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"Completely useless. Yes. Just like I've always wanted."
— Jerboa's thoughts, The Poison Jungle

(Not to be confused with her mother Jerboa, who lived in the time of Darkstalker, or Jerboa II, Jerboa's first attempt at creating a dragonet.)

Jerboa III, also known as Boa, is an adult female SandWing who was introduced in Talons of Power. She lives in her hut beside the sea, near a border shared by the Ice Kingdom and the Kingdom of Sand. She is responsible for preventing current animus dragons from casting new spells.


Jerboa has pale yellow scales.[1] She is tall, long-necked, and graceful, with wide black eyes and a dappled light[1] brown triangle pattern on her wings.[2] She wears a pale, fan-shaped seashell edged with dark pink[3] on a coconut fiber cord around her neck, which is enchanted[4] to hide her missing six claws[5] and missing tail barb.[6] Jerboa enchanted Jerboa III to stop growing at the size of a normal dragon, although she would stop growing at a size that was slightly smaller than Jerboa's.[7] She has frown lines on her face.[8]


Jerboa III wants to be her own dragon, and was bad-tempered around her mother.[9] She tends to be lazy, and although she had a lot of energy as a young dragonet, Jerboa's spells made her more placid, less argumentative, and more likely to say yes to everything likely resulted in her laziness. She was enchanted to be sweet,[3] serene,[10] and talks and thinks extremely slowly;[11][7] she avoids arguing with her mother,[7] with the love for her tripled by Jerboa to make Jerboa III appear extra cute and affectionate.[12] Jerboa III is desperately curious about animus magic despite her mother's memory spells, implanted nightmares, and personality adjustments; rewinding her age made her a faster thinker, but her mind began to slow again with each new spell cast on her.[3] She is often confused, and her mother described her brain to be uncommonly stupid.[10] After reversing the enchantments made by her mother, Jerboa III felt terrified by animus magic and what other dragons might force her to do, causing her to disable its power across all animus dragons.[13] She is quiet,[14] thoughtful,[15] easily amused,[16] sarcastic, and prefers to be ignored.[2]


The Jade Mountain Prophecy

Talons of Power
Jerboa was first seen in Darkstalker's palace for a few seconds by Turtle when she was summoned along with all other existing animus dragons. Jerboa then disappeared with a surprised expression, leaving Turtle to believe he imagined her.
Darkness of Dragons
Jerboa III makes another appearance in the epilogue when she leads Moonwatcher and Qibli into her hut to meet her. She then confirms to the two dragonets that she is the daughter of the first Jerboa, and that she is immortal. Jerboa shows them an injured dragon, who she has been taking care of. The dragon is Luna, a SilkWing from Pantala.

The Lost Continent Prophecy

The Lost Continent
Jerboa appears in the epilogue when she finds Luna, lost and severely injured on one of the Kingdom of Sand's beaches. Jerboa says that it is lucky Luna speaks Dragon. She introduces herself to Luna, and Luna does the same. Jerboa brings the lost SilkWing to her home and offers her fish stew, but Luna declines, saying that she does not eat meat. She welcomes Moon and Qibli when they arrive and brings them to Luna, as seen in the epilogue of Darkness of Dragons.
The Hive Queen
Her hut is mentioned twice in the prologue. She is also mentioned when Tsunami asks if she can enchant something for Luna to get back to Pantala, but Moonwatcher says that she is an animus that does not use her magic.
The Poison Jungle
In the epilogue, Jerboa III is seen flying to the edge of the Ice Kingdom to meet Snowfall. It is revealed that Jerboa III knew the current Queen's late mother as Jerboa thinks how Queen Glacier usually arrived after she did when they met up. Queen Snowfall, already traumatized by Darkstalker's return and paranoid about getting attacked, is panicking about the sight of hundreds of dragons flying in from across the ocean. She wants Jerboa to expand the Great Ice Cliff, but Jerboa stops her, proving that her animus magic did not work anymore, also stating that no one else's animus magic was working either. She proves this by grabbing a frozen twig and saying: "I hereby enchant this twig to turn anything it touches green." She then holds it out to Snowfall, who snappishly denies it, so Jerboa taps herself with it, and nothing happens. Then she gives it to Snowfall. Still nothing happens. It was also said that after Queen Snowfall flew away in a fit of rage, Jerboa thought to herself: "Completely useless. […] Yes. Just like I've always wanted."
The Dangerous Gift
Snowfall mentioned Jerboa when she was deciding to find out more about the approaching mysterious dragons. She later travelled with the Pantalan refugees on a journey to Sanctuary, passing the island Jerboa's hut is in in the meanwhile. Snowfall blames Jerboa for not using her magic to help Snowfall, leading to how she took treasure from the Forbidden Treasury with no choice and therefore getting stuck with Opal's ring. Jerboa appears to be exasperated, and continued to talk about how animus magic is not working in the first place. She even promised Snowfall that if magic ever comes back, removing her ring would be first priority. Jerboa is not mentioned much after her encounter with the Snowfall.

