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"They are not all monsters. That means we have a chance. A chance to save Rose, a chance to bring her back and save our friends, maybe even a chance to communicate with them. After all, now I'm a girl who's ridden a dragon."
— Ivy's thoughts, Dragonslayer

Ivy, referred to as Holler by Sunny, is a female human and one of the three main protagonists of Dragonslayer. She is one of two scavengers that Sunny met in the scavenger ruins in The Brightest Night. She is the daughter of Heath and a member of the Wingwatchers. She has romantic feelings for Leaf.


Ivy has enormous brown eyes and long, dark hair flowing down to the middle of her back.[1] Violet said that Ivy looks like Rose,[2] although she still is smaller and younger than Rose.[3]


Ivy is curious, shown when she joined the Truth Seekers to discover the truth about her father and his lies with Daffodil and Violet. At a young age she was very curious and was always asking questions, though she knew it "always made her parents frustrated and grumpy with her."[4] She is observant, having noticed Heath's lies to the citizens of Valor at the age of six.[5] She is good at picking up on when others are about to get angry, as shown when she could see the lines of tension around Brook's eyes when talking with Heath, despite the fact that Brook was good at keeping her face expressionless.[6] Ivy is a peacekeeper, often between Daffodil and Violet. According to Violet, Ivy never looks like she is about to get into trouble.[2] Ivy has artistic talent, much like her aunt.[7] She is passionate about her love of dragons,[8] and often wonders about dragon society.[9]

Sunny notes that Ivy moved in a "quick, confident way."[10] She also appeared to think that Ivy seemed braver than most scavengers, as Sunny interpreted Ivy asking for Rose as asking for a ride.[11]


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Brightest Night
At Jade Mountain, a scavenger later revealed to be Ivy, accidentally contacted Sunny using a dreamvisitor. Sunny assumed that the only way the scavenger could have gotten the dreamvisitor was by stealing it, and so she traveled to the scavenger ruins in hopes that the rest of the SandWing treasure would be there.

Upon arrival at the ruins, Sunny climbed onto a tree to survey the area from above and hide until the scavengers came. Eventually, two scavengers emerged from the burnt village — one with short, fluffy hair and a more confident one with longer hair. Sunny approached the scavengers but was forced to trap them on a scavenger building's remains due to them not being cooperative and trying to attack her. She gave Ivy the name Holler because she was very loud, and the other Fluffy because of his fluffy hair.

After Sunny asked for the dreamvisitor, Ivy and Leaf began to argue, presumably on whether to give it to the dragonet or not. Eventually, Ivy produced the sapphire and gave it to Sunny. Sunny then asked for the rest of the treasure by drawing a pile of it in the dirt with her claw. After watching the two scavengers discuss it for a while, she decided to take Fluffy off of the wall, assuming that he would bring the treasure in return for Ivy. Ivy then demanded a ride from the dragonet, and so Sunny let her onto her back and flew off in search of Fluffy.

After Leaf gave Sunny a sack full of treasure, Sunny noticed that the Eye of Onyx was not in there, although the Lazulite Dragon was. Sunny questioned the scavengers, but they did not appear to have it. As she was about to leave, Sunny considered keeping Ivy and Leaf as pets but eventually decided against it. Ivy asked Sunny for another ride, but Sunny regretfully told them that she had to leave and flew away with the sack of treasure. Sunny wondered if she would ever see them again.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising
Sunny mentioned her and Leaf indirectly when talking to Winter about scavengers and what to do with Bandit.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Wren mentions her when she is saying that establishing dragon-human relations is Ivy's goal and not Wren's. When Snowfall promises to pass an edict forbidding dragons from hunting or eating humans, Sky says that Ivy would love that.


Ivy asked her mother, Lark, about her father's fame. Lark explained how he killed the sand dragon queen. Ivy claimed that she wanted to see a dragon and asked why Stone was yelling at Heath about running away from dragons before asking Lark if she could have a pet dragon, much to her mother's disapproval. Later, Ivy mentally noted how the women and children created Dragonslayer Way while her father took all the credit. She befriended Violet and Daffodil and formed the Truth Seekers with them. One of their "quests" was to find out what Heath really does, and to discover the truth about Valor.

