"I believe this is our first visitor from the lost continent. She blew in with the storm."
—Jerboa to Moon and Qibli in The Lost Continent.

(Not to be confused with Jerboa, her mother and the "original" Jerboa from Darkstalker's time.)

Jerboa is a SandWing that appeared in Darkstalker's throne room, when he cast a spell that summoned all the animus dragons in Pyrrhia to him. She lives in a hut on a beach, near the border where the Kingdom of Sand meets the Ice Kingdom. Peril mentions that the borders are known as the wasteland between the IceWing and SandWing kingdom. In The Hidden Kingdom, the dragonets of destiny and Jambu fly past it.

Appearance Edit

Jerboa has pale yellow scales[1]. She is said to be tall, long-necked and graceful, with wide black eyes and a dappled light[1] brown triangle pattern on her wings[2].

Biography Edit

Talons of Power Edit

Jerboa was first seen in Darkstalker's Palace briefly by Turtle when she was summoned along with all other existing animus dragons. Jerboa then disappeared, leading Turtle to believe he imagined her.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

She makes another mysterious appearance in the epilogue of Darkness Of Dragons when she led Moon and Qibli into to her home to meet her. She then confirms to the two dragonets that she is the daughter of the first Jerboa, and that she is immortal. Jerboa shows them an injured dragon, who she has been taking care of, Luna, a SilkWing from Pantala.

The Lost ContinentEdit

Jerboa appears in the epilogue when she finds Luna, lost and severly injured on one of the Kingdom of Sands beaches. Jerboa says that it is lucky Luna speaks Dragon. She introduces herself to Luna, and Luna does the same. Jerboa brings the lost SilkWing to her home and offers her fish stew, but Luna declines saying that she doesn't eat meat. She welcomes Moon and Qibli when they arrive and brings them to Luna (as seen in the Darkness of Dragons epilogue)

The Hive Queen Edit

Her hut is mentioned twice in the prologue. She is also mentioned when Tsunami asks if she can enchant something for Luna to get back to Pantala, but Moon says that she is an animus that doesn't touch her magic.

Personality Edit

She is quiet and thoughtful, like Moonwatcher.

Family Tree Edit

Jerboa II

Trivia Edit

  • Her mother, Jerboa the first, enchanted her to make sure nothing could hurt her. This seems to have resulted in her immortality.
  • She does not like being immortal.
  • She is the second known dragon to have immortality, the first being Darkstalker.
  • She is the caretaker of Pyrrhia's first known Pantalan visitor, a SilkWing by the name of Luna.
  • A jerboa is a small nocturnal rodent that lives in desert areas.
  • She is the only known living SandWing animus.


References Edit

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