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"What if I made you a brother? Wouldn't that be fun? We can even make him do all the boring stuff we hate, like gathering firewood or cracking the lobster shells. Whatever we don't want to do. We can also make him age very slowly so he stays a cute little dragonet for as long as we want. Oh, and we'll make him a really good sleeper, so he'll nap easily and fall asleep whenever he starts fussing."
— Jerboa to Jerboa III, The Dangerous Gift

(Not to be confused with her daughter Jerboa III, or her first attempt at creating a dragonet, Jerboa II.)

Jerboa was an adult female SandWing who was introduced in The Dangerous Gift. She was an animus dragon who lived during the time period of Darkstalker, working for Queen Scorpion before fleeing and becoming a fugitive. She is currently frozen in a block of ice under Jerboa III's hut.


Jerboa looks similar to Jerboa III,[1] although she enchanted herself to stay an average size and slightly larger than her daughter.[2]


In the early years of Jerboa's life, she was a good, normal dragon.[3] Thorn stated that she believed Jerboa had wisdom and goodness within her heart.[4] She worried about losing her soul, and ensured that the decisions she made were not evil.[5] Later in life, her consciousness was still present but very far away, and Jerboa found it easier to push aside morality,[6] eventually disregarding it altogether[7] as her soul gradually faded away.[8] She was easy,[9] lazy[10] and cruel, enchanting other dragons to do what she wanted, serve her, or to do things for her entertainment.[9]

Jerboa yearned for freedom and wanted a dragonet of her own.[5] She was manipulative and controlling of her daughter, Boa, regularly tweaking her personality. She desired perfection, casting many spells on Boa to keep her entertaining, helpful, and obedient.[11][12] She was hypocritical, often critiquing Boa for being lazy while enchanting her to enjoy things that Jerboa did not want to do herself.



Eye of Onyx

Jerboa was commissioned by Scorpion to create the Eye of Onyx — an enchanted necklace with an onyx set in the pendant — to keep the queen in power. Instead, Jerboa enchanted the Eye to choose rightful queens regardless of the royal bloodline and kill those who are not worthy who try to take the throne. She used her power for Queen Scorpion until Scorpion asked for things that would cause large harm to other tribes, including the SkyWings.

Jerboa fled and enchanted an animal's egg to be a dragon egg. She named the dragonet Jerboa after herself, but the dragonet asked to be called Boa to be different from her mother. She started to enchant Boa to do the hard tasks and chores and be agreeable and perfect and reset her to a dragonet many times. Jerboa also abducted dragons from different tribes, enchanting them to be their servants. Jerboa enchanted Boa to "fear animus magic" or "not be interested" but Boa still asked Jerboa for an animus enchanted item; she gave her a shell necklace that would bring Boa to Jerboa any time she wished. They had lived eleven centuries when Boa asked for another enchantment, which was on porcupine quills tied together with a vine that would freeze her prey so she could catch it easier. The next day, Boa pointed the quills at Jerboa, freezing her in place. Boa interrogated Jerboa, asking her how many animus spells were on her. Boa said she found a scroll where Jerboa wrote down all her spells that she wanted on Boa, and revealed that she wrote down for her to be an animus. By that time, the porcupine quills had frozen Jerboa in a block of magical ice, sealing her in forever. Jerboa left one lasting magic effect on Boa: "I enchant this dragon to lose a part of herself with every enchantment she made until she was dead."

The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power
When Turtle tried to convince Anemone she did not have to be evil just because she was an animus dragon, he mentioned Jerboa as an example of someone who stayed good.
Darkness of Dragons
Thorn told Qibli that she felt that the Eye of Onyx was created by a dragon with "wisdom and goodness in her heart." Later, Smolder explained to Onyx that the Eye of Onyx was made by Jerboa. Thorn later states her theory on how Jerboa was playing a trick on the queen, and Jerboa made this clever spell to pick good queens. In the epilogue, Jerboa III introduced herself as not the original Jerboa, but her daughter.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Dangerous Gift
Jerboa is shown in Queen Snowfall's vision, where she saw how Jerboa had started out originally and how she later treated Jerboa III. Jerboa tweaked her daughter's personality to her liking, occasionally even resetting her to a young dragonet. Eventually, Jerboa III found out about all of her mother's enchantments on her and froze her with enchanted porcupine quills. The block of ice in which she is frozen in remains under Jerboa III's hut.