When Violet and Daffodil visited, Lark said she could tell them that Ivy was studying, but Ivy denied, saying she was finished with her homework. Ivy was surprised that the Truth Seekers had lasted for a year since she joined. She expressed her desire to become a Wingwatcher to Daffodil and Violet, showing them her drawing of a sea dragon. The three decided to do a Truth Seeker mission instead. Ivy wished she could see a dragon palace, wondering how dragons could be vicious wild animals if they also had castles and lived together, and had queens who ruled over them. Violet asked how Heath could have gone to the mountain dragon palace and back in three days, causing Ivy to wonder where he went during the time. Ivy then decided to follow Heath around Valor when he left the caves. She ran into Foxglove, and the older Wingwatcher took her outside of the city. They spied on Heath before a night dragon passes by. Ivy told Foxglove that she loved the dragon, and passionately claimed that she wanted to be a Wingwatcher. Foxglove said she would put in good word for Ivy and took her back underground.

Five years later, Ivy is surprised and joyed that she is still best friends with Daffodil and Violet, and that they'd all be starting Wingwatcher training together. The trio attended the Wingwatcher welcome ceremony and met Brook, who enthusiastically galloped over and shook each of their hands. Brook states that they are her favorite people, which earned an injured response from her son Forest. When asked about her uncle Stone, Ivy shook her head and remembered that he have always looked sad and that he had disappeared years ago. Meanwhile, more and more Wingwatchers arrive to the cave. Foxglove came over to greet Ivy and her friends, and Ivy shyly gave her a folded drawing of a black dragon in flight to show her gratitude. Foxglove grinned and winked at the initiate, remarking how there have not been a Wingwatcher with artistic talent in years and that they could update the Wingwatcher's Guide. Violet and Daffodil immediately interjected and asked to be the new authors, while Ivy tells them that they have a lot of research to do before really publishing a new guide. This led to the idea of more expeditions, where they gave suggestions of where they could explore. Foxglove soon hurries away when Violet openly pointed out about Pine's banishment, and remarked towards Daffodil's hiss that she is just interested in what the older Wingwatchers are talking about, whether there's a secret Wingwatcher conspiracy afoot. Ivy is surprised that they have not told her such thing, but was interrupted by Heath staggering into the cave for an announcement. He complimented on how the Wingwatchers got their hands on the smartest girl in Valor and that they would definitely take care of her out there, which she found an embarrassing to say, especially in public. She continues wondering about the conspiracy and her future as a Wingwatcher, eventually coming back to the thought of if her father should really be the lord of Valor. She wonders if she would have to choose between her friends, her dream, the dragons, and her family.

During her first year of official training, Ivy goes on a real expedition. Though she, Daffodil, Violet, and Foxglove were only skygazing, she still found it exciting and relaxing. When the other Wingwatchers and fruit gatherers were out of sight, Violet speaks about whether either of them found out anything about the secrets with Stone and the conspiracy. Daffodil and Violet started bickering, but Ivy found that, in the blowing wind and the rustling leaves and dragons somewhere in the sky, even her friends bickering over dangerous conspiracies felt joyful. After a while, they see their first dragon, who seemed to fly in an odd, loopy way. Ivy wondered if there is something wrong with it, and found it amazing that they met a real ice dragon. Squirrel rushes in to check in on the trio, but as they shoved through the bushes to examine what had happened, they found Stone in the forest, looking utterly bedraggled. Stone breathed in relief when he saw that they were only Wingwatchers, but told them to keep it secret that he just rode the ice dragon invisible while coming back from his quest of finding Rose. Ivy met Violet and Daffodil's eyes, then looked back at Stone. She asked who Rose is.