Later, Snowfall had a vision in Jerboa's point of view. In the vision, it is shown that her mother created her and would always edit her to be exactly how she wanted. Jerboa the first also erased many of Boa's memories, including arguments they had and discussions on whether Boa should have a brother. When Boa found the scroll her mother used to edit her, she froze her with enchanted quills and interrogated her mother about all the spells used on her. Feeling betrayed by her mother's controlling over her existence, she uses the scroll to turn herself into an animus dragon. She also uses the scroll to return all her missing memories. Before Jerboa is completely frozen, she casts one last spell on Boa, making her lose a part of her body every time she cast a spell, as well as making the damage irreversible, even with magic. Boa does not finds out about the spell until she buries her frozen mother under her hut, losing her first claw. Over the course of the years, she loses five more claws, three trying to heal her wounds from the curse, one from enchanting a scroll to truthfully answer any question it is asked, where she finds out about her mother's curse, and one from enchanting a necklace to make her look normal to other dragons. When Darkstalker summons all animus dragons to his room, Boa quickly returns to her hut using her necklace. She asks her information scroll what Darkstalker wants. It tells her he wants to use other dragon's magic to preserve his soul, as well as making sure they cannot be threats to him. Terrified, Boa asks why he needed the animus dragons at that moment, finding out he can detect animus magic. She brainstorms ideas on how to stop him and keep herself safe, but eventually decides to stay hidden in her hut, having accepted there is little she can do.

While recovering her fishing nets, Boa spots Luna being washed up on the shore. She runs back inside to talk to her scroll, finding out about the absence of animus magic on Pantala. Realizing dragons cannot be trusted with a power like animus magic, Boa enchants her candleholder to get rid of animus magic once and for all, thus losing her tail barb. Despite the agony she is in, Boa is at ease knowing she has finally fulfilled her purpose, and will never have to be afraid of magic again.



Jerboa and Glacier were good friends, and Jerboa misses Glacier greatly after her death.[17]


Jerboa III was often grumpy around her mother, and Jerboa viewed her daughter as ungrateful.[9][18] Jerboa used memory wipes, personality adjustments, and implanted nightmares within her daughter to try and suit her own needs.[3] Jerboa III tried to run away from her several times,[18] and Jerboa was often impatient and snappy towards her.[19] Jerboa III was entertaining for Jerboa, and she made promises easily to her daughter, safe in the knowledge that she could erase them from Jerboa III's mind with ease.[20] When Jerboa III tried to get someone to rescue her, Jerboa thought of this as nonsense and tended to avoid other dragons from then on.[21] She was manipulative towards Jerboa III, pouring honey through her voice instead of hissing at her to get what she wanted.[21] She lied often to her daughter,[22] and Jerboa III was convinced that all the love she felt for her mother was the result of Jerboa's enchantments. Jerboa stated that she loved her daughter when she is agreeable, but when Jerboa III angrily confronted her mother about her enchantments, Jerboa stated that she was exceptionally unlovable in that moment.[22] Before Jerboa III encased her mother in ice, Jerboa cast a spell on her daughter out of revenge, and to ensure that Jerboa III was not as triumphant as she thought and that she would never forget Jerboa.[23]


After Snowfall discovered that animus magic was not working, she considered Jerboa to be useless[24] and was furious when Jerboa seemed only annoyed rather than guilty when Snowfall confronted her about consorting with Luna, Moonwatcher, and Qibli.[25] She is acid,[8] flat, and withering towards Snowfall,[25] and she often seems amused when Snowfall is annoyed.[16] However, after experiencing Jerboa's life through the gift of vision, she could not imagine being angry at her anymore, and thought that she might soon visit Jerboa, just to check on her, because it seemed like she needed a friend.[26]

Family Tree

Jerboa IIJerboa III

Known Enchantments

Phrasing Target Intention
"I hereby enchant this candleholder. When I shatter it, I shatter the power of all current animus dragons. From now on, no new spells cast by any animus dragon alive today will ever work again. Also, from this point forward, I will grow old and die, like any normal dragon. I make this spell irreversible by any animus, including myself." [6] A crystal candleholder To prevent new animus spells from being made from any of the current animus dragons and make her age normally when she smashed it, which is irreversible.
"Phrasing unknown." [23] A quill To smooth back into one piece.
"Phrasing unknown." [5] A scroll To answer any questions she asks it.
"Phrasing unknown." [4] A shell necklace To make her look normal and intact to any dragons who see her.
"Phrasing unknown." [5] Herself To heal her wound from her mother's curse.
"Phrasing unknown." [27] Herself To remove her mother's curse.
"I enchant this block of ice to bury itself under this hut and stay frozen there forever." [28] Jerboa To bury her mother under her hut.


"Yes. My mother cast a spell to make sure nothing could ever harm me. I've been waiting a long time to fulfill my purpose."
― to Qibli (Darkness of Dragons, epilogue)

"It's too cold for anyone to do that. The truth is, other tribes are not the slightest bit interested in stealing your kingdom."
― to Snowfall (The Poison Jungle, epilogue)

"Completely useless. Yes. Just like I've always wanted."
― thoughts (The Poison Jungle, epilogue)

"You could have made hundreds, and I would never know. I could be number 847 or something."
― to Jerboa (The Dangerous Gift, page 265)

"It's not fair to make me love you when you don't love me at all."
― to Jerboa (The Dangerous Gift, page 277)


  • One of her first lines, "I've been waiting a long time to fulfill my purpose," is a reference to what Queen Glacier told her years ago.[29]
  • The enchantments Jerboa put on her made her think and speak slower,[3] although this was presumably resolved when Jerboa III reversed all her mother's enchantments on her.
  • Jerboa III was one of the candidates that were considered to be the main protagonist of The Dangerous Gift.[event 1]
  • Jerboa III is an excellent cook.[30]
  • Jerboa III loves gathering firewood, though this is one of the personality adjustments made by Jerboa.[19]
  • Jerboa III has been a talented musician and storyteller throughout her life.[20]



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