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"You bet, no problem, Your Majesty, except uh … so, counting. Um. Don't get me wrong, I'm really good at it. Up to, like … twenty? That's a pretty big number, right? There probably aren't more NightWings here than that."
— Jambu to Glory, The Brightest Night

Jambu is an adult male RainWing who was introduced in The Hidden Kingdom. He enjoys dart shooting and currently serves as a tree gliding instructor for dragonets in the RainWing Village. He is Glory's older half-brother.


Jambu generally keeps his scales a vibrant[1] raspberry-pink color[2] with some orange surrounding his ruff and wings. He wears a pouch around his neck that contains darts and a blowgun.[3]


Cheerful, blithe, and optimistic, Jambu is often obnoxiously exuberant. He is noted by Glory to be similar to the rest of his tribe – content and carefree, blissfully oblivious of potentially hazardous situations. When Jambu first entered the Kingdom of Sand, he paid no heed to the fact that Burn, one of the most vicious dragons in Pyrrhia, was nearby, instead suggesting the entire RainWing tribe bask on the sand for warmth. He is not mean-spirited but seems to lack care or attention for many things besides food and sun time. When Glory revisited the Rainforest Kingdom for the first time since she was an egg, he seemed uninterested in her past even after discovering he and Glory were related. He is not skilled in the knowledge of numbers or information outside of RainWing tradition, as he estimated the amount of NightWings in the rainforest to be around "two twenties, maybe three" when there were over two hundred of them present. This can also be shown in how he has no recognition over scrolls, the famous prophecy, and even animus dragons. Jambu sometimes seems too happy, as the saddest color his scales ever were was sky blue with pink spirals.


The Dragonet Prophecy

The Hidden Kingdom
Jambu, along with Liana and a few other RainWings, caught the dragonets of destiny entering the Rainforest Kingdom, knocking out Clay, Sunny, and Tsunami with sleeping darts.

Jambu and Glory comparing venom

He brought them back to the RainWing village and spent time with Glory, educating her about the RainWing culture. During this time, they compared their venom and discovered that they were relatives, likely half-siblings. He revealed to Glory that the RainWings have no parents' system and every dragonet was raised collectively by the village.

Jambu being sabotaged

After Mangrove ran away from the Rainforest Kingdom through one of the NightWing tunnels in hopes of finding Orchid, his partner, Jambu accompanied Glory and the other dragonets on their search to find him, bringing them to the borders of the Ice Kingdom and Blaze's fortress. Glory and Jambu disguised themselves as IceWings to gain entrance, and once inside, they spotted Mangrove camouflaged in a corner. The two managed to convince Blaze to come outside to meet the dragonets. Later, when Glory challenged the RainWing queens for the throne, Jambu competed in the treetop race against Exquisite. He lost after some of Exquisite's sloths tossed vines in his way, nearly choking him. However, Glory won the overall challenge due to Grandeur's forfeit against Kinkajou, when she found that she and Glory were related.
The Dark Secret
Jambu became one of Glory's most reliable RainWings after her coronation. He participated in Glory's mission to rescue the imprisoned RainWings in the Night Kingdom and was one of the first dragons to go through the portal. Starflight described him as either "brave, or not knowing what he was getting himself into." He was also described as being one of the best shots with a blowgun.
The Brightest Night
When Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and Preyhunter used the Obsidian Mirror to spy on Glory, she was shown instructing Jambu and Grandeur to count all the NightWings in the rainforest. Jambu was uneasy over this and was revealed only to be able to count to twenty. Later, Glory sent Jambu and Mangrove back to the Ice Kingdom to convince Blaze to attend the peace summit in Burn's stronghold. However, the mission failed because Queen Glacier refused to let Blaze leave the kingdom, unwilling to risk all the land she had promised her tribe.

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Winter Turning
He briefly appeared, smarting off to his half-sister, Queen Glory, while he was watching over the unconscious Icicle. He and the healers told Glory the story of the RainWing that couldn't change his scale color; this later turns out to be Chameleon.



Glory didn't know she had a half-brother until she met him in the Rainforest Kingdom. At first, Glory was unimpressed, seeing him as ridiculous and silly like all the other RainWings. However, Jambu helped her get Blaze to meet the dragonets and nearly beat Exquisite in the tree-gliding competition, one of the five contests that decided who would become the queen of the RainWings. He was only stopped by a vine, possibly used by a collection of Exquisite's sloths, that wrapped around his neck, nearly strangling him. He appears to be one of her most trusted dragons now, even if he is incompetent. He also makes sure Glory takes her daily sun time, noting that it makes her less grumpy and more recharged.

Family Tree

Several Generations
Three DragonsQuickstrikeUnknown

    = Possible timeline


"That means we're related! You're my little sister!"
― to Glory, after they found out they're related (The Hidden Kingdom, page 44)

"That's how we know. If your venom made [the leaf] melt faster, then we'd know we're not related, so we could have eggs together. But when your venom cancels out the other dragon's, you come from the same family. Can you believe we're brother and sister? Well, OK, we're probably only half brother and sister. But still, it's pretty cool."
― to Glory (The Hidden Kingdom, page 44-45)

"This is better than sun time! I feel like I've been rolled in sunlight and stuffed with bananas. I bet the rest of the tribe would love to come through that tunnel and have their sun time here on the sand."
― about the Kingdom of Sand (The Hidden Kingdom, page 105)

"I don't know what that is. But I'm really freaking cold, aren't you?"
― to Glory, when she asks for personal space (The Hidden Kingdom, page 110)

"You bet, no problem, Your Majesty, Except uh… so, counting. Um. Don't get me wrong, I'm really good at it. Up to, like… twenty? That's a pretty big number, right? There probably aren't more NightWings here than that."
― to Glory, after being asked to count the Nightwings (The Brightest Night, page 15-16)

"He was awful. Sometimes I would wake up from my suntime nap and he'd just be standing there staring at me. And he couldn't camouflage himself, and you could never tell what he was feeling by looking at his scales. […] That's our cautionary tale of what happens when you don't sleep. Ahem. Your Majesty."
― to Winter, his companions, and Glory, about Chameleon (Winter Turning, page 109-110)


  • Jambu is known to be one of the best shooters with the dart guns that the RainWings use.[1]
  • Jambu states he can only count up to twenty, discovered when he attempted to count the number of NightWings that escaped from the volcano. However, he mistakenly identifies over two-hundred as twenty, so he may not even be able to count to that.[4]
  • Jambu mentions that he does not know what a scroll is, which surprises Starflight.[5]



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