The trio arrives at Stone's cave as he told them the story of Rose and what many human settlements used to look like. Ivy is shocked that so much is left out of the glorious story Heath often tells his citizens, which only got worse when Stone states that Heath destroyed the world and he helped Heath do it. Ivy blames herself of her father's mistakes, realizing that he is a liar. Daffodil and Violet tries to comfort her, and tells her that they can instead fix the problem by starting with returning Heath's treasure to the dragons. However, they know that no one had seen a fraction of Heath's treasure in the history of Valor, and therefore they stuck to the most dangerous plan: visiting the forbidden village. There, they meet the long-lost Pine and Azalea, who turned out to have lived in the place they were banished in. They ended up finding nothing, realizing that Heath have cleared the ruins of all treasure the first time he found Pine wandering for iron. The six people wandered in the ruins until it started raining and a dragon flew overhead, which is when Ivy felt the only piece of treasure left on the ground: a dreamvisitor.

The Wingwatchers arrived at Stone's cave to examine the dreamvisitor, and narrowly avoided a confrontation with the Dragonslayer. While Heath called Stone away in private, Ivy and her friends talk about continuing to find the treasure. Several days later, she realizes that her father have become slightly paranoid. He cancelled Wingwatcher training that day, and Ivy noticed a difference in her mother's expression, which lead to more suspicions. A while later, Daffodil and Violet arrives to realize that the treasure might be hidden inside the pedestal where Heath keeps Oasis's tail barb. Ivy wondered how she could possibly take this to the dragons.

On a skygazing day, Ivy and her friends suggest ways they could return the treasure to the dragons. Leaf arrives, escaping from the Sky Kingdom, and asked for the Dragonslayer's help. Ivy suggests taking him to Heath in person, which however lead to Heath becoming outrageous and thinking that Leaf is another messenger from the Invincible Lord. The Dragonslayer leaves, leaving Leaf bewildered. Ivy tries to comfort him, but ultimately thinks she communicated everything wrong.

The arrests of the Wingwatchers eventually begun when Ivy was asleep. Daffodil finds a way into Ivy's room, shaking her and crying that Heath have already arrested Foxglove, Squirrel, and Violet. Ivy thinks that he is afraid of the Wingwatchers trying to take his power away, but realizes that he must have found out about the stolen dreamvisitor. Lark arrives, fretting about how she have never seen Heath like that. Ivy tells her to stay out of her father's way, and hugged her fiercely while tugging Daffodil to the door. They took the dreamvisitor hidden in Foxglove's cave, narrowly missing a confrontation with the guards, and escaped the city. A while later, they meet Leaf, who was also escaping with Stone into the ruins of a former human settlement. The humans are shocked that the dragons have destroyed such city, and Leaf hoped aloud that they could meet the right dragon for returning the treasure. Ivy joked that dragons may eat them before they try to bargain, and closed her eyes at the thought of Leaf actually being in a dragon palace before. They continue wandering through the abandoned settlement for a day, until they meet Forest, who told them that Heath is feeling suspicious of the Wingwatchers planning something similar to a revolution. Ivy is shocked to find out that Daffodil and Violet have never told her how the Wingwatchers have actually planned of choosing a new leader, and tries to think of ways to save her friends from Heath and stop the dragons at the same time. Upon her pondering, she accidentally dreamvisits Sunny, and realizes Rose is alive and well. That comes down to a new plan, a plan of traveling to the desert and saving Rose as a way to change Heath's mind. After a moment, Sunny arrives in the ruins, looking for the Eye of Onyx as she did in The Brightest Night. Ivy and Leaf freaks out, desperately giving Sunny the only piece of treasure they have. Leaf offers to get more treasure, and Ivy wonders if he is insane. Though she still eventually wishes him luck, Leaf leaves back to Valor and left Ivy confronting Sunny.

Ivy asks Sunny where Rose is, but neither understands the other's language. Sunny takes Ivy for a flight, which greatly surprises Ivy and worried Leaf when he came back. Ivy desperately tried communicating to Sunny, shouting that it is an enormous breakthrough for human-dragon relations, but fails ultimately when Sunny leaves, frustrated that she on the other hand is not getting the Eye of Onyx. Ivy is frustrated, but suddenly sees Stone with his invisibility necklace and many horses. They immediately set off for the desert, starting their quest of searching for the long-lost Rose.

