"My dad's a liar. He let his sister die. And all the people he's banished, and who knows how many hundreds of people in all those villages the dragons destroyed. That's all because of him."
—Ivy to Daffodil, Stone, and Violet about Heath, Dragonslayer

Ivy, referred to as Holler by Sunny, is a female scavenger and one of the three main protagonists of Dragonslayer. She is one of two scavengers that Sunny met in the scavenger ruins in The Brightest Night. She is also the daughter of Heath.


Ivy has enormous brown eyes and long, dark hair flowing down to the middle of her back.[1] She is smaller than Rose.[2]


While not much of her true personality was known in The Brightest Night due to her being a scavenger instead of a dragon, Ivy appears to be braver than most scavengers, as she yelled at Sunny and also requested rides from her once they befriended each other, although this was later revealed to be Ivy trying to ask Sunny where her aunt Rose (Flower) was. Sunny also mentioned that she moved confidently. More about her personality is revealed in Dragonslayer when she was initially shown to idolize her father, Heath, for his supposed heroism, but as she grew older, she began to fear that Heath may not be as brave and heroic as everybody excluding herself thought he was. This is later proven to be true when Ivy learns that Rose's "death" was partly due to an unrepentant Heath's cowardliness and that it was Ivy's uncle Stone, not Heath, who slaughtered Oasis. Realizing that Heath was nothing but a fraud, Ivy develops resentment towards her father for his cowardliness and lack of remorse for lying about it.

Much like her aunt Rose, she has artistic talent. She is also quite curious and adventurous, which was shown when she joined the Truth Seekers to discover the mysteries her father hid from the rest of the village.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Brightest Night
At Jade Mountain, a scavenger later revealed to be Ivy, contacted (possibly accidentally) Sunny using a dreamvisitor. Sunny assumed that the only way the scavenger can have gotten the dreamvisitor was by stealing it, and so she traveled to the scavenger ruins in hopes that the rest of the SandWing treasure would be there.

Upon arrival at the ruins, Sunny climbed onto a tree to survey the area from above and hide until the scavengers came. Eventually, at night, two scavengers emerged from the burnt village; one of them with short, fluffy hair, and a more confident one with longer hair. Sunny approached the scavengers but was forced to trap them on the remains of a scavenger building due to them not being cooperative and trying to attack her. She gave Ivy the name Holler because she was being very loud, and the other Fluffy because of his fluffy hair.

After Sunny asked for the dreamvisitor, Ivy and Leaf began to argue, presumably on whether to give it to the dragonet or not. Eventually, Ivy produced the sapphire and gave it to Sunny. Sunny then asked for the rest of the treasure by drawing a pile of it in the dirt with her claw. After watching the two scavengers discuss it for a while, she decided to take Fluffy off of the wall, assuming that he would bring the treasure in return for Ivy. Ivy then demanded a ride from the dragonet, and so Sunny let her onto her back and flew off in search of Fluffy.

After Leaf gave Sunny a sack full of treasure, Sunny noticed that the Eye of Onyx was not in there, although the Lazulite Dragon was. Sunny questioned the scavengers, but they did not appear to have it. As she was about to leave, Sunny considered keeping Ivy and Leaf as pets, but eventually decided against it. Ivy asked Sunny for another ride, but Sunny regretfully told them that she had to leave, and flew away with the sack of treasure. Sunny wondered if she would ever see them again.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Sunny mentions her (as Holler) and Leaf (or Fluffy) indirectly when talking to Winter about scavengers and what to do with Bandit.


Ivy first appears in Chapter Three of Dragonslayer. Ivy was very young at this time.

She asks her mother, Lark, about her father's fame and Lark responds explaining how he killed Oasis. Ivy claims that she wants to see a dragon, and asks why Stone was yelling at Heath about running away from dragons before she asks Lark if she could have a pet dragon (much to her mother's disapproval). Later, Ivy mentally notes how Dragonslayer Way was created by the women and children but that her father took all the credit. In the book, she befriends Violet and Daffodil and forms the Truth Seekers with them. One of their "Quests" is to find out what Heath really does. As she follows Heath around Valor, Ivy runs into Foxglove and the Wingwatcher assists her outside of the underground city.

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Ivy and Daffodil consider each other best friends, caring greatly for each other. Ivy thinks that she could not imagine life without Daffodil along with Violet, calling the possibility of the two getting banished the worst thing to ever happen.


Ivy views Violet as one of her best friends. She is shown to care about Violet's wellbeing, such as when she mentions the risk of Violet and Daffodil getting banished from Valor and worries about Violet when she is arrested by Heath. When Ivy was sneaking into the SandWing stronghold with Leaf and Stone, she wishes that Violet was with them.


Ivy helped him escape from some SkyWings, and quickly became friends. She shows concern for Leaf during the Wingwatcher arrests, and before Leaf rode on Cereus, she promises that she will help him look for Wren. They appear to have romantic feelings for each other, as shown when they kiss before Leaf leaves on Cereus (or "Sweetface") to find Wren.

Family Tree



"Because he's the boss of everyone, or because he did a Dragonstare a long, long, long time ago?"
― to Lark about her father, Heath (Dragonslayer, page 36)

"Were the other dragons mad at Daddy? I think maybe slayering a dragon is not very nice. I bet that dragon did not like getting poked until it fell over and couldn't get up again."
― to Lark (Dragonslayer, page 37)

"Mommy. Mommy. Mommy, you know how Daffodil has a pet rabbit? Do you think I can have a pet dragon?"
― to Lark about Daffodil's pet rabbit (Dragonslayer, page 37)

"But Miss Laurel, why can my dad go there whenever he wants, but Pine went there once, and now he's banished from Valor forever?"
― to Miss Laurel about Pine being banished from Valor (Dragonslayer, page 43)

"My dad's a liar. [...] He let his sister die. And all the people he's banished, and who knows how many hundreds of people in all those villages the dragons destroyed. That's all because of him."
― to Daffodil, Stone, and Violet about Heath (Dragonslayer, page 206)



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