(The winglets are not to be confused with Winglets, which are short e-books in Wings of Fire.)

The Jade Mountain Academy, an inter-tribal school located within Jade Mountain, was founded by the Dragonets of Destiny after the War of SandWing Succession. The Academy is currently divided into five winglets: the Jade Winglet, the Gold Winglet, the Silver Winglet, the Copper Winglet, and the Quartz Winglet, each of which includes one dragonet from each of the seven dragon tribes. With the exclusion of Peril, groups of two or three dragonets from the same Winglet will share a sleeping cave, making them clawmates.

Jade A Jade Students

Winglets Edit

Jade Winglet Edit


  • IceWing: Currently unknown
  • MudWing: Currently unknown
  • NightWing: Moonwatcher
  • RainWing: Kinkajou
  • SandWing: Qibli (currently unknown if he will return)
  • SeaWing: Turtle
  • SkyWing: Peril 

Known Clawmates:

  • Moonwatcher, Kinkajou, and Carnelian (after Carnelian died, their new clawmate was a MudWing)
  • Umber and Turtle (after Umber fled, Turtle was presumably clawmates with an unnamed dragon and/or Qibli)
  • Winter and Qibli (after Winter left, Qibli was presumably clawmates with an unnamed dragon and/or Turtle)

Former Students:

  • IceWing: Winter (currently living with the Talons of Peace)
  • MudWing: Umber (fled with Sora)
  • SkyWing: Carnelian (deceased)


Gold Winglet Edit


  • IceWing: unknown
  • MudWing: unknown
  • NightWing: unknown
  • RainWing: Tamarin
  • SandWing: unknown
  • SeaWing: Pike
  • SkyWing: unknown

Known Clawmates:

Icicle and Sora (both Icicle and Sora left)

Bigtail, Flame, and Pike (we don't know who Pike's clawmate was after Bigtail died and Flame left)

Tamarin and Onyx (we don't know who Tamarin's new clawmate was after Onyx left)


  • Ex-Princess Onyx (granddaughter of Queen Oasis)
  • Princess Icicle (Queen Glacier's niece)

Former Students:

  • IceWing: Icicle (on trial in the Ice Kingdom, for attempting to kill Starflight, plotting to kill Queen Glory and killing an unnamed NightWing)
  • MudWing: Sora (fled because she was behind the dragonflame cactus bombing)
  • NightWing: Bigtail (deceased)
  • SandWing: Onyx (left to take the SandWing throne but failed; currently recovering from injury in the Kingdom of Sand)
  • SkyWing: Flame (left for attempted murder; now working with SkyWing healers)

Silver Winglet Edit


Known Clawmates:

  • Anemone and Ostrich
  • Sepia and Fearless
  • Boto and Thrush


  • Anemone (daughter of Queen Coral) 

Copper Winglet Edit


Known Clawmates:

  • Alba, Mindreader, and Snail
  • Marsh and Coconut
  • Pronghorn and Peregrine

Quartz Winglet Edit


Former Students:

Founders and Staff Edit

Clay is the hall monitor, healer, self-defense teacher, and prey organizer.

Tsunami is the head of the school/principal.

Starflight is the librarian.

Sunny is the main founder of the Academy.

Webs is the history teacher.

Fatespeaker is Starflight's assistant and a helper at the Academy. 

Rooms and Caves Edit

The Great Hall Edit

The Great Hall is the unofficial entrance of Jade Mountain Academy. Moonwatcher described the cave to have a dimmer light in comparison to that of outside, having enough room to fit four hundred dragons comfortably, with room for more to fly overhead. It was mentioned to have sunlight pouring into the cave, with twisting stalactites that sometimes reached the floor, forming twisted columns. A huge bronze gong hangs against the back wall, with three flying dragons carved into its surface. When the school first opened, a huge banner made of woven green vines reading "Welcome, students!" in giant purple-and-white flowers hung from two stalactites. Two tunnel openings form along the left wall of the cave, with two more on the right wall. Next to each opening, a map is hung, displaying tunnel routes.