Ivy finds the palace looming. There are many dragons, and Ivy sneaks in by causing false commotion among the guards. Irritated SandWings complained to Smolder, who pointed to a pile of pillows, which turned out to be where Rose is. Rose reunited with Stone, who told her about Heath along with Ivy and Leaf. Rose refuses to come back to Valor, stating that Heath would never listen to reason; however, she also mentions a girl named Wren who taught her Dragon, which immediately sparked Leaf into action. Before leaving, Ivy is surprised that he is willing to ride a dragon just to save his sister; they had to part ways, and Ivy kissed Leaf. She left with Stone, promising that she would be back.

Ivy is mentioned much by Leaf throughout his conversations with Wren.

In the final chapters of the story, Ivy meets Wren and Sky in the ruins of the ancient temple. They formulate a plan to use Sky as a way to force Heath to surrender, freeing the Wingwatchers at the same time. Though Ivy felt bad for her father, she knew it was the best way for him and Valor. She announces Brook as the new lord of Valor, and as Lark asks Ivy to go home with her and Heath, Ivy refuses. She continues traveling with Wren and Leaf, including arriving at Talisman to reveal the dragonmancers' secrets, beginning a new quest on re-building a connection between humans and dragons.



Ivy and Daffodil consider each other best friends, caring greatly for each other. Ivy thinks that she could not imagine life without Daffodil along with Violet, calling the possibility of the two getting banished the worst thing ever to happen.


Ivy is friends with Foxglove, and looks up to the older Wingwatcher. She is impressed by Foxglove's calm, focused, and unimpressed face, and tried to imitate it. She gave Foxglove her best drawing of a dragon in flight, which was a night dragon, the first dragon they saw together. Ivy wrote "Thank you for everything" in the corner. After hearing Foxglove was arrested by Heath, Ivy worried about Foxglove's safety often, determined to save her.


Heath is Ivy's father. She cares about her father, despite knowing all the horrible things he has done. Ivy notes that "it always felt something like sunlight" when he paid attention to her.[12] Ivy never talked to anyone about her father's temper, not even to Violet and Daffodil — she could sometimes calm him down when he was really mad, or help him make peace with Lark whenever they had a fight. When it did not work, she was also "really good at staying out of his way."[13] Ivy and Lark hid in Ivy's room when Heath had broken a few plates in a rage in the kitchen, the both of them pretending not to hear.[14] After exposing his lies to Valor, she assured him that things would get better, and that he could still be her dad, if he wanted to be.[15]


Ivy is shown to have a loving yet quite neutral relationship with her mother. Ivy also feels bad for Lark, thinking that she has been manipulated by Heath ever since they got together. She often helps Lark hide from or make peace with Heath whenever they enter a fight.[13]


Ivy helped him escape from some SkyWings, and quickly became friends. She shows concern for Leaf during the Wingwatcher arrests, and before Leaf rode on Cereus, she promises that she will help him look for Wren. They appear to have romantic feelings for each other, as shown when they kiss before Leaf leaves on Cereus (or "Sweetface") to find Wren. Daffodil states that Leaf 'can't take his eyes off her.'


Ivy seems to have a friendly relationship with Sky. They terrified the citizens of Valor and exposed Heath together. Ivy notes that she could not stop watching him, and had a "constant impulse to babble at him about how perfect he was," adding how she was repressing it with great difficulty.[16]


Ivy views Violet as one of her best friends, and thinks Violet is the smartest girl in Valor.[12] She is shown to care about Violet's wellbeing, such as when she mentions the risk of Violet and Daffodil getting banished from Valor and worries about Violet when Heath arrests her. When Ivy was sneaking into the SandWing stronghold with Leaf and Stone, she wishes that Violet was with them. After Ivy, Sky, and Wren free the Wingwatchers, Ivy hugged Violet fiercely.

