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Jade Mountain is a mountain marked at the bottom of the Map of Pyrrhia. It is located somewhere in the south, near the border of the desert and is utilized as an inter-tribal school called the Jade Mountain Academy.


Jade Mountain is the tallest mountain in the Claws of the Clouds mountain range.[1] It has twin peaks[1] which are fang-shaped.[2] From different approaches, the mountain looks like a snake rising out of the ground to attack the clouds.[3] The mountain also has multiple underground lakes.[4]

There is a cave near the peak of Jade Mountain used by the SkyWings as a traditional place to mourn for the dead.[5] It consists of a tall arched roof, towering slender pillars of pale gray rock, windows, and skylights that opens to air. There is a boulder by the cave entrance, and curved walls.[6]




The Dragonet Prophecy

The Dragonet Prophecy

Jade Mountain is the place Kestrel told the dragonets to go if they needed her near the end of the first book, The Dragonet Prophecy. A so-called "dragon of Jade Mountain" was mentioned, whose tribe and gender was unknown but was referred to as an ally of the Talons of Peace. This mysterious dragon was later revealed to be Stonemover.

The Brightest Night

It is confirmed in the book, by a lost letter Thorn had never received on time, that the mountain has some significant importance in the story. In the letter, the dragon of Jade Mountain is the NightWing, Stonemover, Sunny's father. He was found there inside, residing on the ground, unmoving, yet living. A fox called Dinner was delivering Stonemover's food for him. In the epilogue, Sunny and the other dragonets of destiny are shown standing on one of the 'fangs' of the mountain, talking.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Moon Rising

Jade Mountain was introduced as the location of Jade Mountain Academy and was the featured location in Moon Rising. The caves had been renovated into a school environment, with caves leading to classrooms, dorms, a library, a nursing station, and a prey center. Hunting parties, formed of volunteers, regularly provided food for the prey center. Many things took place at the new academy, including attempted murder on Icicle by Sora.

Escaping Peril

The beginning chapters of Escaping Peril took place in Jade Mountain, and the rising of Darkstalker occurred near Jade Mountain.

Talons of Power

Part one of the book was set in Jade Mountain.

Darkness of Dragons

The IceWings and NightWings had a battle against each other known as the Battle of Jade Mountain that was stopped by Anemone enchanting Qibli's library card to let the dragons see what the opposition was thinking. After a hundred heartbeats, the two opposing sides were sent back to their respective kingdoms.



Jade Mountain was mentioned by Clearsight while she was talking with Darkstalker before sealing him in Agate Mountain. Jade Mountain used to be only the second tallest mountain, until an earthquake caused a part of the tallest mountain at the time, Agate Mountain, to collapse.



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