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The Island Palace was a SeaWing palace where guests outside of the SeaWing tribe could stay, and where parties were held, due to it being above the water. The Island Palace is seen in Darkstalker when Fathom and Indigo go to the party for the visiting SkyWings, but it was abandoned after the Royal SeaWing Massacre. It was located in one of the many islands of the Bay of a Thousand Scales and is openly visible. Its ruins are located about right above the middle of what looks like the curling end of a dragon's tail on the map of Pyrrhia.


The Island Palace was an elegant, sprawling complex of pavilions, courtyards, rooms, terraces, gardens, and walkways that covered an entire island at the heart of the Kingdom of the Sea.[1] Several of the walkways led to pavilions over the water, with glass floors. Carvings of pale pink sea horses and bone-white dolphins dotted the frangipane[2] gardens. Iridescent-blue paua shells gleamed in wave patterns, with white foam made from inlaid pearl, all along the polished wooden walls.[3] It contained terraces, surrounding gardens,[4] a centered decorative pond,[5] and buffet tables during the delegation party between Eagle, Lagoon, and Sunset. In honor of the SkyWing guests, the gathering was lit with warm glowing lanterns around the gardens.[6] Giant aquariums around the terrace were full of luminous blue jellyfish, some of them trailing tangles of long, slender tentacles. The scents of vanilla, ginger, and basil came from the long tables of food, and colorful hibiscus flowers dotted the bushes and were scattered across the conversation couches.[7] The palace hosted a dance floor,[8] bar,[9] drinks table, and a statue of Lagoon, inlaid with sapphires that matched her scales. It was composed of marble and coiled over a fountain with its wings spread, water spraying from her mouth.[10]

A circle of lanterns led to a path between the gardenia bushes,[8] which then transferred into gravel[11] winding paths,[12] leading to a wooden walkway that bordered an overwater pavilion over the edge of the ocean. It contained overhead windows and a glass floor, with a dead orca and a pair of fishing spears mounted on the high ceiling. A balcony looked out to sea, and a pair of boats hulked against the side wall.[11]

Notable Features

Sunrise beach

The sunrise beach was where SeaWings during the Darkstalker time period would retreat to for tranquility or quiet conversation, for peace and quiet and solitude.[3] Royal weddings were also held here.

Sunset beach

The sunset beach was where parties, festivities, and royal weddings were usually held, including Manta and Reef's wedding.[3] These occasions were elaborate, with a wide variety of food and music. It contained several shaded courtyards,[13] and the sunset beach was covered with white sand, with waves pounding at the shore.[14]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power

The Island Palace was where the Talons of Power ceremony took place and Anemone was discovered to be an animus. When Turtle first realized that he was coming to the Island Palace, he recalled stories of it being haunted. Whirlpool had buried a dagger here so Anemone could kill her mother and become queen, which would allow Whirlpool to become king. Later in the book, Anemone came to retrieve it. When Turtle arrived to stop her, the two began dueling with animus magic, wrecking the island which had already been in ruins.



A party was held at the Island Palace for Lagoon to welcome two SkyWing ambassadors who came to negotiate the location of sea-side villages. During the party, while Queen Lagoon was showing off her power and wealth, Albatross appeared. While Lagoon was distracted by the SkyWing's warnings about animus powers, Albatross enchanted a knife from afar to come to him and slit the queen's throat, starting the massacre. At least nine dragons were killed before Albatross was stopped by Indigo and Fathom.


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