Family Tree



"Because he's the boss of everyone, or because he did a Dragonstare a long, long, long time ago?"
― to Lark about her father, Heath (Dragonslayer, page 36)

"Were the other dragons mad at Daddy? I think maybe slayering a dragon is not very nice. I bet that dragon did not like getting poked until it fell over and couldn't get up again."
― to Lark (Dragonslayer, page 37)

"Mommy. Mommy. Mommy, you know how Daffodil has a pet rabbit? Do you think I can have a pet dragon?"
― to Lark about Daffodil's pet rabbit (Dragonslayer, page 37)

"But Miss Laurel, why can my dad go there whenever he wants, but Pine went there once, and now he's banished from Valor forever?"
― to Miss Laurel about Pine being banished from Valor (Dragonslayer, page 43)

"Hopefully I'll see one someday. And then I'll know what they really look like and be able to draw them even better."
― about her dragon artwork (Dragonslayer, page 86)

"Um. Just a... this... super important... um... potato. [...] It's really important. This potato could change everything. I can't tell you anything else. It's top secret potato business."
― to Foxglove when trying to follow Heath (Dragonslayer, page 95)

"It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I loved it."
― about the dragons (Dragonslayer, page 101)

"I'm a Wingwatcher now. Brook is my commander. [...] But my Dad is... my dad. Will I have to choose between my friends, my dream, and the dragons... or my family?"
― to herself (Dragonslayer, page 146)

"My dad's a liar. […] He let his sister die. And all the people he's banished, and who knows how many hundreds of people in all those villages the dragons destroyed. That's all because of him."
― to Daffodil, Stone, and Violet about Heath (Dragonslayer, page 206)

"We can't. I mean – we can't. First of all, we don't know where the village is. Secondly, there's no way we'll be allowed to leave Valor on our own – even our Wingwatcher friends don't think we're ready for that. And most of all, it's so forbidden. I don't think Dad would banish me, but he might banish you two, and I – that would – it would be the worst thing to ever happen."
― to Daffodil and Violet when they suggested that they go to the forbidden village (Dragonslayer, page 231-232)

"Because... he already had a hiding place? Somewhere he hid things even when he was a kid. Like the crack in the wall behind Daffodils hammock where she puts her love po – not love poems! [...] Anything but that! Other secrets!"
― Ivy when thinking about where Heath could have hidden his treasure (Dragonslayer, page 244)

"A sea dragon could tell us what's at the bottom of the ocean. An ice dragon could tell us what a polar bear tastes like! And they could all tell us what it feels like to fly."
― to her friends (Dragonslayer, page 318)

"Maybe you could help us. We have a kind of sort of plan that we think will make the world a better place. [...] We were thinking that there might be a way to get the dragons to stop attacking villages. I mean. Maybe it's impossible. But Violet and Daffodil and I thought, what if we gave the treasure back? Maybe the dragons need it for some reason. Maybe they'll forgive us. [...] I know. It's silly. They'll eat us before we can even shout 'HELLO PLEASE DON'T EAT US!'"
― to Leaf (Dragonslayer, page 365)

"[Dragons] are not all monsters. That means we have a chance. A chance to save Rose, a chance to bring her back and save our friends, maybe even a chance to communicate with them. After all, now I'm a girl who's ridden a dragon."
― Ivy to herself (Dragonslayer, page 416-417)

"It is so weird to hug someone you can't see! [...] I hope you find Wren. And bring her back so I can meet her and her dragon. I mean, I hope you find her so you can see her again, not just so I can meet her dragon. I mean, that would be amazing, but that's not the only – you know what I mean. [...] Besides, apparently we're friends with the prince of the sand dragons, so I think we'll be OK. I hope you'll come back, though. I mean, I understand if you need to stay on her trail once you're out there. But if you don't catch her tonight, and Sweetface brings you back here, I promise you, Leaf, I'll help you look for her. We'll find your sister, no matter what."
― to Leaf (Dragonslayer, page 448-449)



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