While reading Arctic's mind, Darkstalker heard him think briefly of Jerboa when he listed all of the known animus dragons of Pyrrhia.


Jerboa II

Jerboa II was Jerboa's first attempt at creating her own dragonet with animus magic. Jerboa later got rid of her because she "went wrong," though the details of this situation are unknown. Jerboa had planned to never speak about her again.[13]

Jerboa III

Jerboa III, nicknamed Boa, was Jerboa's second attempt at creating a daughter. Jerboa regularly manipulated her daughter's personality with her magic, making her more agreeable, obedient, helpful, and less annoying.[7] She would enchant Boa to enjoy tasks she disliked,[11] to be a talented cook, to dislike music,[9] to love her mother more,[14] and a variety of other things.[15] Jerboa would also "reset" Boa to a dragonet when she became bored, wiping her memories and reverting her growth.[14] Their relationship was severely strained, with Boa running away several times through the centuries.[16] During Jerboa's final moments, she cast a spell that caused Boa to lose a part of her physical form whenever she used her magic, ensuring that she would never forget her mother.[17]


Jerboa served Queen Scorpion under duress, and fled after refusing to enchant something that threatened the SkyWings.[18] While under her control she was kept away from other dragons,[5] tortured by the queen,[19] and made to enchant her with healing and longevity.[18] She believed that Scorpion would use a dragonet against her if the queen found out she had one.[13]

Family Tree

Jerboa IIJerboa III

Known Enchantments

Phrasing Target Intention
"Phrasing unknown." [12] A scroll To change Boa according to what was written.
"Phrasing unknown." [20] A seashell To bring Boa to her when either of them wished.
"Phrasing unknown." [11] A stone To build a new home each time they move.
"Phrasing unknown." [5] An animal's egg To hatch the egg into a SandWing dragonet. Cast multiple times.
"Phrasing unknown." [21] Eye of Onyx To determine whether a SandWing is fit to be queen.
"Phrasing unknown." [13] Herself To extend her own lifespan.
"Phrasing unknown." [14] Jerboa III To revert Boa's age. Cast multiple times.
"Phrasing unknown." [22] Jerboa III To torment Boa by making her lose a part of her body every time she casts a spell. This spell is irreversible.
"Phrasing unknown." [23] Porcupine quills To freeze Boa's prey in place.
"Phrasing unknown." [18] Scorpion To extend her lifespan and heal her.
"Phrasing unknown." [13] Scorpion To inflict a heart attack on her.
"Phrasing unknown." [24] Several unnamed dragons, including a SeaWing and a RainWing To be servants.


"Do I feel like murdering anyone today? Not particularly. How about some senseless violence, is that on the agenda? Don't think so. How do we feel about tiny dragonets? Still think they're cute? No impulse to kill any of those, right?"
― Jerboa to herself, testing to see if she was losing her soul (The Dangerous Gift, page 262-263)

"No, no, no. […] Magic isn't safe. It's very very dangerous. Only very special dragons should have it, and that's why it's so rare. Only one animus dragon at a time, that's the rule."
― to Boa (The Dangerous Gift, page 268)

"Absolutely, […] One animus dragon at a time — if there are too many, can you imagine how dangerous that would be? They could get in a fight, start throwing spells around, and destroy the whole world by accident!"
― to Boa (The Dangerous Gift, page 269)

"Of course, […] We can even make him love to do all the boring stuff we hate, like gathering firewood or cracking the lobster shells."
― to Boa (The Dangerous Gift, page 273)

"Boa, dear, you've accidentally used your hunting weapon on me. Let me go."
― to Boa when she freezes her (The Dangerous Gift, page 275)

"I couldn't possibly remember all of them. I've been trying to fix you for literally centuries."
― to Boa (The Dangerous Gift, page 276)




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