The Library Edit

The entrance, as described by Moonwatcher, starts off as a side corridor lined with hanging scrolls. Many of them have quotes on the such as "Knowledge is a flame in the darkness" and "The claws of war are no match for the wings of wisdom." At the end of the hall, a room full of iridescent green sunlight is present (produced by the sun shining through tree leaves placed over windows, one of those windows was torn open by Icicle who was escaping out of it in Moon Rising). Scrolls were everywhere, in cubbyholes on the walls, racks, and cylinders around the cave. Every corner had a spot to curl up and read in, sometimes a rock ledge, sometimes a pile of moss and sometimes carpets. Sunlight came down from skylights in the roof and filtered through leaves covering the windows. There's a circular wooden desk labeled 'LIBRARIAN' in the center where Starflight manages the scrolls. Starflight has stamps of every student's name that he stamps on a scroll slot/card.

The Prey Center Edit

The Prey Center, which Clay set up, is a large cave open to the sky on one side (with this side covered by a wall of rocks to prevent the prey from escaping) and was often described as chaotic due to students either catching prey or eating. It is usually filled with animal prey, as well as a pile of fish, caught by expeditions, and a pile of rainforest fruit for RainWing students. This was one of the main places where Moonwatcher's head hurt the most before Darkstalker taught her how to stop this. Moon met Winter and Qibli for the first time there after Qibli (or, as Winter called him, "the idiot clawmate") released Winter's pet scavenger, Bandit, that many dragons tried to catch and eat before Moon caught him and gave him back to Winter (after much arguing).

The History Cave Edit

This was where Webs taught history to the students of the Jade Mountain Academy. It was described to be covered in maps (each marked with a different year) and with stacks of scrolls that overflowed the wooden racks provided. This cave was also destroyed by Sora's dragonflame cactus during the events of Moon Rising, forcing history class to be relocated to a different cave.

The Art Cave Edit

The Art Cave was the room where students learned all sorts of art forms, including painting, pottery, glass-working, metalworking, weaving, and woodworking. The room was filled with art supplies tucked into every crevice, and wooden dragon sculptures placed on little stone shelves.

The Music Cave Edit

The Music Cave was a vast cave filled with various instruments including harps, marimbas, maracas, and drums.

"Weapons Cave" Edit

First mentioned in Darkness of Dragons, The Weapons Cave is where weapons were kept if needed to defend the school. The room contains a locked wooden box which holds three daggers (two after the events of Darkness of Dragons), one sword, and one club (or as Qibli describes it, a "big stick").

Healing Center Edit

First introduced in Darkness of Dragons, the Healing Center is where Clay teaches basic medicine. It contains a colored diagram of a dragon (MudWing) which shows where muscles are located.

Known Classes Edit

History Edit

Taught by Webs, this class is meant to teach in depth the history of Pyrrhia to attending students. The class is structured in units, with the first unit being The Scorching and going chronologically throughout history afterward. The next known unit is 500 years after The Scorching, which is described as a rather chaotic time period.

Herbs and Healing Edit

Suggested by Peregrine and Tamarin sometime between Talons of Power and Darkness of Dragons, this class, taught by Clay, is meant to teach the basics of healing to students. The class is shown to outline dragon anatomy to students as a basis for learning proper technique and presumably teaches some botany, as "herbs" is in the title.

Music Edit

While not an official class, there is a music cave which dragonets visit as a part of their schedule to learn to play different instruments from across Pyrrhia through their own intuition.

Group Discussion Class Edit

Though the official name of this class isn't well known, nor is it known if this class even still exists. There are several of them, and they are lead by Tsunami, Clay, Starflight, and Sunny. It is meant as a sort of bonding area for the dragonets within a Winglet to become closer.

Trivia Edit

  • Jade Mountain Academy is the first known school where dragons of all tribes are taught together.
  • The school currently houses all the Dragonets of Destiny apart from Queen Glory.
  • Books six through ten focus on Jade Mountain Academy, specifically the Jade Winglet.
  • Princess Anemone and Prince Turtle are the only known royal figures in the Winglets.

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