Ivy, referred to as Holler by Princess Sunny, is a female scavenger, and one of the three protagonists of the 2nd legends book, Dragonslayer, the other two being Leaf and Wren. She is one of two scavengers that Sunny met in the scavenger ruins during The Brightest Night, the other being Fluffy. She is also the daughter of The Dragonslayer.

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According to the cover of the book Dragonslayer, Ivy has long black hair and tan skin. She wears a pink shirt with a brown belt, tan pants, and pale brown shoes. She appears to be holding a miniature dreamvisitor attached to a chain in her hands.

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Dragonslayer Edit

More flying in soon...

The Brightest NightEdit

At Jade Mountain, a scavenger, later revealed to be Ivy, contacted (possibly accidentally) Sunny using a dreamvisitor. Sunny assumed that the only way the scavenger can have gotten the dreamvisitor was by stealing it, and so she traveled to the scavenger ruins in hopes that the rest of the SandWing Treasure would be there.

Upon arrival at the ruins, Sunny climbed onto a tree to survey the area from above and hide until the scavengers came. Eventually, at night, two scavengers emerged from the burnt village; one of them with short, fluffy hair, and a more confident one with longer hair. Sunny approached the scavengers, but was forced to trap them on the remains of a scavenger building due to them not being cooperative and trying to attack her. She named Ivy Holler because she was being very loud, and the other Fluffy because of his fluffy hair.

After Sunny asked for the dreamvisitor, Ivy and Fluffy began to argue, presumably on whether to give it to the dragonet or not. Eventually, Ivy produced the sapphire and gave it to Sunny. Sunny then asked for the rest of the treasure by drawing a pile of it in the dirt with her claw. After watching the two scavengers discuss it for a while, she decided to take Fluffy off of the wall, assuming that he would bring the treasure in return for Holler. Holler then demanded a ride from the dragonet, and so Sunny let her onto her back and flew off in search of Fluffy.

After Fluffy gives Sunny a sack full of treasure, Sunny noticed that the Eye of Onyx was not in there, although the Lazulite Dragon was. Sunny questioned the scavengers, but they did not appear to have it. As she was about to leave, Sunny considered keeping Ivy and Fluffy as pets, but eventually decided against it. Ivy asked Sunny for another ride, but Sunny regretfully told them that she had to leave, and flew away with the sack of treasure. Sunny wondered if she would ever see them again.

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"YIBBLE YIBBLE YIBBLE!" - How Sunny perceives the language of scavengers

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