphosis on her own accord. The two were happy to be reunited in the SapWing village.

Family Tree



"No way! […] We can't just let them take him!"
― to Burnet when she says Blue should turn himself in for being a flamesilk (The Lost Continent, page 47)

"Why did it have to be you? […] The one SilkWing who thinks HiveWings have any good in them? Listen, Blue. Stop trusting them right now. They've let you go about your ordinary life so far, but now you look dangerous to them, and they're not going to let you have that life back. It's gone."
― to Blue about trusting HiveWings (The Lost Continent, page 48)

"There are SilkWings who can help you, […] if you can find them. A group called the Chrysalis."
― to Blue when she tells him to run (The Lost Continent, page 53)

"Because every time someone says to you, 'Hey, wasn't that mean what that HiveWing did?' you say, 'Oh, maybe she's tired or frustrated with work or just lost something important or is having a fight with her sister,' and then it's kind of hard to follow up with 'Well, care to join a movement to take her down?'"
― to Blue about why he hasn't heard of the Chrysalis (The Lost Continent, page 54)

"Well, my plan was to hide with some friends in the Yellowjacket Hive Chrysalis, […] but when I got there, I was spotted by guards, who chased me pretty much all the way to the jungle. I flew inside to escape them and almost immediately got caught by this enormous horrifying insanely sticky plant. It was going to eat me, Swordtail! With, like, its goo or something! How wild is that? But these dragons rescued me, and they said I could lie low here for a while."
― to Swordtail about being in the Poison Jungle (The Poison Jungle, page 131-132)

"It's too quiet, […] the HiveWings must be here. I bet they've got all the SilkWings trapped in there with them."
― to Cinnabar about Cicada Hive (The Dangerous Gift, page 196)


  • Io's name was misspelled as "Jo" in the preview of The Lost Continent.[citation needed]
  • Io once played with a monkey for an entire day and wanted to keep it, but her parents made her release it in the savannah since a HiveWing might eat it if they found it.[8]





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